Android Network programming series one TCP/IP protocol family

When we learn and use the Android network programming, we touch only the upper layer protocols and interfaces such as Apache HttpClient or Android's own httpurlconnection and so on. We also need to learn more about the underlying implementations of

Ubuntu15.04 Installing the Android development environment

First, install the Java SE JKDA, download Http:// Select the latest version, the current latest version 1.8.0. Download jdk-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz.B, unzip the download

How Android is developed to ensure service is not killed (Broadcast+system/app)

PrefaceRecent projects to achieve such an effect: After running, to have a service is always running in the background, regardless of what the user does to ensure that the service is not killed, this is really a problem. How can you ensure that your

15 Android performance Optimization models released by Google

At the beginning of 2015, Google released a feature on Android performance optimization, with 16 short videos, each 3-5 minutes, to help developers create faster and better Android apps. The topic of the course not only introduces the underlying

Developing the Android/ios installation package and operating procedures on visual Studio 2013/2015 using C #

Original: Use C # to develop Android/ios installation packages and procedures on visual Studio 2013/2015Xamarin Configuration manuals and offline package downloads operation:Installation Prerequisites1, install

Android downloads and displays GIF images

Recent projects need to implement the ability to load GIFs online, so I doubled on the web and found an open source project (android-gif-drawable) It can support the display of GIF dynamic graph well. and its lower level decoding uses the C

Cool "2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference tickets, free delivery

The annual event, the highest-profile conference on mobile Internet, is about to be held at the 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference.Of course, the price of tickets is also high-spec, at least small or can't afford to buy (embarrassing).I heard

The difference between IOS Nsinteger/nsuinteger and int/unsigned int, long/unsigned long!

Nsinteger and Nsuinteger are often used in iOS development, and in other languages like C + +, we often use int, unsigned int. We know that iOS can also use the g++ compiler, so what's the connection between them?Such statements are found in the

iOS development Language Swift entry---basic operators

An operator is a special symbol or phrase that examines, alters, and merges values. For example, a plus + adds two numbers (such as let i = 1 + 2). Complex operations such as logic and operator && (such as if Entereddoorcode && passedretinascan), or

3384/1750: [Usaco2004 nov]apple catching pick up apples

3384/1750: [Usaco2004 nov]apple catching pick up apple time limit:1 Sec Memory limit:128 MB Submit:18 solved:16 [Submit] [Status] [Discuss] Description few people know that cows love apples. Farmer John has two apple trees on his farm

Android Database SQLite

Database database additions and deletions changeAdd to Insert into info (name,phone) VALUES (' Zhangsan ', ' 110 ') Delete Delete from info where name= ' Zhangsan ' Modify Update info Set phone = ' 999 ' WHERE

iOS Development-File Download (5 download feature package)

iOS Development Network Chapter-File Download (five • Package for download function)A simple explanationIn the previous articles on the basis of the download code, this article analyzes the download function encapsulation.Through the previous code,

Android Code obfuscation

1. Setting ConfusionLocate the Project.Properties file under engineeringAdd Proguard.config=${sdk.dir}/tools/proguard/proguard-android.txt:proguard-project.txt to the file this is the system.You can also use your own confusing files (so that you can

Facebook third-party login integration in Android

1, first of all to download the FaceBook SDK Android version;2, import facebooksdk as the library into their own projects3. Register a test app on Facebook4, Configuration androidmanifest.xml: In the string, add:15484406420746645.

15 Android performance Optimization models released by Google

At the beginning of 2015, Google released a feature on Android performance optimization, with 16 short videos, each 3-5 minutes, to help developers create faster and better Android apps. The topic of the course not only introduces the underlying

Java Implementation Android Client version number comparison

Catalogue Directory Objective Key points Java Code Implementation PrefaceIn the morning, I looked at CSDN blog rankings, the highest ranking article of the week is: Java implementation comparison version number. Personally

Best App development model – fast development, ultimate experience "Shanghai Station"

Event OverviewDate: March 14, 2015 13:30-17:00Venue: Function room, third floor, No. No. 3131, Jinshajiang Road, ShanghaiOrganizer: Apicloud, ping++, Yun-Zhi, topgeekwebsite: www.apicloud.comFee: Free* The venue will provide 30 free parking tickets

Android 3D Gallery and Horizontalscrollview replacement gallery

Because gallery creates a new view each time the picture is switched, it causes too much wasted resources. So it has been deprecated (Deprecated) and can be replaced with Horizontalscrollview. Today contrasts the differences between the following

Android development Android ADT bundle download [Android ADT bundle 0917,SDK Tools r22.2.1]

Developing Android Application Environment building1. Install JDK1.6 or laterWe can open the Oracle company website downloads section on the Web page has jdk download

9 Common Android Development bugs and Solutions

Collated and summed up 9 Android development errors and solutions, together to explore progress!1. If your project's R file is missing , you can try to change the version number in the Save, R file is not generally the layout text error caused.2.

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