android-Small set up a permanent resolver problem that terminates abnormally because of an uncaught exception

(i) PrefaceDear Lunch shoes, are not often because of their own programs in the non-layer caught exception caused the program to terminate unexpectedly painful? Well, yes. However, we do not fear, today to share a dongdong can solve everyone this

Android Audio: How to use Audiotrack to play a WAV format file?

translation by Long LuoOriginal link: Android audio:play a WAV file on an audiotrack译者注:1. 由于这是技术文章,所以有些词句使用原文,表达更准确。2. 由于水平有效,有些地方可能翻译的不够准确,如有不当之处,敬请批评指正.3. 针对某些语句,适当补充了上下文及更适合中文阅读,尽量做到信达雅。 If you have been successful in understanding about

anemia model; DTO: Data Transfer Object (data Transfer objects); AutoMapper;D omain model (domain models);DDD (Domain driven design)

====================== my own understanding of ==========================A: DTO my own understanding, that is, you have a class, with the database table structure is the same, the primary key foreign keys and so on, but this model class, when you

How to use Libxml in iOS

This article reprinted to Select Xcode Project Settings2. Select target3. Select Summary4. Pull to Linked frameworks and Libraries , press the + buttonEnter libxml and select libxml2, press

Android 4.x how to get memory card paths

Http:// previous versions of Android (prior to 4.1), SDcard followed the path by "/sdcard" or "/mnt/sdcard", and was modified in the jelly Bean system to "/storage/sdcard0", There may also be multiple

Android Set font color, EditText automatic input convert to uppercase in many ways

When you set the font color of a word to a specified color on TextView, you can do so by using the Java class spannablestring class and HTML language.(i) Spannablestring class modeprivate void SetText (TextView t) {String text = T.gettext ().

Apple Swift programming language Getting Started Tutorial

Apple recently released a new programming language Swift, reproduced in this blog briefly about the characteristics of the languageApple Swift programming language Getting Started Tutorial Gashero 2014-06-03

IOS Data Persistence

Data persistence means that data is written to a folder and stored in a local sandbox. The so-called sandbox is a folder, which is used to store things.Sandbox mechanism: 1. When the app is installed on the phone, the phone system assigns a sandbox

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 10)---63~69 page (chapter II)

If you use an integral type with a floating-point type, the result will be considered a double type:ET anotherpi = 3 + 0.14159The type of ANOTHERPI is doubleIn the above code, the value of 3 is not explicitly stated, so the return value is double

Appserv setting the configuration of the virtual path httpd.conf

Summarize1Open the Appserv installation directory, locate the httpd.conf file, and remove the # number in front of the following two lines, respectively.#LoadModule Vhost_alias_module modules/mod_vhost_alias.soRemove # means enable Apache's virtual

IOS8 Notificationcenter Extension Introduction

in the latest WWDC14 above, Apple has released iOS8 new features, and the most exciting feature of the programmer Extension , or call it Widgets . Here's a taste test.First, Extension Introductionfirst, Apple supports only the following types of

"Unity3d Basic Tutorial" for beginners to see the Unity Tutorial (iii): Through the production of Flappy Bird learn native 2D sprite,animation

Wang Xuan Yi, Source: Welcome reprint , please also keep this paragraph statement. If you like this article, please click "Recommend". Thank you!IntroductionThe last time we talked about Monobehaviour's past life, we

Android Floating window Learning notes and personal understanding (Imitation 360 Mobile helper)

Thanks very much to the original author their own understandingProgram run interface such as:1. Program Entry Interface2. Small floating window3. Large floating windowAs can be seen, we can

Stand on the shoulders of giants learn Android development

We know that the best way to learn at first is to imitate, especially to imitate giants. The imitation of Android development, then, is to analyze and study the layout and implementation of mainstream programs, and then improve their own

Submit HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests using the Android client to the WEB application built on the Ruby on Rails

Recently wanted to get an Android app that has access to the Internet, because it's fast so it uses Ruby on Rails to provide HTTP resources. This information is still relatively small, so the attempt to record the process.1 building Web application

Firefox Debug Mobile browser

Https:// this article Prerequisites ADB Setup On the Android device On the desktop Enable Remote Debugging

Android Get EXIF Info

Get EXIF InformationRepresents the header information of a file;Step: Step One:// Gets the header information object for the specified fileexifinterface exif = New exifinterface ("/sdcard/x.jpg");Step Two:Gets the specified header information://

Zhao Yazhi _android Instance _ refresh when the Listener class has data updates

The previous two articles respectively introduced the implementation of Onscrolllistener and the change of contentprovider monitoring data, below we have two knowledge points to achieve a small projectProject requirementsUse when the ContentProvider

Android Open Source Framework Universal-image-loader full parsing (ii)---picture cache strategy

Reprint please indicate this article from Xiaanming's blog (, please respect others ' hard work results, thank you!This article continues to introduce universal-image-loader this open-source

Thumbnail loading in Android-don't waste a bit of extra memory

This article links Why do you want to load the thumbnail image?Sometimes you don't need to show the original, just show the thumbnail of the picture and save the memory. For example:

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