ios-c_day3___ Operators and expressions

2015.1.21Constants: Is the most basic element in C, character constants, integer constants, floating-point constants, string constants, enumeration constantsCharacter constant: ' A ' F ' \ n ' ' 0 ' \f '' 0 ' 48' A ' 65' A ' 971. Enclose with single

Android-this Handler class should be static or leaks might occur.

Today learned to use the HTTP protocol, from the Android client to the Tomcat server to send the request to get, inadvertently found himself writing the Handler class was prompted by Android: This Handler class should is static or Leaks might occur.

Ios-c_day1___mac/xcode Simple Operation command

2015.1.19The first day began to study, stay to review after.MacOS System: Is the UNIX system graphical interface display, development tools: IDE (Xcode) and terminal (terminal)Shortcut keys:Command (Windows) + C: CopyCommand + V: pasteCommand + x:

Vim copy, Paste, delete, undo, replace, cursor move, etc. usage

When I was in touch with Linux, I used the nano text editor, and personally felt that his greatest advantage was convenience and speed. Open files, modify files, to exit are very fast and simple. This is better than Vi,vim, but the nano can not

UIApplication, Appdelegate, entrustment

uiapplication, Appdelegate, entrustment, etc.? What is a delegate? Why should we have a commission? What is the implementation mechanism of the Commission on the iphone? in general, we created an iphone project, which has the MAIN.M class by default,

Mutual acquisition of Doc,view,mainfrmae,app pointers in MFC

The app is the app domain, and everything in the domain can be accessed through a global function.Mainframe is the main frame and can be accessed basically with global functions.Mainframe is a number of view and document (possibly unpaired) in

Use Sfhfkeychainutils to save user passwords in iOS

Use Sfhfkeychainutils to save the user password in iOS, you can refer to a friend who needs it.The user password needs to be saved in the project to enable the automatic login function. So, we studied how to save passwords in iOS:1. Security method

Install the Android SDK and ADT steps and problems encountered Install Eclipse. : Install version 3.6 and above2. Installing ADT(1) Online installationOpen Eclipse, select Help->install New software ... Pop-up

Swift Language registration non-free Apple account iOS game Frame Sprite Kit Basic Tutorial

Swift Language Registration non-free Apple account iOS game Frame Sprite Kit Basic Tutorial1.2.3sign up for a non-free Apple accountSwift Language Registration non-free Apple account iOS game Frame Sprite Kit Basic TutorialThe free Apple account is

The difference between Android getText (int resId) and getString (int resId)

Android offers two ways to get strings.xml files:Charsequence getText (int resId): Returns local, styled characters.String getString (int resId): simply returns a stringSuch as:Define the resource file in Strings.xml:string Name= "Sample_text"

"Go" compress and unzip files in the app with Ziparchive

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to compress and decompress files within an iOS app. We will use a third-party library called Ziparchive to implement this function. Although there are other solutions for compressing and decompressing files, I

Android Permission denied error (with Android permissions Daquan)

Android Permission denied error (with Android permissions Daquan) denied (maybe missing INTERNET Permission)This is a classic error, the socket can not be connected to the external, the error will not be reported,

The Apple upstart Swift before the world This Life


absrtact: As a 70后 programmer, Chris has invented LLVM, Clang and Swift, what have you done? Last week's business trip, this article has not been completed several times, often lying on the bed on the sleeping past. The weather in the south is

Display text containing HTML tags in Android textview

Two small instances:1, the service side returned with the HTML tag text, in the TextView display in the time, can correct the line.2, need to display the download hyperlink, to text instead, hide:The implementation results are as follows:The code is

Android: Use Canvas to plot column charts (automatically calculate width and degree values, swipe left and right)

This example implements a simple columnar chart, as follows:Characteristics:1. Automatically calculates the height, width, and spacing of each entry according to the data source, automatically calculating the value of the degree.2. When the number

Android4.4 automatic de-screen in device dialing without proximity sensor

now the electronic products more and more humane, user-friendly , in the user to bring a new experience, but also change people's daily life, so that technology is great, innovation is great. With the diversification of mobile devices, the embedding

iOS Development property String nsattributestring and NSString convert to include picture

Share several commonly used property strings nsatrributestring and NSString Ordinary string conversion methods:One: Replace the normal string with the property string containing the pictureplist file, picture format see:+ (nsmutableattributedstring *

Blog Park Client (Universal App) Development essay –app also need to pack before logistics

Think of a joke: Tang's monk a line of hardships came to the Buddha before, ready to learn, Buddha whispered asked a: Ru and so with a U disk? 4 people immediately fainted in the ground. All right, pull it off, just to tell everyone that the

Android OpenGL ES Development tutorials from getting started to mastering

Thanks, excerpt: OpenGL ES Concise development tutorial Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial Two:

Mobile browser type (user agent) to determine

JSP modeBooleanIsmoblie =false; String[] Mobileagents= {"iphone", "Android", "Phone", "mobile", "WAP", "NetFront", "Java", "opera mobi", "Opera Mini", "UCWeb", "Windows CE", "Symbian", "series", "webOS", "Sony", "BlackBerry", "Dopod",

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