Android Open Local File


Android opens a local file, which is actually very common. And now there's a mobile version of Office. It's even easier to see the whole family of office buckets.The first thing to know is that the Android open local file is opened according to the

Android authoritative Programming Guide-notes (21st. XML drawable)

In the Andorid world, everything to be drawn on the screen can be called drawable, such as abstract graphics, drawable subclasses, bitmap graphics, etc., we used to encapsulate the image of the bitmapdrawable is a kind of drawable.We'll also see

APP Extensions Share Extension

Reprint Please specify source: PrefaceHere is mainly to the app Extension some introduction and detailed to introduce you share Extension, later will add other Extension introduction.2. StartThe app

iOS system hierarchy

This article turns from:, overviewThe system architecture of iOS is divided into four tiers: the core OS layer, the core service layer, the media layer, and the Cocoa touch layer.

"POJ 2942" Knights of the Round Table (dual-component + dye-awarded singular ring)

"POJ 2942" Knights of the Round Table (dual-component + dye-awarded singular ring) Time Limit: 7000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 11661 Accepted: 3824 DescriptionBeing A

33 2017 years must know the Ios/swift Open Source Library third-party library

This article is translated from Medium, the original author is Pawe? Bia?eckiPhoto Copyright: (Unsplash/markus Pe)Hello, IOS developers! My name is Pawe?, I am a standalone IOS developer, and I am the author of Enter Universe.Nearly two years ago I

Tabs on Android (tab)--A fantastic character (COCOS2DX crash)

Today's test found a problem with the game, System mail, assuming the tab, on Android on the open message content will be crash. And they're pretty sure it's the tab question.With my many months of experience (indeed not for many years.)。。 View

The strongest Android Studio uses tips and shortcut keys

Common skills1. Bookmarks (Bookmarks) Description: This is a useful feature that allows you to make a mark (bookmark) Somewhere, so that you can jump back here. Call: Menu→navigate→bookmarks Shortcut keys: Add/Remove

Memory concepts optimized for Android applications

LeadNow the Android smartphone development information change, from the beginning of HTC to Xiaomi Price war to the current high-end market share war, the hardware and software have undergone tremendous changes. The memory on the hardware from the

C language · Tata Pick apples 2

Algorithm to improve Tata Apple 2 time limit: 1.0s memory limit: 256.0MBProblem description There is an apple tree in the yard of Tautau, and N apples will be produced in every fall tree. When Apple matures, Tata will run to pick apples. Tata had a 3

The direction of Android development sensor use? (2011-10-13 20:56:05) reprinted

The use of the sensor in the direction of Android development(2011-10-13 20:56:05)reproduced Tags: android sensor direction Compass talk Category: 3GAndroid Learning Notes The orientation sensor in Android is a good

"Go" file operation details in Android as well as internal storage and external storage

abstract In fact, the operation of the Android file and Java in the PC environment is not two, the reason why need to be explained separately is because the Android system provides different from the PC to access the file system root path of the API,

jquery implements move and sort code up and down

"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> "Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> Insert title here "jBox/jBox/Skins/Blue/jbox.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> -->

ANDROID_ADB Common shell commands and sqlite3 simple additions and deletions

Today I learned a common command of the ADB. Next, you'll simply use several common adb shell commands.First, we need to understand what Adb.exe is.Adb-android Debug Bridge is a tool in the Android SDK that allows you to manage your Android emulator

How to use Universal Mapper

Integration method Please look at the above document, after integration, you can continue to read the document on this page.1. Inherit the genericMapper, you must specify a genericFor example, the following example:MapperUserInfo//Other interfaces

Organize your notes with iOS 10-compatible data

Turn HTTP://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/0CC7AAD638D91.Notification (Notification)Since Notification being introduced, Apple has been updating and optimizing, but these update optimizations are just a scratch, and until now iOS 10 is starting to really make

2005 Amoy Pick Apples

Title DescriptionDescriptionThere is an apple tree in the Tautau's yard, and 10 apples will be produced in every fall tree. When Apple matures, Tata will run to pick apples. Tata had a 30-centimetre-high bench, and when she couldn't pick it up with

23 reasons for the APP store review denied

Original addressIOS app submission review to last for a week or more, before submitting, we must conduct a "self-censorship" to avoid rejection. ASO100 collected 23 reasons for the 2015-year app Store audit rejection, and attached the official

Android this Handler class should is static or leaks might occur

If you define an internal handler class in activity, the following code:public class Mainactivity extends Activity { private Handler Mhandler = Newhandler () { @Override public void Handlemessage (Message msg) { //todo

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (11) System framework

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (11) System frameworkReference book: "Effective Objective-c 2.0", "English" Matt GallowaySneak Peek47. Familiar with the system framework48. Multi-use block enumeration, less use for loop49. Use

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