Android version History major changes (version1.5-->4.0) Comprehensive collation

Android1.5  (cupcake)    based on Linux Kernel 2.6.27         2009 April 30, Official 1.5 version (cupcake) of Android released. [14] [15] Major updates are as follows:         shoot/play videos, and support for uploading to YouTube        support

Two kinds of MD5 encryption methods in Android environment

in peacetime development process, MD5 encryption is a more commonly used algorithm, the most common use of the scene is in the account registration, the user entered the password by MD5 encryption, transfer to the server to save. Although MD5

Java4android of the re-use class

This section contains notes and summaries of the seventh reuse class in the thinking in Java1, there are two ways to reuse existing code without destroying the existing code: combination and inheritance.2,tostring () method. The function is called

GitHub's excellent Android Open source project

excellent Android Open source project on GitHubReprinted from: Http:// Archive/3348.htmlThere is no need to say much about GitHub's popularity in

Play an Android game with Android-x86 and VirtualBox

The current system is Ubuntu 14.04, recently played a flash version of the "Royal Trooper: Frontline" tower defense game, or want to try native Android game performance. There are about two options to discover:All kinds of Android Simulator:

IConvert Icons icon Conversion tool that supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, IOS, and Android systems

This is an online icon conversion tool that generates icons that support mainstream systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, IOS, and Android.You can upload the icon file to another platform under the icon file, for example, the icon format under

XAMPP, WAMP, Appserv

XAMPP PrecautionsXAMPP is basically used in the development environment, many sensitive parameters are not closed, such as for the production environment, you have to manually configure the Php,apache configuration file.  XAMPP is not intended for

Android Development Tour: In-depth analysis of layout files & Again "Hello world! ”

Http:// last article can be said to be a watershed, it marks us from the Android application theory into practice, we picked up the scalpel to the default "Hello world! "The

Text top-top iOS Development blog link collation and some project source code download

The online iOS development tutorial many, but like cnblogs Bo main text top of the blog such content illustrations, the code is complete, the example classics, the principle also has elaborated, the coverage is broad, the self-made system's series

Search for content in Android

When writing the Android search code, how to implement the search function, consider two kinds of:Custom Search methods:1. Custom Search input box, search icon, search button2. Custom speech input methods3. Customize common hot word content, style4.

30 Free Mobile UI Design resources

In the prototyping stage, we try to find some inspiration to stimulate the brain, so that our imagination to fly ~ Inspiration gives us a good start, but when we put the inspiration into reality, but also need some useful and efficient components to

30 Free Mobile UI Design resources

In the prototyping stage, we try to find some inspiration to stimulate the brain, so that our imagination to fly ~ Inspiration gives us a good start, but when we put the inspiration into reality, but also need some useful and efficient components to

1.javaScript (JS) appendchild and removechild of common functions

1, append and delete HTML elements Creating HTML Elementsvar newele =document.createelement ("P");The created element is appended to another element:A. AppendChild (b): If B is a new element, add element B at the end of all child elements of the A

android-support multi-screen-1

Original link: Supporting multiple Screens Android runs on many different screen sizes (screens size) and density (density) devices. For applications, the Android system provides a consistent cross-device development environment that handles much of

Android Activity Interface Toggle Add animated Effects

After Android 2.0 there is a overridependingtransition (), of which two parameters, one is the previous activity's exit 21 activity entry,Java code @Override public void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) { super.oncreate

Go play with me. Sencha Touch Mobile WEBAPP Development (i)

1. Catalogue Introduction to the mobile framework, why choose Sencha Touch? Environment construction Create a project framework, Introduction to framework Files Create a simple TabPanel case How to customize Icons WebApp

Build Cocos2d-x V3.2RC0 development environment under Win7 (for Android)

Cocos2d-x is currently the most popular game engine for most game development enthusiasts love,Therefore, the purpose of this article is to teach novice how to establish COCOS2DX development environment under Win7,As of this article, the latest

Analysis and resolution of Chinese garbled characters in the communication between Android and PC

The initial realization of the Android and PC server communication, and encountered the legend of the headache of Chinese garbled problem. Since there is garbled, then the reason is naturally the protocol is not through.We know that the default

Four ways to store Android data

  SQLite: SQLite is a lightweight database that supports basic SQL syntax and is often used as a way of storing data. Android provides a class named Sqlitedatabase for this database, encapsulating some of the APIs that manipulate the

How to use GIF pictures on Android (Android Open Source Library android-gif-drawabl)

Use of Android Open Source Library android-gif-drawableAndroid's Open Source Library is used to display GIF images on Android. I checked on the internet, everyone said this framework is good, loading large GIF images will not be memory overflow, so

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