iOS development-Do not enter standby (screen to stay awake)---uiapplication learning

If you do not want the IPhone to enter the lock screen standby when the app is running, add the following line of code[[UIApplication sharedapplication] setidletimerdisabled:yes];By the way, learning the nextuiapplication. The iphone application is

WWDC three highlights: Mac new System Yosemite, IOS 8 and new programming language Swift

Introduction: Apple announces new Swift programming language and new version of Xcode specifically for developers, and Apple says it has "fast, modern, secure, interactive" featuresApple unveiled its new MAC OS X system and IOS system at this year's

Go Android OpenGL ES Development tutorials from getting started to mastering

This article transferred from: OpenGL ES Concise development tutorial Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android OpenGL ES Concise Development

iOS crash log acquisition and symbolization

Get Crash LogIf you don't use a third-party framework, it's hard to collect crash log for iOS apps. There are 2 ways of doing this:The first way is to ask the user to open the "diagnostic and usage" in the automatic send, and if the app crashes, iOS

Talking about QMVC app development

 Since the Guoxiu home page published QMVC source code, very interested, with half a month of time to learn, really feel the income is not shallow, in this statement thank you Guoxiu Big Brother's sharing!1, light and simple, the framework of a

Server Based Converter XML-based mobile data transformation

Red cherry Maple software --- another tool to flexibly apply data to mobile phones XML -based Data Transformation Server SoftwareBeijing Red Cherry Maple Software Co., Ltd.The server Based Converter (SBC) products based on XML applications were

The transfer of complex parameters between Android intent

This article is from the Linux commune website ( Source Link: I. Transmission of list and list The following is an example of passing list, sending the list syntax as:

"Reading notes-the zero-start of Android game programming" 3.Android game development of common system controls (Button, Layout, ImageButton)

3.1 Buttonbutton This control does not need to say more, is a button, mainly after the click to respond to the corresponding event.Add id attribute to component: The definition format is android:id= "@+id/name", where name is custom, not index

Android Startup script –init.rc

Using the startup script in Android Init.rc can perform some simple initialization operations during the initialization of the system. This script is directly installed on the target system's root filesystem and parsed by the Init executable.

Android system architecture and application directory structure analysis

First, Android system architectureThe Android system has a total of 4 layers from the bottom up and each layer encapsulates the underlying implementation and exposes the calling interface to the previous layer. Linux kernel (Linux Kernel)

How to use the release version of BackTrace to locate the crash location of the Android NDK program

We know that the Android NDK program will generate a tombstone backtrace when it crashes (or take advantage of the ADB Logcat Crawl), and from this backtrace we can see which function caused the crash, but usually because we publish it is Rele ASE

SNMP and NetBIOS Protocol understanding

Http://  A Simple Network Management Protocol (snmp,simple networks Management Protocol) constitutes an Internet Engineering Working Group (IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force)

Android phone to get the unique identification number of the phone

Write in front, send this post I think, maybe a lot of people can not use, then you become popular science understand, in fact, each game, the software will get your IMEIDon't talk nonsense, start!When developing a mobile app, developers are most

"Go" Using Eclipse to edit a Chinese resource file (

Since the birth of Chinese people, there is no good to complain about, and encountered the problem of coding, it is only to solve it.If you frequently use Struts, and for those who have done international operations, should not be unfamiliar with

The difference between toString () and string.valueof () in Android development.

In fact, many times the effect is similarHowever, sometimes using. toString () will error, and using string.valueof () will not errorThat means there's a difference between the two, in the nuances.What is the difference between. ToString () and

Android Boot zygote boot

The previous post introduced the Init process to start, when parsing init.rc will add zygote to the service list, and finally start, zygote start is the actual app_process program. Zygote is the child process of the INIT process. In the Android

Use SQLite database (a) to build a table in Android

First, implement a class, inherit the Sqliteopenhelper class, and implement the constructor, OnCreate () Onupgrade ()Import Android.content.context;import Android.database.databaseerrorhandler;import Android.database.sqlite.sqlitedatabase;import

Use SQLite database in Android (ii) Add and remove checks

Defining interfacesPackage Com.example.android_db.service;import Java.util.list;import;public interface PersonService { Public Boolean Addperson (object[] params); public boolean Deleteperson

UVa 111,111-like Matrioshka and scanf processing line

Title: Nest, NestingIdeas: Thinking figured out is actually very simple: the negative pressure stack, when the input positive, check the stack top element, if the top of the stack is positive, then the stack, always check the top of the stack until

Cell phone number segment determine mobile number service provider category

1: using System; 2: using System.Collections.Generic; 3: using system.linq; 4: using system.text; 5: 6: namespace 7: { 8: 9: // :/ // phone number help classOne : // author:Andrew.He :/ //

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