SFB public class: Tmg/iisarr/web application proxy/released UC (LYNC/SFB)-2

2015-04-08-No. 04 Stage-deployment-basic-environment-animation (recording problem, resulting in no sound!) )2015-04-08-No. 04 Stage-Deployment-Foundation-environment (PDF)Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIxsiCu Password: l5d31.TMG 2010 release of UC (

A brief analysis of the test questions of Ali client engineers--android application of Flash back (crash) analysis

1. Description of the problemFlash-Back (Crash) is the performance of the client program when it encounters an unhandled exception or error at run time, and gives its own solution from the Crash of the reason for the occurrence of the problem and

iOS Development Note 15: Map coordinates transform those things, block reference loops, uicollectionviewlayout and waterfall streams, layer blending


1. Map coordinate conversion Those things (1) Projected coordinate system and geographic coordinate systemA geographic coordinate system uses three-dimensional spheres to define the position on the Earth, which is the latitude and longitude. However,

Android development of the implementation of the Send mail function (source code sharing)

Android Development may encounter how to send mail trouble, before I also checked the relevant documents, Bo Friends also shared a lot of ways to send mail, a total of 3 kinds of put, I carefully read the next, found that some talk too complicated

iOS Development: App package upload to App Store

First step: Sign in to Apple Developer websiteApple DeveloperStep Two: Enter? Member Center2.1 Click Member Center2.2 Login Developer Account2.3 Entering the Build certificate interfaceStep three: Generate Certificate 3.1 generate certificate 3.1.1

Android Course---final keywords

When final declares properties, methods, and classes in Java, it can be decorated with the keyword final. The final variable is a constant, which can only be assigned once; The final method cannot be overridden by the quilt class; The final class

Salesforce 0 Basic Development Primer Learning (ix) Approval Process Introduction

Before reading this article, you can refer to the operation of the approval process summarized by a predecessor. The following links are for reference:Http://www.cnblogs.com/mingmingruyuedlut/p/3765777.htmlThe Approval process is used for process

Description of Android four common design patterns

Preface :Android development of the design pattern, the basic design ideas from the Java design pattern, Java design pattern has n many, incomplete statistics, so far, the network appears the most frequent about 23 kinds. Java is just a development

IOS ——— How to apply for the Apple Developer account process detailed description (including the application method of the code)

Because the company needs, the previous application of the individual Apple developer account membership has been migrated to the company name (meaning that before our app was uploaded to the app Stroe above the display of personal work, the TV

SPRING in ACTION 4th Note-Chapter Nineth Securing Web Applications-011-to convert sensitive information requests to HTTPS (Requireschannel ())

1. It is safer to turn a request that contains sensitive information into an HTTPS request, but how do I turn all requests to HTTPS only if there is a request for security? can be used Requireschannel ()1 @Override2 protected voidConfigure

iOS summary static variable static, global variable extern, local variable, instance variable

1. Static variable staticsWhat is a static variable: triggered from an object-oriented angle, when a data object is required to serve an entire class rather than an object, and there is a need to not break the encapsulation of the class, it requires

Android Development 60 Technical Experience Summary (turn)

Android Development 60 Technical Experience Summary: 1. All activity can inherit from Baseactivity, it is easy to unify style and deal with public events, build a dialog Unified builder, in case the overall change is needed, a modification is

iOS development--bison detailed payment integration Pinterest

"Recently, because the company project needs to be integrated payment, the document is not very clear, encountered some pits, so record, hope to help people who need." " The previous simple integration did not encounter any pits, here to

[Android] Custom Lite Calendar Control

Let's take a look and see if the big boys want it:Special features are not many, the focus is to explain how to construct a simple calendar, if the project is anxious to use, it is best to find someone else to write a calendar (additional sliding

Getting Started with Android (12) SQLite transaction, upgrade database

Original link: http://www.orlion.ga/610/First, the businessSQLite supports transactions, look at how Android uses transactions: for example, the data in the Book table is already very old, and now ready to discard all the new data, you can first use

Three-level caching strategy for images in Android

First, IntroductionNow the Android application, the inevitable will be used to the picture, if each time the picture is loaded from the network to pull back, so that not only consumes the user's traffic, and the picture loading will be very slow,

Android WiFi Module Analysis

One: what is WiFiWiFi is a wireless connection technology, can be used in mobile phones, computers, PDA and other terminals. The purpose of WiFi technology is to improve the interoperability of wireless network products based on the IEEE802.11

Configuration file (app. Config file)

1. configuration file Overview:The application configuration file is a standard XML file, and XML tags and attributes are case-sensitive. It can be changed as needed, and developers can use the configuration file to change the settings without

"Ios-android development control" app Portal

"Ios-android development control" app Portal[Picture Android vs IOS]Outline The entrance to the ios,android was analyzed, Ios,android Interface Unit Why do we have that life cycle? How to write inheritance and abstract classes,

Android SDK Directory and version number difference

Today, someone asked Tools,build-tools,platform-tools what is the difference, what is it?Now to the SDK directory to do a summary of the elaboration!SDK Directory Add-onsThis contains additional libraries, and third-party companies develop

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