Android set alpha value to make an instance of transparent and gradient effect

The colors supported by the Android system are made up of 4 values, the first 3 RGB, which is what we often call the three primary colors (red, green, blue), and the last value is a, which is alpha. These 4 values are between 0~255. A smaller color

The first activity of the four components of the Android melted down series

There was no serious study of Android for a while, Android is my first technology to enter the circle of software development, Android has become a mantra and so on. When learning Android Most of the time is quickie floating on the surface, a lot of

Get started with Android learning materials (PDF collection) Total 54

Recently collected some Android beginner to proficient, including game programming, network programming, multimedia development, need to learn friends on download keep down, download links at the bottomHere is the contents of the network disk14 Days

Download phpdroid: Developing Android Apps based on WebView and PHP built-in HTTP server

Based on Android PHP (such as my packaged phpdroid), a few lines of PHP code, you can implement a wireless LAN browser access to the Android phone shell, for executing commands and PHP code. Personal on Ubuntu using the cross-compiler toolchain

Common regular Expressions for PHP forms (URLs, HTTP, cell phones, mailboxes, etc.)

/*** @description: 正则表达式匹配*/class Regex {/*** @手机号*/public static function Phone($subject) {$pattern=‘/^(0|86|17951)?(13[0-9]|15[012356789]|1[78][0-9]|14[57])[0-9]{8}$/‘;return Regex::PublicMethod($pattern, $subject);}/*** @数字*/public static

Apple's latest file storage system in the eyes of a ZFS developer APFS

Objective:This article is translated from a blog post that was involved in ZFS file system development, now Delphix company CTO, Adam Levinso (Adam Leventhal): Apfs detailed (Apfs in Detail).The Apfs file system is the latest file system that Apple

The strongest Android Studio uses tips and shortcut keys

Write in frontThis document was translated from Android Studio tips by Philippe Breault, altogether collecting 62 Android studio using tips and shortcuts. Based on the use of these tips, this article divides these 62 tips into common techniques (1–28

Research on iOS audio technology-Audio format

**什么是音频格式**It was a long time before I could figure out the problem. Audio format actually refers to the type of container, in the popular point is the type of sound files, such as "I Love You china. mp3", the audio format of this sound file is

Detailed OS X and iOS image processing Framework core image

Transferred from: Http:// article combines examples of the use of OS X and iOS image processing framework core image, and how to create and use the built-in filters for iOS with core

Android Common face question

The life cycle of the activity when switching between the screen and the1). When you do not set the Activity's android:configchanges, the screen will recall the various lifecycles and will be executed once when the screen is cut, and will be

iOS multithreaded Programming Guide (ii) thread management

When the application generates a new thread, the thread becomes an entity within the application process space. Each thread has its own execution stack, with the kernel dispatching a separate run time slice. A thread can communicate with other

Multi-Threading for iOS development-all aspects of GCD

Preface: This article GCD's blog is I read a lot of great God at home and abroad on the gcd of the article, and the combination of their superficial understanding of GCD, and then take its essence, to its trough meal, comprehensive notes, and is as

How to use Rational AppScan to scan large web sites more effectively, part 2nd: Case Studies

Using AppScan for scanningFor large web site scanning, we follow the Deming Cycle PDCA methodology for planning and discussion, suggesting AppScan use steps: Plan, execute (DO), check, analyze (analysis and Action). In the planning phase: a

Android Learning Note: SQLite database

(1)SQLite database Let's start with a brief introduction to the SQLite database:the year was released by D.richard Hipp . is a lightweight, open source embedded relational database that occupies very low resources. Currently used in many embedded

Tips for optimizing page load performance for mobile web sites

Tips for optimizing page load performance for mobile web sitesfavorite: 1 time: 2015-06-17 article source: Ma Haixiang Blog Visits: 2501 Web page performance optimization has been the key to the success of the site, more and more research has proved

Configure Your Android Studio

Source: Medium Translation Source: Liukun (@TheFresher) The main content of this article comes from Dmytro Danylyk in Medium's article configuring Android Studio. Thanks here! Although the use of Android Studio has a certain amount of time,

How do I calculate the App startup time in Android?

ReproducedTwo known methods seem to be available, but the feeling results are inaccurate: one is, adb shell am start-w packagename/activity, this can get two values, Thistime and totaltime, do not know what the difference between the two, And it

The NDK development of Android

The NDK development of AndroidI. Background of the NDK generationThe Android platform has supported C and C + + development since its inception. As we all know, the Android SDK is based on Java implementations, which means that third-party apps that

jquery implementation of the phone sent verification code countdown effect code sharing

This is a jquery based on the implementation of the mobile phone verification Code countdown effect codes, to achieve real-time display seconds Countdown function, but also to achieve the function of mobile phone number format verification, is a

Android API Guides---Tasks and back Stack

An application typically contains multiple activities. Each activity should be designed around a specific kind of action that the user can perform and can start other activities. For example, an e-mail application might have an activity to display a

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