Android game file read-write class and drawing class design

Android game file read-write class and drawing class design1. Basic knowledge:A. FileInputStream

Android avoids over-drawing the way

If a layout is very complex, then you need to check whether there is excessive drawing, if there is, it is likely to cause a decrease in refresh rate, causing the phenomenon of lag. So what is over-drawn? Over-Drawing is the addition of multiple

Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (VI)--Cascade query

In the previous blog, "Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (v)--Data Update implementation" We introduced the Opendroid data update process, also in the last time, we opendroid all the operations in the class are covered, the query operation? Not

Android Permissions Daquan

ext.: Access Registration Properties Android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES, read or write permission to enlist Check-in Database property sheet

Use PhoneGap for Android app development to implement location escalation capabilities

See here: Android App development using PhoneGap for location escalation The previous article, using IntelliJ idea to build phonegap Android development environment, simply introduced the PhoneGap Android development environment, and developed the

Small white Learn jQuery mobile "building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" Serial Five (button plus icon)

In the navigation bar used in example 5-4, the icon's style has been added to the button, but there is no way to describe the button's icon. The following intercepts the code in the navigation bar section of example 5-4:

Android Get Process List

Sometimes we need to get the PID to perform well and execute the KILL command. Activitymanager Mactivitymanager = (activitymanager) this.getsystemservice (activity_service); list mrunningprocess =

Linked alarm system based on ARM Cortex-a8 and Android 4.x (Android, A8, Linux, Drive, NDK)

· Course Lecturer: the teacher· Course Category:Android· Suitable for people: advanced· Number of lessons:( + ) hours· Update level: Complete· Type of service: ClassC (General Service class course)· Technology: Android,A8,Linux,Drive,NDK , Alarm·

Android platform crawl native crash log

Android development, the Java layer can easily capture crashlog, but for the Native layer of crashlog is usually not directly accessible, only through the system's Logcat to analyze crash logs.Both Linux and WIN32 developers know that when the

C # Programming to complete permissions settings for IIS Web Apps

Transferred from: previous log transit a lot of articles, recently heard that turn is not a good habit, decided to a universal, changed the link. If you are interested, you can

Qt for IOS,QT and objective C mixed programming

Recently, there are several friends using QT to ask Qt for iOS things, because I have very little experience in this area, writing system articles, very sorry, can not give a satisfactory answer, recommend everyone to see Jason's Home, in my blog

New Year's Day, inventory some app development skills

This article reprinted to back at what happened to us over the past year, one thing has to be said: 2014 is an incredible year for Apple developers. There have been so many changes in this

Installation of Xmapp

Building a website Common sense you first have to build a server.First Apache is the world's first Web server software, but installing an Apache Web server is not easy. It's even harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP, and Perl. So you can use

Android L Recyclerview, CardView, Palette

Turn: Design mentions that Recyclerview, CardView, and Palette have been added to the Android L version. Recyclerview, CardView are new widgets for displaying complex views. Palette, as a

Using Androidstudio to compile NDK methods and error Solutions

References:The "Android NDK" MacOS Environment uses Gradle to compile JNI modules and configurations in Android Studio: 21869151ANDROID STUDIO, GRADLE and NDK

Mobile Baidu front-end engineering of the road

This article will focus on my six months in the mobile front end of the project to do some of the work done, mainly from the localstorage cache and version number management , modular , static resource rendering method Three aspects of the mobile

Big screen iphone adaptation +ios picture size requirements

Excerpt from:'s website is designed to show that the ultra-high pixel density of the retina display has surpassed the range of human eyes to distinguish.What effect does retina have on

iOS executable Slimming method

Reducing the size of iOS installation package is a lot of large and medium-sized apps to do, usually start with the resource files, Compress Pictures/audio, remove unnecessary resources. After these resource optimizations are done, we can also try

iOS Send mail

---restore content starts---Method One:1. Need to introduce library messageui.framework#import #import [Email protected] Viewcontroller:uixxxxxviewcontroller @end3. Send the execution code. Verify the relevant support beforehand. Class Mailclass =

About Android UI Layout adaptive

Originally thought that the last article was written before the Lunar New Year, but it seems that there is still a need to continue to see the useful records, a relatively basic, not much attention before.Back to the point, this article mainly on

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