Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submitted for review)

Link Address: http://blog.csdn.net/mad1989/article/details/8167529Packaged release app process real-computer testing and app publishing process app submission approval process true machine test package publish upload error application failDirectory (

Data storage Nsuserdefault Nskeyedarchiver (archive and reverse archive) in iOS

Application Sandbox:Each iOS app has its own app sandbox (the app sandbox is the file system directory) that is isolated from other file systems. The app must stay in its own sandbox, and other apps won't be able to access it.The root path of the

Go Android Studio 1.3.1 Environment setup

First, IntroductionThe development environment for this set of learning notes is the latest version of 1.3.1 for Windows 10 Pro and Android Studio.Android Studio is an Android development environment based on IntelliJ idea. Similar to Eclipse

Download of the Android SDK offline package (updated August 7, 2014)

Installation actually do not have to one, the package needs to copy to the Sdk/temp directory, and then open the SDK Manager, first update the following table (this should be able to do, but the software may be very slow), and then off the network,

Cocos2d-x the Reference Sqlite3 library problem when porting Android

1. First talk about Cocos2d-x 3.x simple steps to transplant Android(1) Enter your project's proj.android directory and open the ANDROID.MK in the JNI directory (don't forget to back up one first)If you have less engineering documents, you can

Common q&a of the APP Store official Statistics tool

Apple recently released its official Statistics tool in Itunesconnect, which provides data that cannot be counted by the existing Friends ' League statistical platform and its own statistical platform, with its own unique features, especially the

64-bit support processing in WEBP format in iOS development

A few months ago, we added the WEBP format to our project, and during this period we encountered some problems, which is one of the small records.Official: Https://code.google.com/p/webp/downloads/listFor iOS, there's a webp.framework on the

Dark Horse Programmer--ios Learning notes--arrays and sorting

iOS Learning NotesOverview:8_2, changing the symbol of an integer variable8_2, changing the storage space of integer variables8_3, char type data storageBasic concepts and classification of 8_4 and arrays8_5, array elements as function arguments8_5,

Go How to use the. 9.png in Android interface design

Go How to use the. 9.png in Android interface designIn the Android design process, in order to adapt to different phone resolutions, most of the images need to be stretched or compressed, so there is an arbitrary size of the image format ". 9.png".

[The difference between]ios Nsinteger/nsuinteger and int/unsigned int, long/unsigned long

Nsinteger and Nsuinteger are often used in iOS development, and in other languages like C + +, we often use int, unsigned int. We know that iOS can also use the g++ compiler, so what's the connection between them?Such statements are found in the

Apple iOS, with Windows Phone7, System, memory, CPU processing, and background programs running, detailed Microsoft Tombstone mechanism system

about multitasking and memory management for iOSsee a lot of people for their available memory is 350MB or 380MB tangled. In order to optimize a little bit of available memory cost brains. The task management and memory management of iOS is very

iOS development Those things-IOS6 Apple Maps useful to develop

After iOS 6, no longer using Google Maps, but using Apple's own maps, but the API programming interface does not change much. It's a responsible way for developers to develop map applications without having to learn a lot of new stuff. So the same

Android Open Source Library

Android Open Source LibraryTransferred from: http://blog.daimajia.com/android-library-collection/Thanks to the code home collection, very comprehensive.First, compatible class library Actionbarsherlock:action Bar is only supported after Android 3

Xamarin Experience: Developing ios/android apps with C #


Original: Xamarin Experience: Developing ios/android apps with C #Xamarin is a company created by Mono's founder Miguel de Icaza, designed to enable developers to write iOS, Android, Mac applications, or cross-platform mobile development in C #.

Friendly reminder: To develop android5.0 above application, please update all development tools to the latest

Weekend help people to complete a project, android5.0 above version, who knows to be developed tools toss the die. My development environment is the Adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702.zip version and the latest version of Adt-bundle that I can find

Android OpenGL ES (12): three-dimensional coordinate system and coordinate transformation preliminary.

OpenGL ES Graphics Library The final result is the display of a two-dimensional object (often referred to as model) on a planar surface, because the current part of the display can only display two-dimensional graphics. But we have to be able to

When the server returns 401 or 407, the solution to the message body is not available after Android4.0.4

After Android4.0.4, the server returns 401 or 407, the main reason for not getting the message body is an error, the content is:Java.io.IOException:No Authentication Challenges found, and the reason for this exception is that after Android4.0.4, the

Android video to increase the time record (source changes)

Need to do a function, video and playback are displayed when the recording time, reference article links can not find, sorry, here to record, to prevent the next time you cannot find. Another article about the source code recording process, please

Go: Apple Xcode help document reading guide

Always wanted to write such a thing, for a long time I found a lot of beginner's problem is not mastering the method of learning, so, Xcode so good SDK document there, for them also does not have much effect. From the forum, Weibo and other places

Android Log Text

It helps to get started with Android Log .android.util.log Common methods have the following 5 : log.v ()   log.d ()   LOG.I ()   log.w ()   and   log.e ()  . According to the initials VERBOSE , debug , info ,  warn , error . 1,

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