IOS, one line of code for RSA, DES, AES, MD5 encryption, decryption

This article is for submitting articles, author: Flying_einstein (Pinterest)Encrypted demo, Welcome to downloadJava-side encryption and decryption, the reader can read my colleague's this article: made a

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 05-binary

The previous talk briefly introduces constants and variables, which add a little bit to the basics of computer---binary.Let's take a look at how the usual expression of an integer, the most common must be expressed in Arabic numerals, such as "12",

Android Real-CardView selector and Grideview item pressed state reserved Selector (state_activated) implementation

Android Selector is more familiar to Android developers, as long as you define a selector XML file in a drawable directory, Using this XML in a layout file background referencing the XML file or setbackgrounddrawable it in the code allows for the

Ext: 58 The road of the architecture evolution of high performance mobile push push platform in the same city


Ext.: XuanThis article describes in detail the three stages of the evolution of the 58 high performance mobile push push platform architecture, and introduces what is mobile push push, why it is needed,

Summary of data storage in 67.Android

Reprint: D6c73f9f04d02ede7a741b45e801d74e#rdThis article will help you quickly learn about the various data storage mechanisms in Android and how to use them in order to

Android fragment use (ii) nesting fragments (Nested fragments) and common errors

Use of nested fragment and common errorsNested fragments (Nested fragments), fragment is added inside the fragment.When used, the main need to rely on the host fragment getChildFragmentManager() to obtain Fragmentmanger.While it looks similar to

Android version History

The Android operating system is a mobile device operating system developed by Google and the Open Handheld Alliance, and its earliest version of Android 1.0 beta was released on November 5, 2007 and has been released with multiple updates. These

Android development Local and network MP3 Music Player (18) new download song Loading preparation sdcardsearchtolist

Scan local file to load to itemNot limited to apps to music player, other Android works, can also use SdcardsearchtolistOther Android projects can also be used, I have now done a very small demoLater will post, will be in the player, add this

swift-Bezier curve Fan, arc, Circle, Polygon--uibezierpath to achieve the animation effect when the app is downloaded

The previous article mentioned the use of Bezier curve to achieve the drawing board (portal), immediately on the Bezier curve interest greatly increased with wood.The reason for touching the Bezier curve is thanks to master. Friday before work,

What is the difference between Web server and app server

Simply put, the Web server provides the page to the browser, and the app server provides the interface that the client can invoke. Specifically, we can say:The Web server handles HTTP requests, and the app server handles the logic of the application

OPENGL es version and OGL and Android relationships

OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1-this API specification are supported by Android 1.0 and higher. Fixed pipelines.OpenGL ES 2.0-this API specification is supported to Android 2.2 (API level 8) and higher. 2.0 1.10 The

1.6-02: Tata Pick Apples

Describe There is an apple tree in the Tautau's yard, and 10 apples will be produced in every fall tree. When Apple matures, Tata will run to pick apples. Tata had a 30-centimetre-high bench, and when she couldn't pick it up with

IOS MATH.H Math functions

In the actual work, some programs inevitably need to use mathematical functions to calculate, such as the geographical coordinates of the map program to map coordinate transformation. Objective-c, as an extension of ANSI C, uses the mathematical

How to use SQLite for Android development

ObjectiveSQLite is a lightweight small database, although relatively small, but relatively perfect function, some common database basic functions also have, in the current embedded system using the database is much more, because it occupies little

Zhong Da Dong School Xiaomi Router Mini to achieve the inode Internet, IPv6 WiFi "in the Big" "East School" "Inode" "IPv6"

There are less than 4 months to graduate, a few days before midnight nothing to do with millet route did not expect to realize the WiFi IPv6.Just again Amway classmate a millet route mini, from the brush machine to the inode to IPv6 all engaged.Here

How iOS completely avoids array out of bounds

Let's take a look at the possible array of crash where arrays are out of bounds;? 1234567 -( void ) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Didselectrowatindexpath: (Nsindexpath *) Indexpath { welfareitem *item = [_datasourcearray

Mobile phone access to the PC website automatically jump to the mobile site code

4G ERA, mobile site has been very common, the general mobile site has a two-level domain name to access, such as if the phone directly access to is a PC site, on the phone to browse the computer version of the site

Cisco AP 1200 Upgrade iOS or recovery

Cisco AP 1200 Upgrade iOSFirst open the Cisco TFTP tool, then connect the console line, reboot into: mode,AP:?To see if the SET command is supported, it is generally supported and then configured as follows, similar to the routerConfigure IP

IOS Time zone settings

Recently in the question of getting the current time, because our app is not necessarily used in the celestial territory, now many people go abroad to play, when they look at the app, if your app has involved in getting the current time, then you

Association of multiple asynchronous operations with GCD and Nsoperation in iOS


In the actual development of ios, we may encounter the following scenario: there are four operations a,b,c,d. requires that a,b,c be executed in a child thread, and that there may be a dependency between the a,b,c execution and the d,abc of the main

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