Call the Android system to take photos with Android-crop crop pictures

In an application to replace the user's avatar, generally have to take pictures and choose photos from the gallery two ways, now there are many open-source online, but many are too complex. And Android-crop This cubby small, the code is not complex,

The HTML to determine whether the phone installs an app, jump or download the app

Sometimes when you do a front-end output, you need to do some docking with your app. When you download an app in your mobile browser, you can tell if the app is installed by that user. If the app is installed, open the app directly, or download the

Java Get phone number attribution

1 Packageorg.lebing.test;2 3;4;5;6;7;8 9 ImportJavax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;Ten

The difference between web-side testing and mobile-side testing

Previous participation in the project has involvedWebEndTestAndMoving-End testing, simpleRecordThe difference between them:1. Record BugsOn the web side can be brought by the system and QQ and other ways to intercept the picture of the bug, for the

"Android system source code scenario analysis" Serial memoirs: The Source of inspiration

Last month, after spending 1.5 hours, I wrote 55 articles, analyzing the implementation of chromium on Android, and the WebView of Android based on chromium implementations. Learned a lot of things, but also very tired, on average less than two

Think dream php-Ali Big Fish mobile phone verification code

When the small partner does the PC website, whether has encountered the registration user needs to use the SMS verification function? Or retrieve the password, and verify the user's information and so on functions! Today, think of PHP for everyone

How to use fiddler for Apple's clutch

1, mobile phones and computers need to access the same network: the same LAN or the same WiFi signal.2, Configuration fiddlerFirst download install Fiddler, after running select menu Tools->fiddler options, open the HTTPS page.Select "Decrpt HTTPS

iOS sets the size of the Uiimageview based on the size of the network picture

Sometimes when you set the size of the Uiimageview, you need to automatically set it according to the uiimage aspect ratio, not to distort the original proportions of the picture.If the picture is obtained from the local, [UIImage imagenamed:@

Android Selecter Background Selector use

Android:drawableThis property is required, by default when the background picture is.Android:state_pressedBoolean value. True refers to the state of the control when the user taps or touches it. Default is FalseAndroid:state_focusedBoolean value.

H5 tank battle "player controls tank movement"

Since 45+11+11 cut down the size of the large three pairs, the online emergence of a variety of divine jokes, one is this: Wei: Hey, man, how have you been recently!  Eyebrows: The other side turned on the friend verification, please add the other

File conflicts caused by Android Google stats

Android Studio joins Google stats1.Buildscript {repositories {jcenter ()} dependencies {Classpath''Classpath'com.neenbedankt.gradle.plugins:android-apt:1.8'Classpath''

Atitit. Crack intercept Bypass website mobile SMS Verification Code Way V2 Attilax Summary

Atitit. Crack intercept Bypass website mobile SMS Verification Code Way V2 Attilax Summary1. Verification Code of past life 11.1. First generation verification Code image Verification Code 11.2. Second-generation Verification code user operation,

Tween Animation----Translate position move animation

Layout:Create a new Anim folder under Res/to save the animated XML fileCreate a new Translate fileCode:XML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>Setxmlns:android= "Http://"> Translateandroid:duration=

A singleton in iOS

How the singleton pattern is defined may not be exactly the same in different languages and in different books, but the general situation should be that there is only one instance of a class, and that it is provided to the system as a

PC phone-side Weibo comment code

Untitled document                           PC Mobile Comment code

Android Basics Summary (iii)

Test Black box test Testing the logic Business White box test Test logic methods According to the test grain size Method Test: Function test Unit Tested: Unit test

Different approaches for MVCC

Https:// Databases use Different approaches for MVCCRead More by Amit KapilaAuthor:amit kapilaread more by Amit KapilaDatabase Management Systems uses MVCC to avoid the

It's time to get to know ANDROID7: Notification Direct reply

This article has authorized the public number: Yang (hongyangandroid) in the public platform original debut. This is series of the third article, the previous two articles respectively introduced the Multi-window mode and shortcut function,

(original) The Apply function of torch

Reprint please specify the source:Http:// Apply function in torch passes through each module of the model. In fact, it uses a depth-first algorithm.The specific code is shown below (see

Android Advanced-Multithreading series of Thread, Runnable, callable, future, Futuretask

Thread, Runnable, callable, future, Futuretask of multithreaded seriesPrefaceMulti-Threading has always been a beginner's most contradictory thing, if you want to advanced, that must go through this difficulty, especially in multi-threading thread,

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