Two ways to transfer objects in Android (serializable,parcelable)

I believe that everyone in the process of Android development will always encounter in the middle of the activity to pass data, of course, encountered the need to pass the object in the intent of the situation is also unavoidable, so I took a bit of

How data is stored in iOS

Plist (Nsarry\nsdictionary) Preference (Preference Settings \nsuserdefaults Nscoding (Nskeyedarchiver\nskeyedunarchiver) SQLite3 Core Data SQLite3 What is SQLiteSQLite is a lightweight, embedded databaseIt occupies very

Mobile Report JS Development Example-Get location

The last time I shared the Mobile Report JS development system concept, and then I went back to explore a number of cases. Previously contacted by the Finereport app client can be used to punch in the check-in, Curiosity studied the following, this

ANDROID.MK File Syntax Guide

1 PrefaceThis document describes the syntax structure of the compiled file for programs written in C and C + + when compiling with the Android NDK. For the sake of understanding the following, assume that you have read the previous

ios-to determine if URLs are available, and to determine if URLs are correct

Idea: Pass in a request URL, make a network request, if return failure information indicates this URL is not available1. First, the first step is to determine whether the incoming string conforms to the syntax rules of the HTTP path, that is, "https:

Mobile platform definition of META tags

HTML5/CSS3Mobile platform definition of META tags08/31/2012 YUN1297 Post reply Here are some examples and explanations of the markings.One, the META tag is divided into two parts: HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description

Android N Development Everything you need to know

Reprint Please specify source:, prefaceIf you have good English advice to visit the official website, the bottom of the official website also has the translation language

iOS development call system call to send SMS interface and text message within the program

At the beginning of this blog, let's talk about the reasons for writing a blog. At present, to do a small project, to use in the application to send a verification code to other users, how in the application sent the details of the text message is

iphone Development: Objective C Code Specification-ios Summary version

one, about the empty lineEmpty lines in the A:.h1. Empty 1 lines between file description and header file inclusions (#import)2, header file inclusion (#import), if you need to classify the difference between categories, empty 1 lines3, header file

2016-06-06 Android Activity

1.Activity lable refers to the activity's name, if the activity also specifies: The following intentfilter, then the interface will be created in the desktop shortcut, the shortcut name is the activity of the

[Python crawler] Selenium crawling Sina Weibo hot topics and comments (next)

This article focuses on hot topics and comments about using Python+selenium to crawl Sina Weibo. The disadvantage of using this crawler is very low efficiency, fool-like crawler, can not be executed in parallel, but its advantage is the analysis of

IOS Online Process

Today, say on-line, I hope the online process is not familiar with the small partners to provide some help. If you do not understand the place, you can private messages I oh! On-line process we can be divided into three parts:

iOS View Controller Programming Guide---rendering a view controller

There are two ways to implement a view controller to the screen: embed it in a container view controller or directly render it. The container view Controller provides a primary navigation function for an application, but the present view controller

Free Certificate of iOS development + no jailbreak for real machine debugging

 Free Certificate of iOS development + no jailbreak for real machine debuggingTags: delphiios free certificate without jailbreak for real machine debugging2015-09-20 17:50 3286 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:Delphi

Android Chinese api-<merge/> tags

Use tag This tag helps us eliminate redundant view Groups when including a layout, for example, your main layout file is a vertical linearlayout. xmlns:android =

[Leetcode] Moving Average from data stream moving an average from a stream

Given a stream of integers and a window size, calculate the moving average of all integers in the sliding window.For example,MovingAverage m = new MovingAverage (3); (1) = (10) = (1 + 10)/ (3) = (1 + 10 + 3)/ (5) = (10 + 3

Talking about iOS unit test

What is unit testing?unit testing refers to the inspection and validation of the smallest testable unit in the software. For unit testing in the meaning of the unit, in general, according to the actual situation to determine its specific meaning,

iOS Development Network chapter-Send get and POST requests (using Nsurlsession)

Description: 1. This article mainly describes how to use Nsurlsession to send get requests and post requests 2. This article will no longer explain the use of nsurlconnection, if you need to know nsurlconnection how to send a request.

Android view, controls, component concepts

1. The view is actually the Views view group consists of multiple views2. Control common controls include Button,textview,editview,listview, etc., so the controls are inherited from view, which are the subclasses of view3. Component components are

IOS Search Room

2015July:7.30 Packaging static libraries, engineering dependencies (dependent on static engineering)7.31 1>. Uiscrollview in Xib, content is outside the layout of the screen section 2>. OpenGL ES (OpenGL for Embedded Systems) preliminary know

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