Mobile phone access to the PC website automatically jump to the mobile site code

4G ERA, mobile site has been very common, the general mobile site has a two-level domain name to access, such as if the phone directly access to is a PC site, on the phone to browse the computer version of the site

Cisco AP 1200 Upgrade iOS or recovery

Cisco AP 1200 Upgrade iOSFirst open the Cisco TFTP tool, then connect the console line, reboot into: mode,AP:?To see if the SET command is supported, it is generally supported and then configured as follows, similar to the routerConfigure IP

IOS Time zone settings

Recently in the question of getting the current time, because our app is not necessarily used in the celestial territory, now many people go abroad to play, when they look at the app, if your app has involved in getting the current time, then you

iOS Time and date processing

NSDate: Date-related classesNstimeinterval: Time interval-related classesNSDateFormatter: Time Formatter-related classesLearn the knowledge points of the SectionTo:1. Date to timestamp2. Date Turn string3. Date to the specified format of the string (

Android development – Open or download Android apps by scanning QR code

In the realization of this function, by the different browsers tortured stomach pain, finally achieved a barely able to use, but also a look at other people's blogAndroid allows you to open a local app (app) and get the data from your browser by

Small Ant Learning App Interface Development (9)--app Version Upgrade interface Method--processing the request data sent by the client

Today's notes are mainly to record the last one of the key points of knowledge, app client version upgrade interface development.The development of the app is mainly updated by great and divine users, and the updated process should look like

IOS MD5 Encryption

1.MD5 encryptionMessage Digest algorithm MD5 (Chinese named message Digest Algorithm version fifth) is a hash function widely used in the field of computer security to provide integrity protection for messages. The algorithm's file number is RFC 1321

iOS development: An in-depth understanding of GCD first article


Recently the other books have been put down, mainly in the study of GCD. If it is to work, to my previous learning gcd, nsoperation and other knowledge has been enough to use, but learning and not only the knowledge to use it, to know it, and know

Mybatis--mapper.xml Mapping File

Mapper.xml mapping File reprint: Http:// (%e4%b8%89) mapper.xml%e6%98%a0%e5%b0%84%e6%96 %87%e4%bb%b6.html structure of this article Introduction to SELECT statements Introduction to insert Update

About the "Could not open ServletContext resource [/web-inf/applicationcontext.xml]" solution

problem arisesHaving recently learned Maven and tried to re-compose the previous project (Springmvc+myabtis) into a MAVEN project, the MAVEN project recommended that the various resource files be placed in the Src/java/resources directory. So I

Effective OBJECTIVE-C 2.0 52 effective ways to write high-quality iOS and OS X code---1-12

* In other languages, a lot of work is done by compilers, while in OC it is performed at runtime. As a result, functions that can function properly in a test environment are in the working environment and may not be executed correctly because of

iOS animation effects

About several coordinate systems for a layer.For iOS, the (0,0) point of the coordinate system is in the upper-left corner, which is the lower the Y value. The more you go to the right, the greater the X value.A frame of a layer, which is part of

Publish in house app with Enterprise certificate

Apple Enterprise Certificate, although not on the App store, but can be implemented on the Web page directly click on the download, and do not need to know the device Udid, reasonable use of the words is very convenient. Published in this way

Developing Android programs with Visual Studio 2015

Environment configuration:Operating system: Win 7 64-bitIde:visual Studio 2015Sdk:installer_r24.3.3-windowsInstallation Prerequisites:Edit the Hosts file (available for download in the attachment) because networking updates and registrations are

AWS Deployment XenApp7.6: Creating an AWS EC2 instance

I. Overviewthis chapter records in the implementation process, creating steps for an AWS EC2 instance. Ii. descriptionAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides scalable compute capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. With Amazon EC2

Android OpenGL ES (i)----essential knowledge

1. Cell phone's coordinate spaceWe all know that if we want to draw graphics on the phone, we must understand the coordinate system of the mobile phone. is to map coordinates to the coordinates of the phone's screen. Figure 1 Basic coordinate

Android Keyboard Development experience

First of all, talk about the reasons for the development of the keyboard: such as financial products, banking and other app client login, especially to enter the password, will be blocked the system default input method, instead of their own input

The simplest mobile-based ffmpeg example: Android Video Decoder

This document records a video decoder based on FFmpeg on an android platform. The source code for the video decoder C language comes from the simplest ffmpeg+sdl-based video player. The related concepts are no longer duplicated.The directory

iOS Development UI KVC (value/assignment)-KVO (observe A change in an Object's properties)

I. Kvc:key value coding, typically used to assign a value to an Object's properties1. KVC Assignment//1.1 founderLdperson *p =[[ldperson alloc] Init];self.person=p;//1.2 Creating a dogLddog *dog =[[lddog alloc] init];//1.3 Assigning a dog to a

Introduction to loading resources on demand for iOS and tvOS games

Abstract with iOS 9 and watchOS 21, Apple has introduced a new set of content distribution APIs to conserve device space, which is loading resources on Demand. By using On-demand loading of resources, we can host specific application resources on

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