Android Wi-Fi peer-to-peer (Android WiFi peer-to-peer network)

Wi-Fi peer-to-peer (peer-to peers), which agrees with the corresponding hardware of the Android 4.0 (API level 14) or a higher version of the device can directly communicate via WiFi without the need for other intermediate transit nodes (Android

"WEBRTC Audio preprocessing unit APM's overall compilation and use-Android"


ObjectiveBefore writing the article "separate compilation using WEBRTC audio processing module-Android", I have been trying to compile the WEBRTC audio processing engine Voe the whole to use for his project, but limited to the poor technology, time

Android Common face question

These interviews were summed up before me. Feel good, just paste it out to share with you. There are many problems. Also I have been asked by the interviewer before the question, and some other basic issues (since the basic knowledge, must be an

OpenCV on Android Environment Configuration latest & most comprehensive guide (eclipse article)

Brief introductionThis tutorial is after I have trampled the pit many times, and refer to the online many OpenCV on Android configuration tutorial summed up, hoping to help learn mobile image processing friends less detours.This is my first time in

EMC, pure and NetApp push new products, where are NAS flash scenarios

hardy Architect Technical Alliance The all FLASH/SSD storage trend is unstoppable, as is the case with NAS services in the future, with a number of startups supporting all-SSD NAS storage services, including EMC Isilion, all-flash nodes.High IOPS

Everything you should know when using Android studio for the first time (ii): Create a new project of your own and install the Genymotion simulator

StatementWelcome reprint, but please keep the original source of the article →_→Life One number: Source: you should know when using Android studio

Android Development-New thread crashes

has been not satisfied with the car can not realize the screen saver, recently found by setting the brightness to achieve, gu initiation of their own program to realize the idea, then modify the original practiced hand app. After all, the past 1

Dapper Getting Started Tutorial (ii)--Executing non-query statements

DescribeYou can call Dapper's extension method "Execute" from any class object that implements IDbConnection. It can execute a command one or more times and return the number of rows affected. This method is typically used to perform:

Android Error: (1, 0) Gradle version 2.2 is required. Current version is 3.4.1.

We didn't have a problem with creating a new project when we were using Android studio, but we couldn't use it when we downloaded a project on GitHub, mainly because of the gradle configuration problem. And because gradle this gadget version is

Learn about JNI in Android (four) simple sample, warm and new

After the 0th article simply introduces the pattern of JNI programming. In the next two or three articles, we have made some simple introductions to some of the concepts in JNI, and I do not know what I have said clearly. But I believe very many

iOS development tips-using and customizing switch controls (Uiswitch)

1. Initialize the load to the view interface(Swift)Import UIKitclass Viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller { // 1. Create a property of type Uiswitch var mainswitch:uiswitch! override//0)) View.addsubview (Mainswitch)}}

My secret to efficient programming-the importance of the development environment (IOS)

I think a good development environment, can make a developer's productivity more than twice times, also can make a small white look not so stupid;Development environment is not just to install a Xcode this IDE is OK, in my opinion, the deployment of

Android--handler usage: Updating the interface in a sub-thread

This article mainly introduces the use of Android handler. Handler can send messsage and runnable objects to the message queue of the thread associated with them.Each handler object is associated with a line threads that creates it. And each handler

Crawler--scrapy Frame case one: mobile app grab Bag

For example, take the information on the live stream of the Betta fish:URL Address: fields: Room ID, room name, image link, picture path stored locally, nickname, online number,

Android Instance-Exit program

Android Instance-Exit program Http:// UnitUnit1;Interfaceusessystem.sysutils, System.types, System.uitypes, system.classes, System.variants, FMX. Types, FMX. Controls, FMX. Forms, FMX. Graphics, FMX. Dialogs, FMX.

The evolution and optimization of Ctrip's mobile terminal architecture

Since 2013, we have carried out different paths of diversity architecture exploration, in the course of practice also experienced a variety of twists and pressures, and finally achieved 2015 years of this new architecture, the wireless server based

IOS 5 Programming Memory Management Arc Technology Overview

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is a compile-time technology that simplifies the memory management of OBJECTIVE-C programming with this technique.Here I translate this technique into automatic memory counter management technology, which is the

Deep understanding of the five Tomcat series: Context Containers and wrapper containers

ObjectiveThe context container is a representative of a Web project that primarily manages the servlet instances, where the servlet instances appear as wrapper. Now the question is how can we find the detailed servlet through the context container?

A workaround for Mac Android studio to share (Subversion) once it has been disassociate from SVN

Android Studio put the project share to SVN above, but accidentally forgot ignore files settings, the result is no way, the SVN deleted and then share again, first contact with the local Code and SVN Association, two methods, (1) Android Suti o The

Android 0 Basics Section 16th: Android User Interface Development overview

Believe that through the previous 15 period of learning, the Android development environment has been basically mastered, if there is still a problem, welcome to the Android 0 basic introductory Technology Discussion group communication, from the

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