A very good mobile game Deemo

Today I recommend a very good mobile music game "Deemo"Deemo is a music mobile game released by Rayark Inc., a game of the November 13, 2013 release, a piano rhythm game.Deemo is different from the general music game, while you enjoy the music, you

The related discussion about Dapper.net

When you are young, why not fight for your dreams once? Even if badly beaten, also do not regret to have that young frivolous. Feeling a lot, recently things also a lot, blog also rarely updated, after all, everyone needs to work for their own lives.

Android various ways to get code call stacks [complement]

Print call stack Needless to say, basically every developer will use, discuss a few methods, previously said, http://blog.csdn.net/freshui/article/details/9456889 again simple tidy up, wordy on the long-winded:)Basically divided into two categories,

Android MVP mode for component and business logic separation

1,activity code Show, just a few 3 lines of important code to complete any complex logic/*** Login Interface** @author Lipanquan*/public class Loginactivity extends Mvpbaseactivity {@Overrideprotected void Settitle () {GETAOP (). Settitle


Vue's author announced---Stop updating the vue-resource after the release of vue2.0, it is recommended to use AxiosI used it a while ago, and now I'm talking about its basic usage.I. Preparation phase----If you're just a front end that doesn't write

Android dynamic mode hack apk Prelude (Eclipse dynamic Debug Smail source)

First, prefaceToday we start apk hack another way: Dynamic code debugging hack, before actually in an article on how to crack apk:Android use static way to hack apk is mainly used in static mode, the steps are very simple, first use Apktool to

China Unicom SMS Communication CP Interface Specification


Objective in order to guide CP users to develop communication interface with Shandong Unicom text message Platform docking, this specification is specially formulated. This specification stipulates the application layer interface protocol between CP

[Big Data-zookeeper] ZOOKEEPER:A distributed coordination Service for distributed applications

ZooKeeper ZOOKEEPER:A distributed coordination Service for distributed applications Design goals Data model and the hierarchical namespace Nodes and Ephemeral Nodes Conditional Updates and Watches

App icons and boot images

Various icon sizesIcons for iphone-only applicationsIphone-only applications use the following icons. Items marked with 'Required' must be included.Note: You should include images for the ipad-specific icons even if the application app are not a

Practical sharing 2017 latest release IoD app listing process

year 2 months on the shelves of an app, so upload the app to share the process to everyone, learn from each other, the previous days in the foreign forum found a shelves of auxiliary tools, The back is also shared to everyone. You have all the files

iOS basic knowledge attributes and attribute keywords

iOS Attributes and attribute keywordsFirst, the property function:1. Generate a pair of setter/getter methods for existing member variables.2. If no member variable is declared, a private variable of the property name is automatically declared (the

Android Studio's high-de map for positioning and 3D map display

In the application development, map development is often needed to use the "component", the domestic more famous is Baidu map and the German map.This blog is about the German map to achieve positioning and 3D map display, and labeling the

When moving a folder, do not move the system folder directly, you should copy or move the contents of the system folder directly

Lesson: Directly to the system's download folder moved to the mobile hard disk, the results found that the mobile success, the computer in the download folder is still a file,At that time did not think, a thought, may be oneself make copy, so handy

Ios-runtime Knowledge Point Finishing

Runtime IntroductionBecause OBJC is a dynamic language, it always tries to postpone some of the decision work from the compile connection to the runtime. This means that only the compiler is not enough, and a runtime system is required to execute

Android Crawl pit trip is not easy to find bugs

In the Android app development process, in addition to the model adaptation and other issues, often there will be some special bug, these bugs often need special scene circumstances will occur, here are some of the problems encountered in the usual

The use of Android alarm Alarmmanager

Alarmmanager Introduction  Alarmmanager This class provides access to the system alarm service.You can set a feature to wake up at some time in the future for your app.When the alarm goes off, the system actually sends out a broadcast that is

[to] apply, call, bind in Javascript

From http://web.jobbole.com/83642/This article is really difficult to write, because there are numerous articles on the Internet. Coincidence is a few days ago to see an article of teacher Ruan: "For me, the blog is a knowledge management tool,

Android code specification and studio configuration Codestyle

Studio configuration Codestyle can help us to detect the code standard, keep everyone's code unified, to see how to configure and use itCode specification, a set of your own companyCode specificationFirst, IntroductionA. PurposeThis article provides

iOS Core notes-network programming-network security

1. Data security:1.01 攻城利器:Charles(公司中一般都使用该工具来抓包,并做网络测试)2.注意:Charles在使用中的乱码问题,可以显示包内容,然后打开info.plist文件,找到java目录下面的VMOptions,在后面添加一项:-Dfile.encoding=UTF-83.02 数据安全的原则4. 1)在网络上"不允许"传输用户隐私数据的"明文"5. 2.)在本地"不允许"保存用户隐私数据的"明文"6.03

iOS Core notes-multi-threaded-atomic/non-atomic properties

1, Atomic properties: 1-1, Nonatomic and Atomic: nonatomic: Non-atomic properties; atomic: Atomic properties; Thread-safe, property modifiers for multithreaded design, are the default values. Ensure that only one thread

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