Android Anti-compilation (iii) re-signing

Android Anti-compilation (iii) re-signing[Catalogue] 1, principle 2, tools and preparation work 3, Operation step 4, install X Skill 5, problem1. Principle 1). Key to the APK signature A. All applications must have a digital certificate, and

iOS Learning notes-network programming

I. HTTP protocol1. Interview questions: Talk about the HTTP protocol (express your view of the HTTP protocol)* Full name of HTTP protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, specification for custom transfer data (data transfer specification between

Mobile Phone Management application Research "3"--Mobile phone acceleration Chapter

Welcome reprint, Reprint please specify: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/ZHGXHUAADescriptionIn the previous article described "Garbage cleanup", in the system optimization has a function is often not with the garbage cleanup, that is, "mobile phone

Android SQLite operation summary for date type

First of all, the SQLite database in time processing and SQL Server also has a different oracle, the following according to their own examples summarized.  A log data table was created:Logid SourceID operatorid logtype LogLevel logtimeLogcontent1

Android SQLite Database Operation example

SQLite Introduction SQLite is a very popular embedded database, it supports the SQL language, and only use very little memory to have good performance. In addition, it is open source and can be used by anyone.SQLite consists of several components:

MQTT protocol iOS Port porting 1

MQTTClient.h#import @protocol mqttdelegate /** * @brief Connection Server * * @param [in] n/A * @pa Ram [out] N/A * @return void * @note */-(void) Didconnect: (Nsuinteger) code;/** * @brief disconnected from the server * * @param [in] n/A * @ param

Android Studio 0.8.1 using and encountering problem solving

Google released five systems at the end of June, and Android studio synced to Android studio 0.8.1. The upgraded Android studio does have some new changes, running faster, and can also choose to develop different products, in the spirit of trying

Android Gets the MD5 value of the file

PackageMy.bag;;;ImportJava.math.BigInteger;;ImportJava.util.HashMap;ImportJava.util.Map;;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.util.Log; Public

App Click Back button does not exit, double click Back key to Exit

Direct code //Returns the previous page without exiting when the return key is pressed, GoBack () indicates that the previous page of the WebView is returned Public BooleanOnKeyDown (intKeycoder, KeyEvent event) {

Android vcard uses the sample to generate the VCF file

Android vcard uses the sample to generate the VCF file When we back up the phone contacts, when exporting to the SD card, a VCF file is generated in the SD card to save the contact name and phone number. The VCard specification allows for

android4.0 USB Camera Instance (v) JPG compression

Most of the time in the recent study of the USB camera by the way the JPG code is also written on the following most of the functions I found on the internet and then a little change can be used, but to find these functions cost a lot of time JPG

Android Data encryption Algorithm des,base64 detailed

One, des encryption:First, the web search for a DES encryption algorithm tool class:Import*;Import javax.crypto.*;public class Deshelper {private static String Strdefaultkey = "national";Private Cipher encryptcipher = null;Private

android-Small set up a permanent resolver problem that terminates abnormally because of an uncaught exception

(i) PrefaceDear Lunch shoes, are not often because of their own programs in the non-layer caught exception caused the program to terminate unexpectedly painful? Well, yes. However, we do not fear, today to share a dongdong can solve everyone this

Android Memory leak analysis Tips

Java Virtual machine run generally have a memory limit, beyond this limit, will be reported OutOfMemory. There is usually a memory leak at this time. Resolving a memory leak is a two-step process: Analyzing whether an application really has a memory

Android messaging mechanism and Message/messagequeue/handler/looper

Overview* Message: Messages. Messages can contain simple data, object and bundle, and can contain a runnable (which can actually be considered a callback). * MessageQueue: Message Queuing for looper threads to consume messages. * Looper: Used to

"IOS" traverse all content of info && save device unique UUID

/** gets the device's imie*/std::string Deviceinfo::getimie () {#if (Cc_target_platform = = Cc_platform_ios) Nsstring*bunider = nil; nsbundle* mainbundle = [NSBundle mainbundle]; nsdictionary* infodictionary = [Mainbundle infodictionary];

Android Audio: How to use Audiotrack to play a WAV format file?

translation by Long LuoOriginal link: Android audio:play a WAV file on an audiotrack译者注:1. 由于这是技术文章,所以有些词句使用原文,表达更准确。2. 由于水平有效,有些地方可能翻译的不够准确,如有不当之处,敬请批评指正.3. 针对某些语句,适当补充了上下文及更适合中文阅读,尽量做到信达雅。 If you have been successful in understanding about

anemia model; DTO: Data Transfer Object (data Transfer objects); AutoMapper;D omain model (domain models);DDD (Domain driven design)

====================== my own understanding of ==========================A: DTO my own understanding, that is, you have a class, with the database table structure is the same, the primary key foreign keys and so on, but this model class, when you

Android Get EXIF Info

Get EXIF InformationRepresents the header information of a file;Step: Step One:// Gets the header information object for the specified fileexifinterface exif = New exifinterface ("/sdcard/x.jpg");Step Two:Gets the specified header information://

Android Open Source Framework Universal-image-loader full parsing (ii)---picture cache strategy

Reprint please indicate this article from Xiaanming's blog (, please respect others ' hard work results, thank you!This article continues to introduce universal-image-loader this open-source

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