Android Gzip/zip Compression


Objective:Have done the Android network development know, in the network transmission we generally will turn on GZIP compression, but out of the nature of inquisitive only know how to open can not satisfy my curiosity, so think to write a demo test

Linux topic one file management (directory structure, create, view, delete, move)

Everything in the Linux system is a file. /become the root directory in Linux, is the root directory of all files. (Touch, mkdir, CP, MV, MV, less, more, head, tail, rmdir)1. Linuxsystem directory structure, relative/absolute path. 2.

Summary of category categories (extension classes) in iOS

CategoryA category is a way to add a new method to an existing class.With Objective-c's dynamic run-time allocation mechanism, you can add new methods to existing classes, a way to add new methods to existing classes called Category Catagory, and he

My Android note--intent (I am the document Porter)

I am a porter of documents. Intent, intent, is a message-passing object. The most common intention for intent is to jump from one activity to another activity, or start a service, send a broadcast, and so on. It is divided into explicit intent and

Attributes and their traits in iOS @property, attribute

Property:Unlike attribute @property and attribute attribute, @property has its own set of processing mechanisms for instance variables in OC. Attribute we can specifically refer to the traits that attributes have or follow.With attributes, the

Appium's Past Life

Appium's past life one, what is AppiumAppium is an open-source, cross-platform testing framework that can be used to test native and hybrid mobile applications. Appium supports iOS, Android, and Firefoxos platforms. Appium uses Webdriver's JSON wire

Android Component----Content provider Provider

Content Provider is primarily used to share data between different applications, although both the file storage and Sharepreferences provided by Android can be set to share data in global read-write mode, but due to security issues, has been

Li Hongqiang iOS Development "0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 02-First C language Program

ObjectiveAlready nagging so much theoretical knowledge, starting from this, it is necessary to learn the C language grammar by contact code. To learn any language, the first thing to master is certainly the grammar. The purpose of Learning C

Android &swift iOS Development: Language vs. frame comparison

Reprinted from: Http:// &utm_medium=articles_link&utm_content=link_textFrom Android to Swift iOS development: Language vs. frame comparison I've been

iOS open source encrypted album agony implementation (i)

Brief introductionAlthough there are some good encryption album app on the market, but not the built-in ads, it is to limit the number of uploads. This paper introduces the production process of an encrypted album, which will include multiple

Android--email send mail, text and attachments form mail

1. The first jar package is Javaemail:Https:// (Extract code: e042)2. Tool KitPackage Com.kllayhello.utils;import Android.content.context;import Android.content.intent;import; Import Android.util.log;import

Prospect Analysis of Mobile office Cnskype

At present, in the Mobile Office field, the major office system manufacturers are taking advantage of the Cnskype software as the representative of Mobile office products began to occupy the mobile office market important role."The ability of an

Top ten reasons to use Visual Studio for Android development

[Address of original publication] Top Ten reasons to the use of Visual Studio for C + + Android development!Visual studio:c++ Mobile Solutions for cross-platformVisual Studio () is rapidly becoming a cross-platform c++ide. Our goal is to make Visual

Android hover windows for use WindowManager

This article was reproduced from: implementation of the suspended window involves WindowManager (based on 4.0 source code analysis), which is an interface, the implementation class has

App Functional Test Knowledge Summary

1 App test basic Process 21.1 Flowchart 21.2 Test Cycle 31.3 Test Resources 31.4 daily newspaper and product launch report 32 App Test points 32.1 Safety Test 32.1.1 Software Permissions 32.1.2 Installation and uninstallation security 42.1.3 Data

Unity3d for iOS Beginner Tutorial: Part 1/3 (top)

Transferred from: the picture is not visible, please check the originalThis textbook is from the Tutorial team member Christine Abernathy, who is an engineer on Facebook's development support team.Unity is

Methods and Nsfilemanager classes for obtaining directory paths for individual files in iOS

Transferred from: to get directory paths for various files in iOSThe iphone sandbox model has four folders, what is the location of the permanent data store, and what is the simple way to get

Basic use of the OBJECTIVE-C runtime (IOS Runtime's first experience)

First, runtime prefaceThe recent study of the runtime, the foundation is not good enough, research for a long time, only to understand some, know a probably, here to make a note. OC is a runtime language that determines the type of an object only

Technology event, 2016AppCan Mobile developer Conference opens soon

The mobile Internet, a powerful engine driving the global economy, is presses company aims Yangzhou's mobile market, which is not only exciting for bat and mobile software giants, but also a great opportunity for millions of of mobile developers to

PHP Android iOS mutual compatible AES encryption algorithm

App Project user password transmission has been no use of https, considering that the User's privacy is temporarily encrypted with aes, and later can be used for mobile phone and server-side encryption Interaction.PHP free version of the Phpaes

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