Android Combat--rxjava2+retrofit+rxbinding unlock all new poses

This article has authorized the public number: Yang (hongyangandroid) original debut. As the mainstream of the third-party Framework RX series, not learning is not good ah, for beginners, may rxjava looks difficult, it is more difficult to use,

Use and encapsulation of Android combat--retrofit2

Use the exact words of the project: type-Safe HTTP client in Android and JavaProject Address: Https:// retrofit also needs to import its Gson dependent library, because the returned data needs to be gson to handle1. Get

iOS Symbol (s) not found for architecture arm64 summary with hidden error cocoapods

First, the generalError: DESKTOP/PROJECT/ASDF/WEIXIN/LIBWECHATSDK.A (3 slices) Undefinedsymbols for architecture arm64:Such a compilation problem really good headache, the following is a useful way.Archs = ARMv7 armv7sValid_archs = armv6 armv7

Design Android Apps test Cases

Erik Nijkamp ([email protected] is CEO of Testobject Co., Ltd. (its headquarters in the suburb of Berlin, Hennigsdorf). Testobject specializes in mobile QA Solutions and provides cloud-based application testing services that

WIN8 Service program and external app call this service

A. ServiceWith the help of the Win7 Service on MSDN and the "Build Service Application with VC + +", Win8 experienced all kinds of tribulations and finally ran up its own modified service program.The original API basically did not change, I am

Apple development--set up contracts, tax, and Banking in itunes Connect

Original address: Http:// you want to publish a toll app at Apple Mall or use an in-app charge in Apple apps, you first need to set up your itunes connect contracts, tax,

Apple Development-submit apps to App Store

Original address: you've completed an app, you're definitely going to submit it, and here's a chat about some of the questions you've submitted to the App Store.We all know that

The difference and function of application/x-www-form-urlencoded multipart/form-data Text/plain

We know that it is best to specify the application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding type by setting the request header when sending AJAX requests to the server via post. You must specify that the encoding type is "Multipart/form-data" when uploading a

Android Network (4): HttpClient The only way----use thread-safe singleton mode httpclient, and httpclient and application fusion

The interaction between the httpclient and the Tomcat server is briefly described above, and the protagonist is HttpClient, and then it interacts with the server in two ways: Get and post. So this httpclient is similar to the browser used on the

Tcp_wrapper: A simple host-based access control tool

One, the common host access Control toolThe standalone (stand Alone) daemon (HTTPD,VSFTPD), instantaneous (transient) daemon (rsync,tftp,telnet), both of which support iptables-based control. Which port runs the client access, which port does not

Understanding Android 2d/3d Graphics Architecture

First understand the function call of the EGL of Android, get display (corresponding display), then select a supported config (which is supported by the graphics card), then create the Windowsurface, and create the context (context equivalent to

This Android SDK requires Developer Toolkit version 22.6.2 or above

QuestionThis Android SDK requires Developer Toolkit version 22.6.2 or abovePlease update ADT to the latest versionAnswer1.Start Eclipse, then select Help > Install New software .... 2.Click Add, in the Top-right the Add Repository dialog

IOS captures unknown method calls, avoids throwing exceptions

IOS captures unknown method calls, avoids throwing exceptionsThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this

iOS gets the folder size in the rate is 1000

-(CGFloat) Foldersizeatpath: (NSString *) FolderPath{Nsfilemanager * Manager = [Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager];if (![ Manager Fileexistsatpath:folderpath]){return 0;}Nsenumerator * Childfilesenumerator = [[manager Subpathsatpath:folderpath]

How does Android send text messages to send a single message, only send the next message after the previous one has been successfully sent

Android sends SMS to intercept the previous send is successful, then send the next SMS 1. Question: in the project encountered the following requirements: To send a text message has n, to achieve a single send and send the last message after the

[2012 Shandong ACM Provincial Race] Pick apples (greedy, full backpack, enumeration)

Pick apples Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:165536k Title DescriptionOnce ago, there is a mystery yard which only produces three kinds of apples. The number of each kind is infinite. A girl carrying a big bag comes into the yard. She

Android Obfuscation Code Summary

In order to prevent the results of their own work stolen by others, confusing code can effectively prevent the anti-compilation, the following to summarize the following steps to confuse the code:1. It may be noted that a new project will see the

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (10) -- touchEvent

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (9) -- effect (special effects)This time, we will give a brief introduction to the screen touch events.This time we will talk about three touch-screen event response functions:CcTouchesEnded (CCSet * pTouches, CCEvent *

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (15)-map use (TMX)

[Cpp]  Cocos2d-x Study Notes (15)-map use (TMX) Before talking about how to use maps, I would like to introduce you to the open source map editing software (. tmx) under a cocos2d-x ). Here I use the QT version. The interface after opening the

Cocos2d-x beginner's Guide (2): difference between CCMoveBy and CCMoveTo

[Cpp]Player. position = ccp (-200, winSize. height/2 );Id move = [CCMoveBy actionWithDuration: 2 position: ccp (winSize. width * 3, 0)]; [Player runAction: move]; That is to say, the final Moving position is: ccp (-200 + winSize. width *

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