HTTP Communication in Android

Foreword: Recently in the MU class network to learn the course of the Internet courses in Android HTTP communication, I summed up a bit, which reference a lot of blog, thank you for sharing. The article includes the following:1.HTTP

iOS development graphics draw, draw lines, rectangles, and draw text vertically and centered

OverviewThe graphics drawing under iOS in The Spit slot, the code is lengthy, and has to be re-packaged by itself. Collation forms this article.Draw lines// Draw line + (void) Todrawlinefromx: (cgfloat) x1 Y: (cgfloat) y1 ToX: (cgfloat) x2 ToY:

http-explanation of Application/x-www-form-urlencoded and other character encodings

Transferred from: the syntax of the form element, Enctype indicates that the format for submitting data uses the Enctype property to specify the type of encoding the browser will use when

System backup and recovery using snapper snapshots in CentOS 7

Why use snapper snapshots?We can imagine the following scenarios:1. Scenario One: The system has an unexpected outage, the engineer can not quickly locate the problem, the business was interrupted, the customer is very dissatisfied.2. Scenario two:

"Date operation for iOS class extensions" Nsdate+helpers

Import "Date.h"@implementation NSDate (Helpers)Get Date: 19871127.-(NSString *) getformatyearmonthday{NSString *string = [NSString stringwithformat:@ "%d%02d%02d", [Self getyear],[self getmonth],[self GetDay]];return string;}The date is the week

Huawei OJ Platform--putting apples (Typical integer division problem)

Title Description:Input m,n, respectively, the number of apples and the total number of plates, the number of apples required to output an n plate ( note 511 and 151 is a case ), such as input 7 3 output 8 ((7), (6,1), (5,2), (4,3), (5,1,1), (4,2,1)

Python:extend (extension) and append (append) between the days and the ground

1>>> Li = ['a','b','C']2>>> Li.extend (['D','e','F']) 3>>>Li4['a','b','C','D','e','F']5>>>Len (LI)667>>> li[-1]8 'F'9>>> Li = ['a','b','C']Ten>>> Li.append (['D','e','F']) One>>>Li A['a','b','C', ['D','e','F']] ->>>Len (LI) -4 the>>> li[-1]

Summary of Undefined symbols for architecture XXX issues when iOS build

Simply put, Undefined symbols is basically equivalent to Java classnotfoundexception, the most common reasons for this are:Build without the frameworkFor example, there's a piece of code I used OpenGL to introduce a header file#import Build, compile

Android Development Common Tool class

Mainly introduced in the summary of Android development commonly used tool classes, most of the same applies to Java.Currently includes Httputils, Downloadmanagerpro, Safe.ijiami, Shellutils, Packageutils, Preferencesutils, JSONUtils, FileUtils,

Android get control wide height and screen width height

First, get the screen height 1, the Android interface simple introductionTo get a high screen width, we can start with the Android interface to understandAndroid interface mainly consists of three parts:1, status bar 2, title bar 3, content area\(1)

Parsing the Apply and call and bind in JavaScript

Function Call methodBefore I talk about the three brothers of apply, call, and bind in JavaScript, I want to start by saying what the function calls: As a function As a method As a constructor function Indirectly through their

System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast COM object of type "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass" to interface type " ".

Error: System.InvalidCastException: Could not cast COM object of type "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass" to interface type " ". This operation failed because of a COM component call to an

IOS Unit Test-Xcode 7 test Tool Xctest Learning

1. Unit Test Introduction 1.1, Unit testing: Unit TestThe word test is easy to understand, so what is a unit?A unit refers to the smallest unit that can be tested in an application.A set of source code can be tested, generally require a clear input

Android Product Development (11)-in-app jump scheme protocol

Reprint please indicate the source: a column of Maple Leaf In the previous article we explained the actual development of Android app, try not to save data in static variables, global variables, because the app process may be unsafe, in some

Visibility properties in Android the difference between visible, INVISIBLE, gone

In Android development, most of the controls have the visibility attribute, with 3 properties of "visible", "invisible", and "Gone" respectively. Used primarily to set the display and hiding of control controls. Some people may wonder what is the

Call () function, apply () function difference and meaning

The meaning of using the Apply function or the call function:In the face of object programming, when a object calls other objects instead of the A object method, all of the this references in the method point to the object in which the method

Horse go to school Android development online video tutorial complete

Learn the complete collection of Android development video tutorials nowHorse to school Android development [learn Android now] Android Development Video Tutorial 001 AndroiHorse to school Android development [learn Android now] Android Development

IOS macros define a single case

Sometimes it is because of the frequent creation of a singleton object and headache, one way to write many times? Of course you can use the OC language for encapsulation. However, the following describes a package in C language. As long as the

Android Source Adapter Mode---activity class structure

In fact, the adapter mode in the Android source code is very much, and from the overall source angle to see the structure of activity is an adapter mode. Looking at activity from this perspective, there is a deeper understanding of activity and the

The difference between using thread threads in Android and Asynctask asynchronous tasks

Recently with a few friends on the Android development in the network download problem, talking about using thread to open the download thread when the bug, in fact, the direct use of sub-thread to open the download task is indeed very low practice,

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