Charles Analog mobile App network timeout

Under normal circumstances, the network connection timeout may be due to the following points:1, the network is disconnected, manually shut down the network connection2, network congestion, you can not be in the program default wait time to get

Exclusive analysis: The production principle and utilization process of Android "Janus" vulnerability

recently, Google in December released the Android security Bulletin disclosed a named "Janus" Android Vulnerability (vulnerability number: cve-2017-13156). The vulnerability could allow an attacker to bypass the signature scheme V1 signature

Vue's mobile multi-image upload plugin Vue-easy-uploader

Original addressObjectiveThis period of time to catch the project, need to use a multi-file upload, with Vue for front-end project development. On the internet to find a lot of plug-ins, are not very satisfied, some use cumbersome, and some can not

Operation of "Android" Android under SQLite3 database

In front of the use of SQLite3, and did not notice the Sqliteopenhelper this class, so we have to create and maintain in the activity database and data table creation.However, with the Sqliteopenhelper class, it is possible to separate the

IOS BASE64 Encryption

1, Base64 code descriptionThe BASE64 encoding requires the conversion of 3 8-bit bytes (3*8=24) into 4 6-bit bytes (4*6=24), followed by 6 two in front of 0 bits, forming a 8-bit byte form. If the remaining characters are less than 3 bytes, then 0

Two kinds of MD5 encryption methods in Android environment

in peacetime development process, MD5 encryption is a more commonly used algorithm, the most common use scenario is in the Account Register, the user input password by MD5 encryption, transfer to the server to save. Although MD5 encryption is often

Cable test, mobile Terminal program description

Overall Features:1. The mobile app connects to the test device via Bluetooth.2. Sends a 48-byte hexadecimal number via Bluetooth.3. Receive 48-byte hexadecimal numbers via Bluetooth.4. Parses a 48-byte hexadecimal number to generate a text file.5.

P1478 Tata pick Apples (upgrade version)

Tag: Sort ace means scan std CLU Node Air nbspTitle DescriptionAnother autumn, the Tautau apple tree has a fruit of n. Tata again ran to pick apples, this time she has a a-centimeter chair. When his hand is out of reach, he will stand on the chair

Search for content in Android

When writing the Android search code, how to implement the search function, consider two kinds of:Define your own Search method:1. Define Search input box, search icon, search button2. Define your own voice input method3. Define yourself frequently

Mobile Site Performance Optimization: Web page loading

Original link: to the environmental limitations of mobile devices, such as low bandwidth, high latency, small memory, low processor performance, etc., forcing developers to find ways to optimize the

iOS Core notes-multi-threaded-GCD


1, GCD Introduction: ?了解: GCD is all called "Grand Central Dispatch", pure C language, GCD provides a lot of powerful functions, GCD all the functions are contained in the Libdispatch library. 1-1, the advantage of using GCD: ?

Build, copy, delete, and move commands for Linux files

mkdir commandOne, mkdir command use permissionsAll users can create folders or directories in a folder that has permissions by using the mkdir command at the terminal.Second, the mkdir command uses the formatFormat: mkdir [options] DirNameThree,

App Latest listing process grooming

An app from research and development to the final to the shelves this is a complete product cycle, the need for a set of corresponding processes to ensure quality, the front 2 not mentioned, today to comb the shelves of the process. As we all know,

IOS Push full resolution (ii) "translated"--Generate OpenSSL certificate, Provisioning profile

This is a tutorial from Raywenderlich, the content is informative! The structure is simple and thorough, the explanation is gradual, article quality is superior! It's a difficult blog post! Use half a bottle of English to translate a bit:    1.

Android Facebook and Twitter share

1. BackgroundAt the beginning of the year, the company's project had a new need to add Facebook and Twitter to the English version of the app.2. Completion of the situationDue to the urgency of this project, it took a week to develop this feature

Android MP3 Recording Implementation

Copyright Notice:Welcome reprint, but please keep the original source of the articleGavinctSource: formats supported by Android recordings are AMR, AAC, but these two audio formats do not perform well

Android tips– Pits Manual

Out of: Androidchina Android so far, big and small pits no less tread, fortunately, in the powerful search engine and selfless dedication of the people's help, I met the pits have been successfully

IBM Rational AppScan Use detailed instructions

Transferred from: article will detail the details of the AppScan feature options settings, suitable for e-general, first contact AppScan children's shoes reference reading.Appscan is one of the most widely

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (i) OBJECTIVE-C Foundation

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (i) OBJECTIVE-C FoundationReference book: "Effective Objective-c 2.0", "English" Matt GallowaySneak Peek1. Understanding the origins of the Objective-c language2. Introduce as few other header files

iOS Development-version control SVN and git usage explained

The actual development of the company, in the celestial use more or SVN, because SVN is centralized, in the celestial work you understand! -----------------svn-----------------: The most common basic steps--- Download (full download, first

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