Custom Multipartentity in Android for uploading files and uploading files using the volley library

recently participated in the CSDN blog star, I hope you give a vote, thank you ~ Point hereCast me a vote.PrefaceIn the development, we often need to implement file upload, more common is the image upload, such as modify the size of something like.

Android NDK Development (iii)--common error collection and log usage

Reprint Please specify source: NDK Development often due to some of the causes of some unexpected errors, many times debugging these errors, it is more complicated than debugging Java

Use of the Android URI (Common resource Identifier)

URI one, the usage location generic resource identifier (Universal Resource Identifier, referred to as "URI"). URIs represent the data to be manipulated, and each resource available on Android-images, video clips, and so on-can be represented by

Android App Source Android-based on-campus second-hand trading system client + server + database

The source is the campus second-hand trading system application with the service side, is also an Android and Javaweb-based campus second-hand trading system, including a full set of Android client, Javaweb server, MySQL database, can be basic list

Record Android apps with HP LoadRunner Vugen

Richard Pal from: perftesting translation: Elaine00In this article, I'll show you how to test the network traffic for an Android app with HP LoadRunner Vugen. During the test, the Android SDK will be used to execute the Android app, while the HP

Android Initialization language (init.rc syntax)

This article is a translation of android_source/system/core/init/readme.txt.Android Init languageThe Android initialization language consists of four types of statements, which are: Actions action Command commands Services Service

IOS Srand (Time (0))

Reprint: Computer There is no way to generate a real random number, is to use algorithm simulation, so you only call Rand, every time out something is the same. After a seed is set, different

Linux operating system time vs. BIOS hardware time

On a Linux computer, there are two times, one is the hardware time (the time recorded in the BIOS), and the other is the operating system time. The hardware clock is powered by the BIOS battery,When the computer shuts down, it continues to run.Time

"Android" Fine frame class Source Summary

Android Rapid Development Framework Loonandroid: main modules are:(1) Auto-inject frame (only need to inherit the application within the frame)(2) Picture loading frame (multi-cache, automatic recovery,

Output print messages in the file (reprint)

Transferred from: the development of the Android NDK sometimes want to look at the value of a variable in the file, you can then the file with the Warnin statement to

Android Learning Series (--APP) parsing JSON for data format

JSON data format, in Android is widely used in the client and network (or server) communication, it is necessary to learn the system.I recently made a simple study of JSON, and I would like to summarize it to treat you.For concise and clear articles,

Android implements custom round, fillet, and Ellipse imageview (using Xfermode Graphics Rendering method)

A: Introduction:In the previous article, "Android realizes round, fillet and ellipse custom picture view (using Bitmapshader Graphics Rendering method)" , the Bitmapshader method is used to implement custom imageview such as round and rounded

iOS development-Creating simulator packages for iOS projects for running tests on iOS emulators on other computers (Creating an iOS Simulator Build)

Later in the development of iOS programs, you need to package and distribute the program to everyone for testing. In general, this type of test is a real-machine test, which is correct and necessary. There is just one problem that the IPA package

Push technology in Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Transferred from Li Ning's blog: is not a new technology, which is already popular in the internet age. But with the advent of the mobile internet era, push technology is becoming even more

New ui-get phone screen size and resolution, screen adaptation, and landscape issues

New ui-get phone screen size and common resolution, screen adaptation, the problem of the portrait and the screen--Reprint Please indicate source: Coder-pig, welcome reprint, do not use for commercial use!Piglet Android Development Exchange Group

Android upload file "Content-type", for "Application/octet-stream" with PHP program on the server with $globals[' Http_raw_post_data ') accept (ii)

Server PHP Program file_up.phpfunctionuploadfilebinary () {$this-InitData (); $absoluteName= ""; $fid= ""; $handleWrite=NULL; if(!Empty($GLOBALS[' Http_raw_post_data ']) &&strlen($GLOBALS[' Http_raw_post_data ']) >0) {

The XML (DataSet) is passed as an argument in Android KSOAP2

I need to send WebService in my Android app, so I used KSOP2 to send it, not very well during the testing process, not working properly.My Web Service request format is as follows[HTML]View Plaincopy Envelope

Android xutils Analysis Modify download progress update frequency

Because at the time of the update progress, a bit of card, so think, slow down the interval of progress update. Make it less frequent.Look directly under the code implementation of the Requestcallbackhandler download

Android apk Anti-compilation Basics (Apktoos) Graphics tutorial

This article mainly introduces the Android APK Anti-compilation Foundation, the use of the tool is Apktoos, we will use a graphic way to explain how the Apktoos tool, you can refer to this method to decompile other apk tryA long time has written a

[To] How is the IP address of the carrier assigned by WHOIS?

[To] How is the IP address of the carrier assigned by WHOIS?The IP address distribution of some Chinese telecom operators is obtained under Linux:Apnic is the organization of IP address allocation in the Asia-Pacific region, it has a rich and

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