What's the call, apply, bind in JavaScript?

In JS, these three are used to change the function of the this object to the point, they have what kind of difference.Before we tell the difference, we should summarize the similarities of the three:1, are used to change the function of the this

Deep learning enables your to Hide screens when Your Boss is approaching

https://github.com/Hironsan/BossSensor/Background Introduction student age, the teacher stood outside the window of the shadow lingering. We are playing mobile phones, reading comics, reading novels, always looking for a deskmate to help see whether

iOS uses its own font definition

1. Add the appropriate font (. ttf or. odf) to the resurce of project, such as My.ttf.2. In Info.plist, add a Fonts provided by application (item0 corresponding value My.ttf, adding multiple fonts in turn to be able to).3. When using

A shallow analysis of the iphone's PT, Android DP, HTML css pixels and DPR, design dimensions, and physical pixels

Recently asked by a friend: CSS set a DOM height:65px, is the height of the display and Android 65DP elements such as high? The brain flashed a bunch of concepts, such as DPR,PPI,DP,PT, but thought for a while, paste, so re-combed the relevant

How do I wake up with an app before exiting the app?

Shimen the main contribution, respect the work of the author, please do not reprint.If the article is helpful to you, you are welcome to donate to the author, support the Shimen, donate any amount, ^_^I want to donate: Click DonateCocos2d-x source

Android transparency percentage corresponds to hexadecimal

Android transparency percentage corresponding to the hexadecimal first put the results here, convenient for everyone to query, but also convenient for themselves, the UI too like to use a percentage of the =.=!Percent of transparency corresponds to 1

"Turn" enables network virtualization of AIX systems via the Vios

In our previous blog post, we have successfully installed an AIX system in a newly created lpar through file-backed device and vmlibrary, and then we discuss how to complete the network functionality of the newly installed AIX system with the help

Android Custom Arc Tick Selector

The ARC scale selector implemented by custom view is implemented during Android development with the following effect.Demo effectOne, measurement:First, in the Onmeasure method, the width, center, and radius of the current view are obtained by

How to call the local Android app via HTML page

How do you use HTML Web pages and local apps to pass data? After study. Found there are methods, summed up a bit, roughly a few ways First, open the Android local app via HTML page1. First, write a simple HTML pageHTML> Head> Metahttp-

Android Http Post File upload-----RFC1867 protocol


RFC1867 Protocol IntroductionThe RFC1867 protocol mainly adds the file attribute to the input tag on the basis of the HTTP protocol. At the same time, the method that defines the form must be POST, and the enctype must be multipart/form-data. Other

After Ajax gets the data, append appends to the table and there is a malformed error

After Ajax gets the data append append to the table the appended data is different from the table style error:$ ("#courierTable"). Append (" class= ' tab-content '") $ ("#courierTable") . Append (" class= ' tab-content '") $ ("#courierTable").

Several ways Android uses Alpha to achieve gradient effects

Principle: The gradient effect is achieved by changing the alpha value of the control transparencyMethod One: Using XMLStep one: First, we want to create an. xml file in the Anim folder under the Res folder (here I created Alpha.xml)Set start

Jpush How to use httpclient to push messages to your phone

Have a nice smile"1. Push me again, force me to pretend to be dead to you."2. I will not tell you that you have not made the beauty count.3. The handsome has a P use, not to be eaten by pawn.4. Don't worry, I'm not a good person.5. If you can't

. NET Language app development platform--smobiler Learning log: How to set the title of the page

1. Modify the TitleText properties of mobile formInput need to display the title, 1;2. Modify the TitleStyle property of mobile formThis includes the Image property (form icon), the BackColor Property (window title bar background color), the

Makfile in Android

What is makefile? Maybe a lot of WINODWS programmers don't know this stuff, because those Windows Ides do the work for you, but I think it's a good Android bottom-up programmer.Makefile still have to understand.Especially under the UNIX software

Android Camera Development (four): The preview interface is lit in the dark, just take a picture of the rectangular region (with full source code)

Zajia previously wrote a demo about just taking pictures of specific areas. It's just a little more humble. In the coordinates of the conversion is not very rigorous, and did not complete the preview interface around the effect of the dark, deeply

Android Database code optimization (2)-From SQLite

Speaking from SQLiteWithout the foundation of SQLite, we just learn from the SQLite API of the Android package, which inevitably limits our thinking. So, we still need to honestly learn sqlite from the beginning.When we have a sqlite martial arts,

Notepad for Android Projects-----View images and play recordings

This article is my own study notes, welcome reprint. But please specify the source:http://blog.csdn.net/jesson20121020 Today, you can view the image and the recording function, click on the image when editing or browsing the notes. Open a

Nginx configuration HTTPS and Android client access to self-signed certificate

The previous essay generated KeyStore and configured HTTPS for Tomcat through Keytool, this essay records how to configure HTTPS for Nginx. If the NGINX is configured with HTTPS, then Tomcat will not need to configure HTTPS anymore.Generate a

"ios Development objective-c" Bookmark Manager Project

1. ProjectCreate a new Bookmark Manager project that can store bookmarked urls, Chinese names, stars, visits, and permission Information. Has the function of adding, deleting, changing, checking and sorting.2. Find objects, Abstract classesBookmark

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