Android Network programming series one TCP/IP protocol family

When we learn and use the Android network programming, we touch only the upper layer protocols and interfaces such as Apache HttpClient or Android's own httpurlconnection and so on. We also need to learn more about the underlying implementations of

How to use the Eclipse Debug Debugger in Android software development and Eclipse common shortcut keys

1. Add a breakpoint to the programIf you add a program breakpoint in Eclipse, as shown:There are three ways to add breakpoints in eclipseThe first type: Click on the first item in the red box after right-clicking on the Toggle breakpoint will add a

Android Java BASE64 encoding and decoding

1, the role of BASE64is primarily not encryption, its main purpose is to convert some binary numbers into ordinary characters for network transmission.since some binary characters belong to the control characters in the transport protocol, they

IOS Audio Learning

Audioservicesaddsystemsoundcompletion (ksystemsoundid_vibrate, NULL, NULL, systemaudiocallback, NULL);Audioservicesremovesystemsoundcompletion (ksystemsoundid_vibrate);The purpose of these two interfaces is to bind and cancel the specified Soundid

A Simple Guide to 9-patch for Android UI

extends: I is working on my first Android app, I found 9-patch (aka 9.png) to be confusing and poorly documented. After a little while, I-finally picked up in how it works and decided to the

How iOS Works Support 64-bit

Apple released a message on October 20, 2014: From next year's February 1, apps submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. The detailed message address is: are we supposed to start getting our

Implement non-root Traceroute on Android---Non-root permission to run binary file script files

author : Wan Jing, the absolute dustReprint Please famous source : Sample code download :-- CSDN :;-- GitHub :

Android Learning Note (46): Internet communications-File download

The introduction of Downloadmanager in Android 2.3 can handle complex file downloads, including checking whether a user has data connections (WiFi or mobile data) when the user moves from a data connection to a disconnected place (for example,

Android design in the. 9.png

Http:// design in the. 9.pngeven M-gamma 2013.08.20 In the Android design process, in order to adapt to different phone resolutions, most of the images need to be stretched or compressed, so there is an

Nanyang acm-50-love to Pick apples Xiao Ming (water problem)

Love picking apples time limit:MS | Memory limit:65535 KB Difficulty:1 Describe There is an apple tree in the yard of Xiao Ming's house, and 10 apples will be produced in every fall tree. When Apple matures, Xiaoming will

Developing the Android/ios installation package and operating procedures on visual Studio 2013/2015 using C #

Xamarin Configuration manuals and offline package downloads operation:Installation Prerequisites1, install Visual Studio 2013, the installation process is omitted, I installed here Windows10 + vs2013 with

Android official Getting Started document [11] support for different platform versions

Android official Getting Started document [11] support for different platform versionsSupporting Different Platform VersionsSupport for different platform versionsThis lesson teaches1.Specify Minimum and Target API levels2.Check System Version at

Android SDK Tools platform-tools build-tools

(1)Android SDK (Android SDK master installation package, including SDK Manager, AVD Manager, Toolkit tools, released root folder android-sdk-windows): Revision 22.2.1http://

IIS Add MIME Support apk,exe,.woff,iis MIME settings, Android apk download MIME settings apple iso. IPA download MIME settings


Site--Right-click Property--http HeaderExtension MIME type. apk application/ exe Application/octet-stream. Woff Application/x-font-woff Fonts. IPA application/iphone-package-archiveOther MIME Daquan (not tested)MIME type

The difference between HTTP Content_Type Multipart/form-data and application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Recently in the making of an app, the server needs to log, record all the requested URL, IP and parameters, say the parameters, then the problem, I use filters to record the log, to see how I write in the filter:public void DoFilter (ServletRequest

The carding of the relationship between the generated files (CSR, certificates, provisioning files) in the Apple APNs push mechanism, and the various pits

1. PrefaceiOS uses APNs to do push, the process is attached to a picture bar, not much to say2. The subjectThese two days re-engaged for a few days of push, some pits want to point out to everyone, less detours.What I want to say is that the process

How iOS Works Support 64-bit

From the iphone 5S A7 CPU start to the newly released iphone 6 (A8 CPU) has already supported the 64-bit ARM architecture 1.Xcode 5.0.1 start to support compiling binary for 32-bit and 64-bit 2. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit, we need

Control properties for Android

Control properties: Android Properties Android is powerful, the interface is gorgeous, but many of the layout attributes of the pain of the developers, the following article combines a lot of information on the Internet, First Class: Property value

Android JSON parsing

JSON data format, in Android is widely used in the client and network (or server) communication, it is necessary to learn the system.I recently made a simple study of JSON, and I would like to summarize it to treat you.For concise and clear articles,

How iOS Works Support 64-bit

Apple released a message on October 20, 2014: From next year's February 1, apps submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. The detailed message address is: are we supposed to start getting our

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