Sina Weibo Oauth2.0 authorized authentication and use of SDK and API (Android)

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"Go" Android Studio Series Tutorial six--gradle multi-channel packaging

Original link: of the many channels in the domestic Android market, in order to count the download of each channel and other data statistics, we need to be packaged

"AR" Vuforia App key is missing. Please get a valid key

When running Vuforia's sample Android app, reported the following error, find a half-day to find a solution:"Vuforia App key is missing. Please get a valid key, by logging to your account at and creating a new project "Vuforia 4

Use of the iOS development database SQLite

The iOS system comes with Core Data persistence, and Core Data can use a graphical interface to create objects, but Core Data not relational databases, and is Core Data better at managing data persisted on devices created by user-created objects.

Talk about run-time permissions for Android 6.0

Permission fits Cotton Candy Runtime permissions Grouping of permissions Normal permissions Normal Permissions List Special Permissions Dangerous permissions Request System_alert_window Request

Android Wear development-Data Communication-section III: Event handling

Http:// following are my notes when I study the official development documents, mainly translation, and in the middle will insert some of their own summary and research, hoping to

iOS data storage

"Reference" Http:// it comes to data storage, it is first clear to distinguish between two concepts, data structures and storage methods. The so-called data structure is the existence of the form. In

Li Hongqiang iOS Development oc[018] The relationship between objects and methods

//Main.m- the relationship between objects and methods//Created by Vic fan on 16/7/14.copyright©2016 year Li Hongqiang . All rights reserved. ///***OC has a method of having a parameter return valuedeclaration with parameter return value

Android-based socket communication

I. INTRODUCTION of SOCKET COMMUNICATIONThere are two main ways of communication between Android and Server, one is HTTP communication, the other is socket communication. The biggest difference between the two is that the HTTP connection uses

Android (thread II) thread pool details

When we need to download resources in the ListView, like regardless of the caching mechanism, then each item may need to open a thread to download resources (if there is no thread pool), if the item is many, then we will be unlimited to create a new

Mobile Image Lazy Loading plugin

LAZYLOADIMG Introduction Lazyloadimg Lightweight mobile-side image Lazy Loading pluginNative JS Development, independent of any frame or librarysupports a wide range of images that are inconsistent in width and height, automatically cut to

Android Learning Note 27 Expandablelistview collapsible list and StackView stack view

Android Learning Note 27 Expandablelistview collapsible list and StackView stack view Expandablelistview collapsible listIn this section we introduce the third control with the adapter, Expandablelistview the collapsible list. This control can

Android event distribution mechanism (detailed)

In Android development, the event distribution mechanism is an important knowledge system of Android, understanding and familiar with the entire distribution mechanism to better analyze the various click-slip failures, better to extend the control

Handler and Runnable in Android

Recently in a project, consider using handler to handle the network request, and then study the handler and runnableFirst, look at the runnable in Java.The Runnable interface should is implemented by any class whose instances is intended to being

iOS navigation bar Navigationbar colors, buttons and captions, and font colors

First, the hierarchical relationship: Leftbarbuttonitem, Rightbarbuttonitem, title are added on the Uinavigationitem, Uinavigationitem added on the Navigationbar, Navigationbar corresponds to the unique navigationcontroller.1. Set the background

"Go" web mobile end some common knowledge

1. Remove the default style of A,input in the mobile browser (translucent gray matte shadow)A,button,input,optgroup,select,textarea { -webkit-tap-highlight-color:rgba (0,0,0,0);/* Remove A, The blue outer border and gray translucent background

Mobile Cloud Computing: the development and utilization of distributed resources in wireless, mobile and social networks

_______________________________Introduction and background of mobile cloud part 1th__________________________________1th Chapter Motive1.1 Introduction1.2 from "cellular" to smartphones1.3 Evolution of Mobile connectivity: from single to multiple

Xposed Hook Technology for Android reverse analysis

The tools commonly used in Android reverse engineering have a xposed in addition to the Dex2jar,jd-gui, Apktool.This tool is a service framework that affects the process of running the APK without modifying it. You can write the module according to

Manage the memory of your app


How to use xmlns in Android controls are often required at work, except for keystrokes and draw, which require some initialization of the control's properties, such as margins, font size, color, and so on.This

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