Lego app embedded Keymob mobile ad aggregator platform released for 10 weeks

KeymobMobile ad aggregation platform in 2014years quietly on-line, in justseveralmonths, hasEmbeddedinto hundreds of aPP, the number of ad days has been shownmillion. In the mobile internet advertising market is becoming more mature today,KeymobWhat

Turn: HTTP Live streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementation

Http:// Live Streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementationInadvertently found that the big six months did not write a blog, consciously ashamed. In fact, after 2012 half

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

Windows Azure's Web apps and virtual machines are often used. We often deploy our website. Generally choose a web app or open a virtual machine. A virtual machine is billed as the virtual machine's usage time.So what's the difference between

HTTP Live Streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementation

Http:// found that the big six months did not write a blog, consciously ashamed. In fact, after 2012 half a year, the things in the family happened the same, there is no time.

Naming conventions in iOS development (OC)

Desertion: Recently found himself to have an empirical problem, not too easy to accept new knowledge, this is engaged in technical research and development of the people are not very reasonable, need to change.Text: By reading and writing a large

IOS Developer Libray (Chinese version)--About OBJECTIVE-C


This is my own learning iOS development when reading the document, some of the translation is not very accurate, but the meaning is still right, after all, my English is not very good, many sentences can not be accurate word translation, we may as a

"Reprint" $apply () and $digest ()

$apply () and $digest () are two core concepts in angularjs, but sometimes they are confusing. To understand how ANGULARJS works, you first need to understand how $apply () and $digest () work. This article is intended to explain what $apply () and $

The six logic of Lenovo Mobile Dafanshenzhang

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Chen Xudong 5.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1bdpiqyzumtaafuhtfo1km771.jpg "/>"Often, a person's heart is ripe between these simple choices. Problem, it

Android Learning: Data storage solution Induction and summary

PrefaceRecently in the "first line of Android code" and "Crazy Android Handout", my feeling is that the essence of Android application is the data processing, including data reception, storage, processing and display, I would like to write a blog

Start the automatic layout tutorial in iOS 7 (i)

Have you ever wanted your app to look good and frustrated in the direction of the screen? Are you near incontinence when it comes to supporting the iphone and ipad screen layout interface? Today I will bring you good news! It is not difficult to

The Building blocks-enterprise applications part 2-information Management and business Analytics

1. Business Analytic ApplicationsData AnalyticsAlso referred to as ' business Analytics ' or ' business Intelligence 'Although basic reporting capabilities has been built into ERP systems since their inception, there is increasing interest In making

"Go" HTTP Live streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementation

HTTP Live Streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementationInadvertently found that the big six months did not write a blog, consciously ashamed. In fact, after 2012 half a year, the things in the family happened the same, there is no

IOS 9 App Search Tutorial

Original link: IOS 9 app search tutorial:introduction to app search Original Author: Chris Wagner Development technology Front Translator: Kmyhy Ray Note: As part of iOS 9 Feast, this article is abridged from

Ios2 times 3 times times graph

Here we only say the design under the iOS system, as for Android, because of the size of too many things involved in a mess, I put it together later.Page length is longer, do not recommend a one-time reading, so you will be tired of the subconscious,

iOS full self-study manual--[a]ready? No!

1. PrefaceStarting today I will write some articles about iOS self-study on a regular basis. After all, they are self-taught to start, know what the pit of self-study, know what to develop the lack of self-study, in addition, and now the actual

Android Learning notes-review plan

one of the most feared is that there is no direction! 1. Wedge:I contacted Andrjoid Development also has more than a year, during the independent development of an outsourcing company five or six projects. Although not Daniel, but think small has

iOS is using nsdatecomponents, NSDate, Nscalendar it concludes that the current time is over a period of time in a day.

General application Settings This group exists, such as night mode, if you. From 8:00-23:00. At this current time is how to infer the period. The main difficulty is how to use NSDate to generate 8:00 time and 23:00 hours. Then use the current time,

Directory of Android operating system

Android OS detailed directory structure\system\appThe main store in this is the regular download of the application, you can see the APK format is the end of the file. Under this folder the program for the system default components, the software

Android apps are compatible with different versions

Backwards compatibility is poor in Android, but an app app can be processed or run between versions. Backward compatibility is not good, different versions of the system its API version is different, naturally some interfaces are different, the new

10.Android uiautomator Junit Assertion function usage

first, the Assertion function Introduction 1. assert function:Determine if the method being tested works as expected For example: if (assuming) { Pass test}else{ error and terminate current use case test}2. Assert the function

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