10 days to learn Android-the next day

Go on with our study.Believe me, the first day of work is the most important, through these work, we have to develop the environment, the basic conditions of Android must be configured, I believe there are many problems, but, according to my

Example analysis of dump file for Windows Phone app-System.ExecutionEngineException

ObjectiveBefore starting this article, let's talk about how to find the correct exception context address from a highly optimized release version of dump and manually recover the first scene of the exception that occurred.1. What is the exception

Blog Park Client (Universal App) Development essay –app also need to pack before logistics

Think of a joke: Tang's monk a line of hardships came to the Buddha before, ready to learn, Buddha whispered asked a: Ru and so with a U disk? 4 people immediately fainted in the ground. All right, pull it off, just to tell everyone that the

Android OpenGL ES Development tutorials from getting started to mastering

Thanks, excerpt: http://blog.csdn.net/mapdigit/article/details/7526556Android OpenGL ES Concise development tutorial Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial Two:

Resolve error "Your security system has blocked an application with expired or not yet valid certificate from running"

Here's how: Go to Control Panel Java In the Security tab click the "Edit Site List ..." button Click Add button Insert the URL of the website that you want access in (URL should begin with HTTP//or https://) Click Add

Mobile browser type (user agent) to determine

JSP modeBooleanIsmoblie =false; String[] Mobileagents= {"iphone", "Android", "Phone", "mobile", "WAP", "NetFront", "Java", "opera mobi", "Opera Mini", "UCWeb", "Windows CE", "Symbian", "series", "webOS", "Sony", "BlackBerry", "Dopod",

IOS define macro definition and const definition constants differ

ConstConst is a modifier in C + +. C + + is commonly used to define constants and to modify Lvalue values.#defineThe macro definition statement, which does the text substitution directly in the preprocessing phase, does not do type checking.The

Android Video Processing-process video first frame thumbnail

Starting with API 8, a new class has been added:Android.media.ThumbnailUtils This class provides 3 static methods for getting the first frame of the video to get the bitmap,2 of the thumbnail processing of the image.? 1

Blog Park Client UAP development essay-Let yourself and your app have international fan

People are not found in the store to see the high on the application are multilingual support, according to the language of the operating system can be automatically adapted, or through the user's choice to display the corresponding language

MyBatis about mapper configuration file Knowledge Collection

(1) MyBatis The default naming method for multi-parameter transferFor the methods in the Mapper, MyBatis the default left-to-right parameter to the method named Param1, param2 ..., and so on. We can use these default names directly in SQL statements

Android image upload (Avatar cut + original)

Or that sentence, the recent project relatively busy dragged on for a long time this article finally finished!First Look at:(a) head cut, upload server()Generally have a round- shaped display Avatar , here I customized a imageview, the page is very

What is the Viewholder of "Android development experience"? Static Final Static final?

Reprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/zhaokaiqiang1992Now we all know to use viewholder to achieve the optimization of the ListView, but, viewholder exactly what to use to decorate it? What is the point of this modification? In a

Android View and manage SQLite database

You can use the Eclipse plugin Ddms to view it in Android, or you can use the ADB tool in the Android Toolkit. The SQLite database in the Android project is located in the/data/data/ project package /databases.Use DDMS to export the SQLite database.1

CentOS completely delete folder, file commands (CentOS new, delete, move, copy, etc. commands)

CentOS completely delete folder, file commands (CentOS new, delete, move, copy, etc. command:1. Create a new Foldermkdir file nameCreate a new folder named Test under HomeView Source1 Mkdir/home/test2. New textCreate a new test.sh script under

Windows Store App Globalization: Referencing resources in a detached resource file

most applications require only a single default resource file, such as STRINGS/ZH-CN/RESOURCES.RESW , but in some applications it is best to separate resources into multiple resource files to better organize resource content so that you need to

Windows Store App Globalization: Referencing string resources in XAML elements

in the application, you can use the XAML element and background code refer to the string resource in the resource file in two ways. This section first describes how to refer to the relevant knowledge points of a string resource in a XAML element.

Windows Store App Morph Effects

In the application development process, in order to let the interface according to the desired effect display, sometimes the interface elements apply deformation effects, such as scaling, rotation, movement, and so on. unlike 3D Effects, the

iOS unit tests under Xcode

XCode has a built-in Ocunit Unit test framework, but the best test framework for the time being is ghunit. With Ghunit + ocmock combination, we can perform more powerful unit testing functions under IOS. This article shows you how to use Ocunit,

Sync request, asynchronous request, get request, POST request for iOS

1, the synchronization request can request data from the Internet, once the synchronization request is sent, the program will stop the user interaction until the server returns the data to complete before the next operation,2, the asynchronous

iOS development-multithreaded programming technology (thread, COCOA operations, GCD)


In software development, multithreaded programming technology is widely used, I believe that the multi-threaded task is no longer unfamiliar to us. With multithreading, we can do multiple things, rather than one task at a to do. For example:

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