Deep copy and shallow copy of IOS collection

ConceptThere are two ways to copy objects: Shallow copy and deep copy. As the name implies, shallow copy, not copy the object itself, just copy the pointer to the object; Deep copy copies the entire object memory directly into another memory.A

iOS no sister project-Package status bar indicator (UIWindow implementation)

I. Header file1 #import2 3 @interfaceChaosstatusbarhud:nsobject4 /** Show Success Information*/5+ (void) Showsuccess: (NSString *) str;6 /** Display failure Information*/7+ (void) ShowError: (NSString *) str;8 /** Displays the information being

Android Custom View advanced-Path end of chapter (pseudo)

End of Path (pseudo) Author Micro-blog: @GcsSloop "related articles in this series"Have experienced the basic operation of path and the path of the Bezier curve, this chapter finally into the end of path, this article after the completion of the

Java/android Design Patterns Learning notes (4)---abstract Factory mode

Introduce the abstract Factory mode (abstact Factory pattern), is also one of the creation mode, the previous blog mainly introduces the factory method mode. The abstract factory pattern differs slightly from the factory method pattern. Factory

IOS App Listing process

As an IOS development engineer, APP shelves are a must-have skill. Reference: Http:// &plg_usr=1&plg_vkey=1&plg_nld=1&plg_uin=1&plg_nld=1&plg_auth=1&plg_usr=1&plg_

Android and Swift iOS development: Language vs. frame comparison

Swift is now the language of Apple's main push, and the new language in 2014 is 10 years younger than "new" languages like Scala. 2015 autumn has been open source. Currently available on Linux, the Android NDK has recently been supported, and there

Android Network Framework Retrofit2.0 Introduction, use, and encapsulation

PrefaceToday, Android's network framework is no longer as ubiquitous as it was before, and as Google httpclient it out, it seems to mean Android is getting more mature. The best volley in the network framework are no longer so glamorous, instead of

Go The difference between the get and post requests for IOS HTTP requests

From the surface of the meaning of the Get and post the difference get is to get data, post is to send data. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, both can be, in the iOS send request to the server can take parameters.So how did these misconceptions

Try to set view as Opaque,ios development tips

Transferred from: devices have some limitations and developers can only strive to keep them perfect. Each stage of the development of iOS and encountered a lot of problems, developers and experts are also

Android--surfaceview use of the detailed

Surfaceview is the inheritance class for view, which has a built-in surface for drawing. You can control the format and size of this surface. Surfaceview controls where this surface is drawn.Surface is a deep sort (z-ordered), which indicates that

Android Development Practice Data storage

All applications must have data input and output, Android is the same, Android application parameter settings, running state data these need to be saved to external storage, to ensure that the data is not lost after shutdown, the following are

"42" Android Context depth anatomy

Differences between Android programs and Java programsAndroid program does not like Java programs, casually create a class, write a main () method can run, but to have a complete Android engineering environment, in this environment, we have like

Android file apk download Variable zip archive package Solution

[Email protected] conf]# Pwd/alidata/server/nginx/conf[[email protected] conf]# vi mime.types application/ apk; #增加加这一条Approximate location: Application/x-redhat-package-manager rpm; Application/x-sea

Android Performance optimization

This chapter describes performance-related processing in advanced Android development. Mainly includes power, view, memory three performance aspects of knowledge points.1. View performance (1) overdraw IntroductionOverdraw is over-drawn, refers to a

About Android and iOS personal not (Chún) spit (cuì) not (tù) fast (cáo) view

This is a long time I want to say the topic, this is a topic I do not vomit, first confessed I was doing Android development, although recently there are things in the whole iOS, but after all, not as familiar as Android, of course, this is mainly

iOS app crash log analysis

1. What is a crash log and where can I get it ?When an app on an iOS device flashes, the operating system generates a crash report, also known as a crash log, to be on the device.There is a lot of useful information on the crash log, including the

Basic view of iOS development--uipickerview

Uipickerview components like HTML are all Select component effects, providing data for user selection. Data can be provided through the plist file. Uipickerview is a selector control that can generate a single-column selector, or a multicolumn

The SQLite database of Android based 14 data storage is detailed

the SQLite database of Android based 14 data storage is detailed SQLite is a lightweight relational database that works very fast, takes up less resources, and typically requires only hundreds of K of memory, making it ideal for use on mobile

Android Path and Pathmeasure advanced

1 OverviewIn the previous path and text, explained the basic use of path, here to explain some of the things not mentioned in the previous article.2 PathThe path-related methods are explained here, followed by pathmeasure, and examples(1)

Android Official Development Document Training Series: Environment configuration of OpenGL drawing

Original address: Android framework layer provides a number of standard tools for creating beautiful, functional UIs. However, if you want to control the drawing of the

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