SharePoint 2016 integrated deployment Office Web APP Server (iii)

Now that the Office Web App server is installed, let's configureFirst we want to deploy the office Web APP server farm, which is roughly divided into three concepts and types, and the deployment steps are slightly different.Microsoft's official

Scala object (apply) dycopy

  First, prefaceLearn Scala's methods and then learn about object in ScalaSecond, ObjectThere are two meanings of object in Scala, in Java, which represents an instance of a class, and in Scala it's a keyword, and this article will first look at

iOS Multi-language (internationalization) development (follow the system + in-app manual settings)

One: Follow the system to switch languages1> After creating a project, create a new multilingual file:2> Add the type of language you want to set:3> Add successAttentive friends may find inEnglishIt says in the back3 Files Localized, because English

Encapsulation of ksoap2-android-based soap

Instance based on Ksoap2-android-assembly-3.3.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar1: Defines the callback interface, which determines the return value type by generic typePackage;/*** Processing the callback interface of the

12.Android Source directory structure detailed (GO)

Reprint: 2.1|–makefile|–bionic (Bionic C library)|–bootable (boot boot related code)|–build (Storage System compilation rules and basic development package configuration such as

Android Studio get started to master

As introductionAfter 2 years of research and development, Google has finally officially released an integrated development environment for Android developers, Android Studio 1.2 (stable version). Android Studio is a Google-developed IDE for Android

AMQ5540, AMQ5541 and AMQ5542, application did not supply a user ID and password, 2035 mqrc_not_authorized

Technote (troubleshooting)Problem (Abstract)As an MQ administrator you create a new queue Manager in WebSphere MQ version 8.0.You can access the Queue Manager by using WebSphere MQ Explorer or MQ client applications in bindings mode.You is aware of

Android Studio's high-de map for positioning and 3D map display

In the application development, map development is often needed to use the "component", the domestic more famous is Baidu map and the German map.This blog is about the German map to achieve positioning and 3D map display, and labeling the

[Go] Use Chrome remote debugging on your Android device

The experience of your Web content on your mobile device may be completely different from your computer. Chrome DevTools provides remote debugging capabilities, which allows you to debug your development content on your Android device in real

EMC, pure and NetApp push new products, where are NAS flash scenarios

hardy Architect Technical Alliance The all FLASH/SSD storage trend is overwhelming, as is the case with NAS services in the future, with many start-ups supporting all-SSD NAS storage services, including EMC Isilion, which also offers all-flash

Android Reverse Journey---take you to explode a signature verification issue for an app

First, prefaceIn the previous article said that Android security and decryption are mutually reinforcing, in order to prevent being cracked, many applications do some protection strategy, but the protection strategy is also hierarchical, the general

Android Select pictures from gallery, take pictures, crop pictures

I just wrote the code.1, first, a few, usually bright.private static final int photo_request_carema = 1;//photoprivate static final int photo_request_gallery = 2;//Select from albumprivate static final int photo_request_cut = 3;//resultprivate

Apply, call, bind in Javascript

Address: Apply, call, bind in the language of JavascriptApply, callIn JavaScript, call and apply are meant to change the context in which a function is run, in other words, to change the direction of this within the function body.A major feature of

Mosquitto Build Android Push Service (ii) Mosquitto Introduction and construction

article steel to:1. Understanding Mosquitto Server2, build Mosquitto server in Liunx3. Set Mosquitto clusterI. Introduction of MosquittoAn open-source message agent software that implements the messaging push protocol MQTT v3.1, which provides

Some of the problems encountered in the previous period (free WiFi settings +fiddler The phone to grab the packet +fiddler can't catch HTTPS request)

This period of time into the mobile test, this piece is more unfamiliar, the work is difficult to carry out, so many things are just to solve the problem as the first goal, not to carefully examine the principle of which may be some incoherent

Android LruCache Compress pictures effectively avoid program Oom

Reprint Please specify source: main content of this article comes from Android Doc, I have done some processing after translation, English good friends can also directly read the original

Introduction and implementation of Android hardware acceleration

OverviewIn the development of mobile clients, especially Android applications, we often have access to the word "hardware acceleration". Because the operating system of the underlying hardware and software encapsulation is very good, the upper layer

Communication between Controllers & Services in multiple Ng-app

Posted on individual independent blogs, link: general, it is very easy to communicate between different controllers or Service in a single-page application in

App version number definition and Description basics

Three more popular naming formats for version control GNU-style version number naming formatThe major version number. Minor version number [. fix version number [. Build version number]]Example: 1.2.1, 2.0, 5.0.0 build-13124

iOS Development-memory management

Memory managementFor this, in fact, is now the arc mode, the normal state does not have to manually release memory, so if it is not to interview Ah, installed force or solid foundation, first do not look or understand the next can, because like the

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