"iOS Dev-80" quartz2d Drawing Introduction: Line/Circle/ellipse/square and context stack management Cgcontextsavegstate/cgcontextrestoregstate

This article reprinted to http://blog.csdn.net/weisubao/article/details/41282457[OBJC]View Plaincopy -(void) DrawRect: (cgrect) rect { //Get current context Cgcontextref Ctx=uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); //Save the current context

Curses Library not found. Please install the appropriate package

Every time I install mysql5.5, I always report an error:--Could not find OpenSSL (missing:openssl_libraries openssl_include_dir)--Could not find Curses (missing:curses_library curses_include_path)CMake Error at cmake/readline.cmake:83

Android Studio Experience (i)--window version installation

If you've seen someone using Android studio before and you're still dismissive, then it's time to change your attitude, just as I have been accustomed to the Android built-in ADT plugin bundle Ecliple, now that the Android studio launch has been

Tutorial examples of Android user interface---to Qianqianlianmeng blog

1.android User Interface Alarmmanager Tutorial Example SummaryHttp://www.apkbus.com/android-48405-1-1.html2.android User interface Text Editing Tutorial Example summaryHttp://www.apkbus.com/android-48414-1-1.html3.android User Interface EditText

The difference between three functions of jquery after append appendto

The description of the JQ documentation is1. After function definition and usage: After () method inserts the specified content after the selected element. Syntax: $ (selector). After (content) instance:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafter functions The results are

Push notifications via PhoneGap on Android

Demand Essential Knowledge This article requires at least one intermediate level of PhoneGap development experience must product PhoneGap Build User-level All applicable My last article was via PHONEGAP to be able to push notifications on Apple

Open the link wake-up app in the UC browser, or skip to AppStore to download the app if it's not installed

Open the link wake-up app in the UC browser, or skip to AppStore to download the app if it's not installedIt needs to be set up in the project as follows:1. Open the Myapp-info.plist file in the project2. Open the file with a new URL types, as shown

Using MD5 encryption in IOS

#import @implementation Md5util+ (NSString *) Encode: (nsstring *) value{ [value retain];const Char *cstr = [value utf8string]; [value release];unsigned char result[16]; cc_md5 (cStr, strlen (CSTR), result); // This was the MD5 callreturn

Android Development-api Guide-<activity-alias>

English Original: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/manifest/activity-alias-element.htmlAcquisition (update) Date: 2014-6-26Moved from the original blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48d491300100zmg5.html Grammar:

C # merges Xmldocument,xml into a DataTable by ImportNode AppendChild method

varDoc1 =NewXmlDocument ();varDOC2 =NewXmlDocument (); XmlNode ROOT1=Doc1. DocumentElement; Doc2. Load (NewXmlNodeReader (MyXmlNode2)); foreach(XmlNode nodeinchdoc2. Documentelement.childnodes) {//imports a node from another document into the

How to apply the font icon to the mobile app icons fonts

How to use the icon fonts in your mobile appsThe most perfect way to achieve graphical vector scaling in any app design is to use a font icon.The design of the mobile end becomes more and more complex. The reason lies in the variety of screen sizes

iOS Standard time and timestamp convert each other

this article reprinted to http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_a843a8850101dzqd.html[CPP]View Plaincopy To set the time display format: nsstring* timestr = @ "2011-01-26 17:40:50"; NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[[[NSDateFormatter alloc] init]

Use of iOS nil, null, and Nsnull

Nil is used to assign values to an object (any object in objective-c is of type ID), NULL assigns any pointer, null and nil are not interchangeable, nil is used for class pointer assignment (in OBJECTIVE-C, the class is an object, is an instance of

Android: Implementing asynchronous processing with Handler

Android: Implementing asynchronous processing with Handler-51cto.com I. A question There is a question worth thinking about, if you write something like a download (which is time-consuming and not necessarily a result) in the activity (main

iOS Dynamic Library

Classes cannot be used in the real framework or cannot contain class filesCalling the Nsclassfromstring function directly in the real framework returns NULL if the specified class is forced to be loaded or referenced directly through the class

Nagios two Development (ii)---Nagios and nagiosql merger and trade-offs

Nagios doing the front deskI analyzed the pros and cons of Nagios and Nagiosql, based on previous experience and exploration. decided to use Nagios as the monitoring data display layer, temporarily called the "foreground". The nagiosql is the

Android get screen size and density (reprint)

Android to get the screen longer than the width, referring to the online have a lot of code, but the results and the actual discrepancy, such as my phone is i9000, screen size is 480*800px, the result is 320*533 result is very unreliable, so I wrote

IOS Crash capture

IOS Crash, in two cases: one is an exception and the other is interrupt [semaphore].#include #include System signal Interception processing methodvoid Signalhandler (int signal);Handling method of abnormal interceptionvoid Exceptionhandler

Android Development Java is compatible with C # AES encryption

Because the Android client is using AES encryption, the server is ASP. NET (C #), so it creates inconsistent encryption and decryption problems, the following is posted code, has been

Block circular reference and retain cycle in iOS (classic)

The generation of retain cycleSpeaking of retain cycle, the first thing to mention is the OBJECTIVE-C memory management mechanism.As a superset of the C language, Objective-c continues to manage memory manually in the C language, but differs from

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