Android App--Define your own control ToggleButton

We often see a lot of great apps with some very beautiful controls, and the user experience is great. For example, ToggleButton is a very good example, the iOS system below the exquisite ToggleButton now can be implemented under Android, but also

Android SQLite database operation

SQLite is a little different from other common database, that is, the SQLite database is stored in a file, you can directly export the file from the phone, as a file, and then put on the computer to view.The Android operations database has the

Javascript:apply, call method

I saw in the beginning of the JavaScript function apply and call, very vague, see also do not understand, recently saw some articles on the Web on the Apply method and some examples of call, finally is a bit of a look, here I do the following notes,

Windows Server AppFabric Distributed Cache Research

Share a previous technical study of the Windows Server AppFabric distributed cache.I. AppFabric technology architecture and principlesAppFabric is similar to memcached, using the C/S mode, the server side to start the service process, at startup can

Android-volley Network communication Framework (Stringrequest & Jsonobjectrequest)

1. RecallIn the last chapter, the volley is introduced and the purpose and goal of learning it, and finally, some preparation for learning volley2. FocusEstablishment of 2.1 Requestqueue request queue2.2 Learn stringrequest and

"Golden Sun Test" based on the core technology of control---Android self-initiated series (2)---May 2013

The first share of the next Android self-initiative some of the profiles and some of their own proactive framework status and technology can solve what kind of problems.This lesson went deep into the Android world. Swim, soar. Gain insight into your

Docker Storage Driver Device Mapper Introduction

Device Mapper is a kernel-based framework that enhances many advanced volume management technologies on Linux. Docker's Devicemapper Drive leverages the framework's hyper-provisioning and snapshot capabilities for mirroring and container management.

ios resolves the first page when the control is returned via LoadData or loadhtml.

Issue: WebView after loading to the first page via LoadData or Loadhtml method, after jumping to the other webview, click the Back button of the navigation bar because WebView The CanGoBack for no causes us to return the first Web page we came in as

iOS development--Ramble on memory management (i.)

1. MRC and ArcApple provides two memory management mechanisms: One is the MRC (manual reference count), the manual reference count, and the other is arc (auto reference count). That is, the active reference count itself.Manual reference counting, as

Android drop-down Shortcut Settings panel add shortcut switch flow

Quickly set the loading process of the quick switch on the panel, including the process of loading and clicking events such as icons, and the main process of creating a shortcut switch (to add a lock screen switch for example). The Android version

Android:layout_margin the real meaning and the definition of the composite Control layout () run Invalid problem resolution

First, about Layout_marginAndroid time is not too short. To Layout_margin is not unfamiliar, but recently encountered a problem let me find that it is not enough to understand the depth of comprehensive. A large amount of network data says that

View the system's I/O using the Iostat command while using Iotop to sort through I/O statistics and trace to a detailed process

When I see the CPU time of I/O waiting time is very high, the first thing to check is whether the machine is using a lot of swap space, because the speed of hard disk operation is much lower than RAM. So when the system is running out of memory,

From "Eggplant Quick biography" See how the app gets the apk file for the phone's installed program

"Eggplant Fast Biography" is a close-range file sharing software developed by Lenovo. It passes files between different phones via wifi-direct (fast, no networking) or normal network (slow).I don't know why. It was on fire, and the fire was swift.

Windows installation Android Development environment Eclipse+sdk+adt

Preparation conditionsOperating system: Win7 64-bitRequired resources: JDK, Eclipse, SDK, ADTStep Introduction:First step: Download and install the latest version of the JDKStep two: Download and install eclipseStep three: Download the installation

Android image download and caching framework

Framework for image download and caching in real-world developmentIntroduce the use of common picture loading frameworks in development and compare the pros and cons.1. Picasso FrameDevelopment in Android, often need to get pictures from the remote

Hard paving and soft wall: A new way for Samsung to move in China

Although has been to China more than 60 times, but Gaodong really mandarin is not very "authentic".But when the Samsung mobile Helm spit out the words "Samsung never gave up the Chinese market", the media in attendance almost read a fortitude on his

A ramble on iOS crash collection framework

A ramble on iOS crash collection frameworkIn order to be able to discover the program problem in the first time, the application needs to implement its own crash log collection service, many mature open source projects, such as

Android App Resources

Java has just started to learn people directly in the Java source code using "hello" and 123 types of strings and Integers. But long time will forget the reason of the original definition, experienced may define the string constant

is app development difficult? Australia's 10-year-old has developed 5 mobile apps

Some people say that app development is difficult, is it really difficult to develop apps? the youngest attendees of the Apple Global developer conference this year (WWDC 2017) came from melbourne, australia, 10-year-old Yuma soerianto, who has

Uiviewcontroller life cycle and iOS program execution sequence

When a view controller is created and displayed on the Screen. Order of execution of code1, alloc Create objects, allocate space2. Init (initwithnibname) initializes the object, initializes the data3, Loadview from the nib load view, Usually this

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