iOS Development-Data Persistence (ii) "SQLite database"

OverviewThis chapter is a brief illustration of the use of SQLite to persist data in iOS development, using a method that is basically consistent with the use of SQLite in C + +.results show(actually nothing to see)Process Overview1. Because the use

Secure access to databases under Android multithreading (Concurrent database access)

Assuming you have your own sqliteopenhelper: 1 Public class extends Sqliteopenhelper {...}Now you want to the write data to database in separate threads:1 //Thread 12Context context =Getapplicationcontext ();3Databasehelper helper

ACM Learning Process--uva11111 Generalized Matrioshkas (stack)

Description problem b-generalized Matrioshkas Problem b-generalized Matrioshkas Vladimir worked for years making Matrioshkas, those nesting dolls, certainly represent truly Russian craft.

iOS develops third-party open source libraries

Iosios developing third-party open source libraries1. afnetworkingIn many iOS open source projects, afnetworking can be called the most popular library project for developers. Afnetworking is a lightweight iOS, MAC OS x network Communications

Pull parsing XML for Android network programming

Pull parsing XML for Android network programming  In addition to the SAX and Dom methods described earlier, you can also parse an XML document through pull. The pull parser is parsed in a very similar way to sax. It provides a similar event, using

Access to user resources in Android (i)

These days to summarize the user resource access in Android development. User resources in Android project in the Res folder, there are strings, colors, sizes, arrays, layouts, styles, themes and other resources, these resources can be referenced in

[iOS base Control-6.6.1] show buy data code [iOS base Control-6.7] Weibo show use code custom TableCell (dynamic size)

A. Requirements 1. Similar to Weibo content display 2. Avatar 3. Name 4. member symbol 5. Content 6. Split Line 7. Picture (optional, dispensable) b. Ideas, step 1. Controller:uitableviewcontroller change controller inherits from

iOS device unique identity acquisition policy

English Original: In iOS 7 and later, if you ask for the MAC address of an IOS device, the system returns the value 02:00:00:00:00: Need to identify the device with the Identifierforvendor property of Uidevice instead. (Apps that need a identifier

Cocos2d-x +android + Windows 7

Tossing the day, looked at a lot of people to write the configuration, but no one seems to solve all the problems. Here is a note of my installation configuration process, problems encountered, and workarounds.1. Installing the Java JDK and Eclipse

[Android new features] Google released Android studio development Tools 1.0 official version (PHOTOS) 2014-12-09 09:35:40

Android Studio is Google's 13 I/O conference launched in the Android development environment, based on IntelliJ idea. Similar to Eclipse adt,android Studio provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging.Today, Google

The latest version of Android anti-compilation apk file under Mac Notebook

This text is mainly for Mac notebook anti-compilation apk tutorial, are the latest, the first need to list the tools:Apktool Dex2jar Jd-jui is the main 3 tools.  Apktool function: Mainly used to decompile the XML file below Res. Dex2jar function:

Android bitmap and canvas small notes (GO)

1. Getting a bitmap from a resource (BITMAP)You can use bitmapdrawable or bitmapfactory to get a bitmap from a resource.Of course, the first resource needs to be obtained: Resources res=getresources ();Get a bitmap using bitmapdrawable(1) Use

Android reference counting (strong and weak pointers) technology and some problems

Reference counting technology for Android C + + framework LayerThe use of pointers in C + + is a headache, one is often forget the free pointer, causing memory leaks, the other is a wild pointer problem: Access to the already free pointer. A

"Learning the path of iOS: C" one-dimensional array, array sorting, character array

1. ArraysArray to quickly define multiple variables.Array Definition: Data type array name [number of elements of array] = {value 1, value 2, value 3};The amount of storage space the array occupies = the number of array elements * The amount of

Xcode6 making iOS. A static library small note

Create an iOS static librarySimply write a printed codeafter the encoding is complete, the direct run will successfully generate the. A file, select Xcode->window->organizer->projects->your Project, open the project's derived data directory, This

Go Android OpenGL ES Development tutorials from getting started to mastering

This article transferred from: OpenGL ES Concise development tutorial Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android OpenGL ES Concise Development

Android code compiled in user mode is Proguard optimized to cause class and variable loss

In the Android project to use the JNI, when the use of Proguard, found that the native method can not find many variables, the original was Produard optimized out. Therefore, it is prudent to use Progurad in JNI applications.Workaround:1. Add a line

Xcode6 making iOS. A static library small note

Create an iOS static librarysimply write a printed codeafter the encoding is complete, the direct run will successfully generate the. A file, select Xcode->window->organizer->projects->your Project, open the project's derived data directory, This

Read 30 seconds of battery technology full of cell phone power-Israel's latest research and development will be released in 2016

an Israeli company has unveiled a technology that will transform the world's two most vibrant consumer industries by developing a battery that is fully charged for a cell phone in a matter of 10 seconds and is fully charged for electric vehicles

Java Access Hardware Service interface is provided in Ubuntu authoring Jni method for Android hardware abstraction Layer (HAL) module

Article reprinted to CSDN community Luo Shenyang's Android tour, original address: the previous two articles, we described how to write drivers for the hardware of an Android system,

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