IOS signature mechanism

IOS signature mechanism is very complex, a variety of certificates, Provisioning Profile,entitlements,certificatesigningrequest,p12,appid, concept of a heap, is also very error-prone, this article attempts to start from the principle, A step-by-step

In-depth understanding of $apply () and $digest () in angular

reference:$apply () and $digest () are two core concepts in AngularJS, but sometimes they are confusing. To understand how AngularJS works, you first need to understand how $apply () and

iOS face questions and answers

1. Can the class of object-c inherit multiple? Can I implement more than one interface? What is category? How do you rewrite a class in a way that inherits or classifies well?A: The class of object-c is not multiple inheritance; multiple interfaces

Iis7appcmd command Explanation

IIS7 Appcmd Command ExplanationDon't talk nonsense! Although there is a configuration Interface manager! But command creation is essential when installing packages! Recently used NSIs to make the installation package carefully studied the Appcmd

iOS webp convert jpg

In the process of project development, encountered a problem, is the picture of WEBP, first explain what WEBP is, WEBP is a Google developed to speed up the image of the image format. Image compression volume of about only 2/3 jpeg, plainly is the

[Android game development] game frame building

In general, the basic framework for game development typically includes the following modules:Window Management: This module is responsible for creating, running, pausing, and resuming the game interface on the Android platform.Input module: This

IOS local time, UTC time, timestamp, and more

//获得当前时间并且转为字符串-(NSString *) datetransformtotimestring{NSDate*currentdate = [NSDate Date];//get the current time to UTC time 2014-07-16 07:54:36 UTC (UTC time is 8 hours longer than the standard difference)//Convert to StringNSDATEFORMATTER*DF =

The life cycle of Android four components

Before introducing the life cycle, let's start with the concept of a taskThe task is actually a stack of activity. It is composed of one or more activity to complete a complete user experience, in other words, the task is "application" (can be one

Android dynamic mode hack apk ultimate (hardened apk hack mode)

First, prefaceToday, finally, the final article of the break series, the two previous articles were:First article: How to use eclipse Dynamic debugging Smali source codeSecond article: How to use Ida to dynamically debug so filesNow to say is the

Android sqlite3 command line check your code operation database is correct

The real machine debugging words need root, otherwise do not have access to directory permissionsEnter in Linux terminal or cmd in Windows1Entering the shell environment1 cd/data/data/package name/databasesLS list databaseUse the sqlite3 database

Memory allocation stacks in iOS programs heap area global zone

In a computer system, the data that runs the application is stored in memory, different types of data, and the memory areas are saved differently.One, Memory partition The stack is automatically allocated and freed by the compiler, storing the

Android Activity Series Summary (iii)--activity four types of startup modes

Introduction of Return StackA task is a series of activities that interact with the user when a particular job is executed. The Activity is arranged on the stack (that is, the return stack, also called the task stack) in its own order of

50 development Tips, tricks and resource sharing that Android development engineers should know

The authors write this article to outline the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and resources that Android studio will use to improve your overall efficiency and operational performance.Obviously, there are many optimizations, shortcuts, etc., but the author

Android Multimedia Framework Summary (24) Mediamuxer realizes the phone screen recording into a GIF image

Reprint please the head source link and the tail two-dimensional code together reprint, this article from countercurrent fish yuiop: The introduction is to use Mediamuxer and

Android Base64 and AES Encryption decryption

Package;Import Android.os.Bundle;Import;Import Android.text.TextUtils;Import android.util.Base64;Import Android.view.View;Import Android.widget.Button;Import

Direction of Ios_uiimage (imageorientation)

DemoA. Reproduce the problem:Photos obtained by the picture, due to the size of the wrong, need to be cut. But some of the pictures were cut out and the direction was messy. Look for some quality before you know. Picture has a directional property!

Mobile App Automation Testing Framework

Brief introductionUI Automation testing for mobile apps has long been a difficult problem, with the "change" of the UI changing, resulting in extensive maintenance of automated use cases. From the perspective of layered testing, automated testing

Mobile-side jump and PC-side jump Reference URL Browse:11532 | Updated: 2014-04-22 16:51 The first method: The second method: Method Three: Fourth method: ////This section of

ANDROID-ADB Common Commands and SQLite

In the Android development environment, ADB is our most frequently used debugging tool for Android development, and its use is of course what our Android developers have to master.ADB overviewAndroid Debug Bridge,android Debug Bridge, abbreviated as

Android--split () Split string special usage

Split () split string1. Distinctions in different environmentsJava: The split string cannot be written as split ("$")//$ as the character to be splitAndroid: Split string needs to be combined with brackets split ("[$]")//$ for the character to be

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