How to implement IM function in the app seven fast implementation chat list sorting module--Arrow Buckle technology Arrownock

How to implement the IM function in the app seven fast implementation chat list sorting moduleA device due to the user's habit differences, may cause the device time and the actual time to send and receive messages different, here with you to share

IOS file size converted to KB, MB, GB ...

-(NSString *) Convertfilesize: (Long Long) Size {LongKB =1024x768; LongMB = KB *1024x768; LongGB = MB *1024x768; if(Size >=GB) { return[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%.1f GB", (float) Size/GB]; } Else if(Size >=MB) { floatF = (float)

iOS dev > Learning-traverse the properties of the model class and refine the assignment of the model class using runtime

In a previous day's blog, "iOS development uses runtime to assign values to the Model class," describes how to use the runtime to assign a value to an attribute in the base class of an entity class, as long as the dictionary key must be the same as

Android Log Learning

First, the bug appeared, Need to "kill" it is a scary bug, but as long as you understand, Android bug is very good solution, because Android provides the log mechanism, the specific underlying code, in the future to analyze, as long as you will see

iOS development--three formats for the programmer Essentials &ios installation package: Deb, IPA, and pxl explanations and instructions

Explanations and instructions for the three formats of the iOS installation package, Deb, IPA, and PXLThere are three types of installation packages available on the IOS platform, Deb, IPA, and PXL.From the link:

"Andriod to take you to Android" List of performance optimizations--Take the "Jane book" app as an example

These days idle bored, on the phone on the developer mode inside the "GPU over-drawing" function, to see what other apps do, and then accidentally opened the "Jane Book", and then it was stunned by its excessive drawing, so wrote this article of

Co-debugging JNI with Android studio and Visual Studio

Tutorials > Android > Integration with other Tools > Co-debugging JNI with Android Studio and Visual studioco-deb Ugging JNI with Android studio and Visual StudioDecember, Android , Android Studio, NDK warning! This tutorial uses outdated versions

Porting ImageMagick to Android platform under Windows

Porting ImageMagick to Android platform under WindowsOriginal link Http:// is a software used to create, edit, and synthesize pictures. It can read, convert, and write images in many

Do with you: The difference between native app and web App

For the difference between Deviceone native cross-platform app and web app, a lot of people are not very clear, let's make a brief introduction to the Deviceone native app function and the difference with Web App.650) this.width=650; "Src="

Android context full Parse, you don't know the various details of the context

Reprint Please specify source: a few articles, I also struggled to write a ListView series trilogy, although the content can be said to be the absolute essence, but a lot of friends are

Android Matrix class and Colormatri


Citation: Matrix class and ColorMatrix classRecently in the system to learn the image processing of Android (on the Internet to collect some information and write their own test

Sina App Engine (SAE) Introductory tutorial (2)-mysql use

If you do not have an SAE account, please register a new user at For a specific registration process, see:Sina App Engine (SAE) Introductory tutorial (1) in a regular environment, we can

Mobile application platform Hot Why Huang Xiaoming baby big marriage so hot to?

in recent days the most explosive entertainment news is undoubtedly Huang Xiaoming baby big marriage, this is the media, advertising plays a huge influence and role. So, with the rapid development of mobile internet, mobile advertising is also

android[Andrews] text Air video remote Play PC videos

Apple iOS below. Currently using air video, the ability to play computer video directly from WiFi remotely, without watching video copying to the phone. Very useful! Recently called using Android. Outlook category seems to apply, looking for a long

Build and test of Android im based openfire+smack chat server

The XMPP protocol (extensible Messaging and PRESENCEPROTOCOL, Extensible Message Processing field protocol) is an XML-based protocol that is designed to address the standards of timely communication and is first implemented in Jabber. It inherits

IOS: Class methods (static methods) and instance methods

1. Example method/dynamic methoda). Identifier:-b). Invocation method: (Instance object function)c). The instance method is on the stack.2. Static method/class methoda). Identifier: +b). Call Mode: (class function)c). Static methods allocate memory

iOS underline variable: Why is it useful to underline before a variable?

Look at the code first. Copy Code Appdelegate.h @property (weak) Iboutlet Nsmatrix *stocktype; @property (weak) Iboutlet Nsmatrix *market; Appdelegate.m Nscell

Why is the image quality of Android worse than the iphone?

Often see someone ask: "Android version sent out of the picture how so slag!" It's far worse than the iphone! ”。 It's not just that many of the images used in Android are much less than the iphone version, so what's going on?We buckle Ding School

Understanding $apply () and $digest () in angular

A recent manual call with Angularjs $apply always encounters an error: $degist already in Progress. After a few online search found, in fact, because I use the $apply is not clear generated.       So read a few blog, Enlightened. Let's talk about

Ios--crash Log Analysis

As an app developer, have you had the following experience? To make sure your app is correct, you must have done a lot of testing before submitting it to the app Store. It also works well on your device, but after the app store, there are users

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