Small white Diary passive information collection of 3:kali penetration Test (ii)-dig, Whios, Dnsenum, Fierce

First, DIG There are two options for querying domain name resolution under Linux, Nslookup or dig. Dig (Domain information Groper) is a tool that queries DNS for information such as NS Records, A records, MX records, and so on in Unix-like

A little personal view of JS's call () and apply () two functions

First of all, call () and apply are JS's built-in functionsIt does this by changing the pointer to the "first parameter object" in the call or the Apply function so that it turns to the function that references itCall () usage, call (object,

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Android security recommendations

Original address: security policies built into the Android system can effectively reduce the security problems of the application. So the application created by default already

HTML5 Mobile Development Road (16)--Magical drag and drop function

This paper is the official HTML5 training course for Brother Lian it education organization, mainly introduces: HTML5 Mobile Development Road (16)--Magical drag and drop functionIn the rapid development of smart phones now drag-and-drop

Redis configuration file append only file (AOF) section---data persistence

############################## only Append mode ################################默认情况下Redis会异步的将数据导出到磁盘上. This pattern is sufficient for many applications,#但是如果断电或者redis进程出问题就会导致一段时间内的更新数据丢失 (depending on the configuration

Delphi_xe developing an iOS environment for installation and setup


Http:// U8uamjx9njiicxnfuc2p9ewx3d6xwco-ugs8ghzbnckpychwhlb0-_nu9uxjxllfihk7bdxflb-o_ xue8111098 Join VIP | Personal Center | | Baidu Home

Read and write iOS picture metadata

The picture itself is a variety of image data carrier, including the pixel, color, grayscale and other data information, in addition, also contains the exposure data, date, location, copyright and other metadata (metadata).What is picture

Domestic mobile phone number segment, satellite phone number segment

Mobile number Segment Telecom mobile phone number at the beginning of the number 133, 153, 180, 181, 189, 177, 173, 149 unicom China Unicom mobile phone number at the beginning of the number 130, 131, 132, 155, 156, 145, 185, 186, 176 mobile China

Ios_searchbar Search bar and keyword highlighting

The effect of the search box shows:This is the so-called search box, so let's take a look at how to use the code to implement this feature.The data I use is the Hero League hero List, which is a TXT file for JSON data, and the processing code for

Android App integrates Facebook login and two-time package

1. First register an account on the Facebook developer Portal Backstage Https:// Create an account and get the APP IDFigure AFigure II      MightFigure FourFigure Five3, get the

Skipping ' Android SDK Tools, revision 24.0.2 '; It depends on ' Android SDK platform-tools, revision ' which is not installed.

A few days ago, my colleague asked me how the Eclipse Android SDK could not be updated.The update interface is displayed (MIRRORS.NEUSOFT.EDU.CN:80), but cannot be updated.The problem is described as follows:URL not Found:f:\android\android-sdk\temp\

Android sends broadcasts via ADB shell AM broadcast

Android sends broadcasts via ADB shell AM broadcastThe following parameters for ADB shell AM broadcast are:[-a ][-D ][-t ][-C [-C ] ...][-e|--es ...][--ez ...][-e|--ei ...][-n ][-f ] []For example:ADB shell am broadcast-a

iOS development-nsoperation and GCD differences


After Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS4.0, we introduced a schema that makes all threads run more efficiently and makes parallel processing applications easier to develop, GCD (Grand Central Dispatch), along with run loops, threads (including cocoa and POSIX)

iOS Development multithreading Four: nsoperation multi-Image Download comprehensive case

#import "ViewController.h"#import "XMGAPP.h"@interfaceViewcontroller ()/** Data source for TableView*/@property (nonatomic, strong) Nsarray*apps;/** Memory Cache*/@property (nonatomic, strong) Nsmutabledictionary*images;/** Queue*/@property

Reproduced Android Signature mechanism-a detailed description of the signature process

This article was reproduced from: 87%e7%a8%8b%e8%af%a6%e8%a7%a3/First, prefaceIt's been a long time, not writing the hands of the article is a

The fix MSI file installed on XP was not completed (prompting the installer to be interrupted and failed to install the app.) An issue that requires restarting the setup to retry).

, I made a small program with Visual Studio 2015. Based on. Net 4.0. Use the VS Install extension to package the new install project. Packaged as an. msi file. The installation file still appears in the case where. Net Framework4.0 is already

Need to save data Zabbix, no need to save data Nagios

Need to save data Zabbix, no need to save data NagiosCacti What's good? Web-based Linux system monitoring open source tools (network management systems) require an Ubuntu-like landscape that can record information such as historical CPU values,

Analysis of the symbol of iOS crash stack information

in recent times, programs often crash during iOS development and debugging, and after they're online. Simple crash It's okay to say that complex crashes need to be analyzed by parsing the crash file, parsing the crash file is more common in iOS

Android Gzip/zip Compression


Objective:Have done the Android network development know, in the network transmission we generally will turn on GZIP compression, but out of the nature of inquisitive only know how to open can not satisfy my curiosity, so think to write a demo test

Linux topic one file management (directory structure, create, view, delete, move)

Everything in the Linux system is a file. /become the root directory in Linux, is the root directory of all files. (Touch, mkdir, CP, MV, MV, less, more, head, tail, rmdir)1. Linuxsystem directory structure, relative/absolute path. 2.

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