What does the IOS iPhone SDK contain?

What does the IPhone SDK contain?The first part:All the interfaces, tools, and resources needed to develop iOS applications on Macintosh computers using Intel chips are all included in the iphone SDK.Apple has distributed most of its system

Android KeyStore Store passwords

The former concept of KeyStore is the place where the app is signed, and if you check Android KeyStore, the information is how to generate signatures for the app, but the meaning here is different. The Android KeyStore system allows you to store

On Android, the ' batch ' operation on SQLite

Using Execsql for batch insertionsToday I learned how to perform an insert operation on SQLite more efficiently.Note: The real machine test is usedWe use Sqlitedatabase's Insert method and Execsql to experiment separately.The first is the Insert

Windows Installer Androidstudio Development software

In order to develop an Android app, you must install the following software on your system:1.JDK.2.Android Studio developer tools or offline Android SDK tools.3.NDK.It is recommended to install Gradle but not necessary. Please see the Gradle

iOS Development View properties hidden, opaque, alpha, opacity differences

First, AlphaThe liquid crystal display is composed of pixel dots, each pixel can display a color value composed of the Rgba color space. A is a representation of the transparency Alpha,uiview Alpha is a floating-point value, and the range of values

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Print custom document printing of content

Original address: http://android.xsoftlab.net/training/printing/custom-docs.htmlFor some applications, such as drawing apps, layout apps, and other apps, these apps focus on graphics output, and having a nice print page is a key feature of them. In

IOS Singleton Mode Learning "52 methods 6th. 45 use Dispath_once to execute thread-safe code that runs only once"


Baidu definition : Single case mode is a commonly used software design mode. In its core structure, there is only one special class that is called a singleton. The singleton mode ensures that there is only one instance of a class in the

Objective-c related to the iOS Test series

1. Describe the design patterns commonly used in your project. What are their pros and cons?The common design patterns are: agents, observers, and Singleton.(1) Singleton: It is used to restrict the creation of a class to only one object. The

"Reprint" Xcode 4.1~4.6 + ios 5, iOS 6 certificate free (IDP) development + Real Machine Debug + Generate IPA all Raiders

original articles, welcome to share, without permission, not reproduced;All rights reserved, infringement must be tracedThe development environment uses the latest stable software so far: Mac OS X Lion 10.7 + Xcode 4.1 The current Xcode 4.2 preview

IOS SQLite3 Database Operations

There are four types of data persistence in iOS: Attribute lists, object archiving, SQLite3, and core Data,sqlite3 database operations are a must-have or missing technology. SQLite3 Introduction SQLite3 database is the mobile side (IOS, Android,

Android Development interview by--6. Common interviewer Questions Android ② (update ... )

 Copyright NOTICE: This article for the Dream-finddreams original article, please pay attention to: Http://blog.csdn.net/finddreamsFollow Finddreams Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/finddreams/article/details/445600611.HttpURLConnection and httpclient

Android source code compilation NEXUS5 Real Machine compilation

1. PrefaceIn Android security research, we often have to improve and compile the Android code, as almost all of the current handset manufacturers have a closed policy on their underlying drivers, Causes us to finish the Android compiles the system

Android creates a detail page, as well as the argument app

Hello everyone.. I've been wondering if there are any design patterns that can be used to create a detail page, until recently I looked at some of the blog posts and books related to design patterns, and I finally found the following apps.Below we

[ios/translation] Media Layer

This article is my own hard translation, please reprint the friend annotated, translated in Z.mjun csdn blog http://blog.csdn.net/Zheng_Paul, thanks! Translated on October 5, 2015Media LayerThe media layer includes images, audio and video, and

iOS Basic pen questions-Highlights II

ObjectiveReproduced below from: http://www.henishuo.com/objc-interview-two/1, live chat app will not adopt the network transmission modeA. UDPB. TCPC. HTTPD. FTPFTP: Is the file Transfer Protocol, is the short name of files Transfer protocol, it is


Call,apply,bind First, call&apply Call, apply all belong to Function.prototype method, because belong to Function.prototype, so each function object instance, namely each method has call, apply property.If you don't

IOS overall architecture and MVC layout

The iOS ecosystem is not just about products, but more importantly Iphone/ipad/ipod/mac +icloud+app the entire system, including Siri (not supported on some devices), FaceTime, Safari, Game Center, maps, Passbook, telephone, mail. Apple all mobile

Web App Tutorial: MUI Learning Notes Lesson two: page layouts

Page initializationIn app development, to use the html5+ extension API, you must wait for the Plusready event to work, and the MUI encapsulates the event as a mui.plusReady() method, involving html5+ APIs, which are written in the Mui.plusready

IOS dynamically calculates the height of text content

About the height of dynamic computing text content under iOS, after looking at and searching on the web, now see the following methods:1.Gets the size of the string IOS6-(Cgsize) Getstringrect_: (nsstring*) astring {Cgsize size;Uifont

System hierarchy and related frameworks for iOS

one, Overviewthe system architecture of iOS is divided into four levels: core operating system layer (Core OS layer), Core Service Tiers (Core Services layer), Media layer (Media Layer) and touch-up Layer (Cocoa Touch layer). Understanding the

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