Android View and manage SQLite database

You can use the Eclipse plugin Ddms to view it in Android, or you can use the ADB tool in the Android Toolkit. The SQLite database in the Android project is located in the/data/data/ project package /databases.Use DDMS to export the SQLite database.1

Android two consecutive clicks back to exit the app, prompting "press again to exit the app"

Defines a long variable that is used to determine the interval of two clicksPrivate long exittime;To implement a click event for a return keypublic boolean onKeyDown (int keycode, keyevent event) {if (keycode = = Keyevent.keycode_back) {Exit ();

Windows Store App Morph Effects

In the application development process, in order to let the interface according to the desired effect display, sometimes the interface elements apply deformation effects, such as scaling, rotation, movement, and so on. unlike 3D Effects, the

iOS unit tests under Xcode

XCode has a built-in Ocunit Unit test framework, but the best test framework for the time being is ghunit. With Ghunit + ocmock combination, we can perform more powerful unit testing functions under IOS. This article shows you how to use Ocunit,

Introduction to the compatibility test suite for the official Android CTS document

Official English document Original: Test SuiteCompatibility test SuiteHow do does the CTS work?How does the CTS work? Figure 1. How to use CTSFigure 1. CTS usage

Android Curious baby _07_viewpager Toggle Animation (compatible with low version)

Idle Bored, write demoWant to write a picture of the carousel, Baidu a bit basic is to achieve with Viewpager, then use Viewpager to practiced hand.After writing the custom switch effect, found that 3.0 or less incompatible, had to think of

android-troubleshoot Android studio using SVN error: XXX is not a working copy (XXX is not working copy)

In Android Studio, you can upload a module from project to the SVN server by using the VCs, import into Version control-> import to Subversion. However, when Android studio starts again, it will error:XXX is not a working copy (XXX is not working

iOS development-multithreaded programming technology (thread, COCOA operations, GCD)


In software development, multithreaded programming technology is widely used, I believe that the multi-threaded task is no longer unfamiliar to us. With multithreading, we can do multiple things, rather than one task at a to do. For example:

Android APK anti-compilation is so simple and detailed (drawings)

In learning the process of Android development you, you tend to learn how other people's application is developed, those beautiful animations and exquisite layout may let you put it down, as a developer, you may want to know how these effects

Chrome remote Debugging for mobile Web development Debugging (remotes debugging)

When the smartphone is not yet popular, mobile device debugging everywhere is alert, which is the most commonly used method. A lot of times in order to preview the effect of the page on the mobile device, you need to upload the page to the test

Non-nonsense Android's common ADB instructions, Phone Dialer, 4 ways to click events, SMS transmitters, various layouts in Android (1)

1. What Android is a software stack for mobile devices,includes a complete operating system, middleware, key applications, the underlying Linux kernel, security management, memory management, process management, power management, hardware drivers2.

Using Android Resources

1. What kind of resources can we name?For: res/anim/ XML files, which are compiled into frames by frame animation (frame by frame animation) or tweened animation (tweened animation) objects res/drawable/ . png,.

Android Download zip archive and unzip

There are many articles on the Internet to download files or extract zip files, but the combination of the few, here to record the download zip file and directly unzip the method.In fact, it is also very simple, is to download files and unzip the

"Java/android Performance Excellent 4" Preloaddatacache support prefetch data cache, easy to use, support a variety of cache algorithms, support different network types, strong extensibility

This article transferred from: article focuses on the use and functionality of a cache that supports automatic forward or backward access to new data . Android image memory cache visible

"Learning iOS Path: objective-c" Array, string, dictionary sum exercises

①. Implementation method: 13 People, 3 people a group, with a large array to manage each grouping. 1. Original array Nsarray *array = @[@1,@2,@3,@4,@5,@6,@7,@8,@9,@10,@11,@12,@13]; 2. Number of original arrays

Android context context you have to know everything

Reprint please indicate source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Most of the content in this article is translated from: have

Android entry eighth of the GridView (nine chart)

This article from GridView and ListView are often used as multi-control layouts, and the GridView is the first choice for implementing nine charts! This article is about how to use the GridView to implement the nine

Android Message,messagequeue,looper,handler (with example)

A few key concepts1, MessageQueue: is a data structure, see the name of righteousness, is a message queue, the place to store messages. Each thread can have a maximum of one MessageQueue data structure. when a thread is created, its MessageQueue is

Spend a few days of your own time doing the wallpaper app, now testing in ....

Spend a few days of your own time doing the wallpaper app, now testing in ....[1]. Picture Qq20131224085257.png Skip to [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [2]. Picture Qq20131224085326.png Skip to [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [3]. Picture Qq20131224085345.png Skip to [1] [2

iOS Standard time and timestamp convert each other

this article reprinted to To set the time display format: nsstring* timestr = @"2011-01-26 17:40:50"; NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[[[NSDateFormatter alloc] init] autorelease];

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