Android confusing incomplete version

1. Do not confuse easy to locate the problem (easy to crack)2.proguard obfuscation requires one to add trouble (not easy to crack)3. Good reinforcement (not easy to crack)Not complete confusion# ADD Project specific Proguard rules here.# bydefault,

Android Open source project Weekly 0104

The fourth issue of the Android Open source project Weekly was released by Opendigg. Our Android Open source Weekly is a collection of Opendigg's new open source projects for Android development in a week to make it easy for Android developers to

Use the view META tag to control the phone browser layout

The Fennec of a mobile browser is rendered in a virtual "window" page (see), usually wider than the screen.So they don't have to squeeze each page layout into a small window (which destroys many non-mobile optimized sites). Users can pan and zoom to

Java Multithreading Mechanism series: have to mention the volatile and order reordering (Happen-before)

One, have to mention the volatileVolatile is a very old keyword, almost with the birth of the JDK, we all know the keyword, but it is not clear when it will be used, we are ubiquitous in the JDK and open source framework, but the concurrency experts

Get current time, set time, and calculate travel value in iOS

1NSDate *date = [NSDate Date];//Get current Time2Nstimezone *zone = [Nstimezone systemtimezone];//Modify Time Zone3Nsinteger interval1 = [zone secondsfromgmtfordate:date];//Modify Time Zone4_localdate1 = [date

Microsoft's HLSL Shader Model 6.0 compiler to turn to LLVM, an open-source rhythm. Apple/khronos have their own plans.

So, Microsoft was making an opensource HLSL-TO-ALMOST-LLVM compiler, and Khronos are making an opensource hlsl/glsl-to-almos T-LLVM compiler.Apple METALSL is almost C + + (and new HLSL would get closer to C + +). Although Apple's compiler is not

Sensitive information (user name, bank card number, Social Security number, mobile phone number) with asterisks instead

There are some areas in the project where confidentiality is required: The user name part needs to be replaced with * to achieve the confidentiality effect; A part of the bank card number needs to be replaced by * Part of the ID

Send Push notifications to IOS Devices using Xcode 8 and Swift 3, APNs Auth Key

Send Push notifications to IOS Devices using Xcode 8 and Swift 3OCT 6, 2016Push Notifications is a great the ensure your users re-engage with your apps every once in a while, but implementing th EM on IOS can is challenging, especially with all of

Android Hot fix Framework robust principle + and the framework code from "closed source" into "open source" (the next chapter)

I. Review of the framework principleThis article continues to look at the Heat repair framework robust principle, in a previous article has explained in detail: Robust framework principle, because this framework is not open source, so through the

Shadows and gradients for IOS 2D drawing (quartz2d) (shadow,gradient)

Original Blog Address: purpose of Shadow (shadow) is to make the UI more stereoscopic,There are three main factors affecting shadowX off-Set determines the shadow along the x offset y

Mobile internet App

Mobile internet App2 app Test points2.1 Safety Testing2.1.1 Software permissions1 risk of privacy breaches: including access to Mobile information, access to contact information, etc.2 checking the input validity of the app, authentication, orm usedirectory of this document use 1. Why Choose Dapper 2, take dapper (4.0) as an example. 2.1 Create several tables in the database. 2.2 Entity classes. 3. How to use 3.1 One-to-one mapping

App and PHP background interface login authentication, authentication (seesion and token)

briefly : with the continuous development of e-commerce, the app is also not poor, with the development of science and technology main Login form (, QQ, account/password); To share the "app and PHP background interface login authentication,

Appium bit by bit: Android keycode key value


IOS 2D Drawing (quartz2d) transform (Ctm,translate,rotate,scale)

Tag: Operation state launches nbsp span ini gray add quartzPreface: Quartz default to the device-independent user space for drawing, when the context (artboard) is established, the default coordinate system origin and direction is confirmed, you can

C#file Common methods of file operation (create, move, delete, copy, etc.)

The file class, which is a static class, is mainly used to provide some function libraries. Static utility classes provide a number of static methods that support basic operations on files, including creating, copying, moving, deleting, and opening

Reprint-Two Good articles integrated Android custom controls

Two good articles, a place to learn from each other, integrated into the collectionSeparately reproduced from: design of the view structure

The difference between three functions of jquery after append appendto

the description of the JQ documentation is1, after function definition and usage: the After () method inserts the specified content after the selected element. Syntax: $ (selector). After (content) instance:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafter function The results

IOS two lines of code to resolve data persistence

In the actual development of iOS, sometimes it involves saving the state of the program for the next recovery, or recording the user's preferences and the user's login information, etc. This involves the persistence of data, the so-called data

Android Development Command Line full introduction

As a fan of the command line, I've been trying to write this topic for some time now. In addition to being cool, the use of the command line can improve our development efficiency because it is obviously much quicker to use the keyboard to enter

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