Getting Started with Android and Html+js interaction

Original articles, reproduced please specify Li Zizhou BlogIn Android development, more and more commercial projects are using Android native controls to mix with WebView, not just to show a

iOS uses regular expressions to remove tag elements from HTML for plain text

iOS uses regular expressions to remove tag elements from HTML for plain textcontent是根据网址获得的网页源码字符串 NSRegularExpression *regularExpretion=[NSRegularExpression regularExpressionWithPattern:@"]*>|\n"                                                      

Android Course---phone size-related concepts + size units + about colors

Cell phone Size: The length of the screen diagonal, in inches (2.54cm)The resolution of the phone: the number of pixels the screen can display, generally in the long direction of the number * wide direction of the number to expressCell phone pixel

Workaround for this certificate issuer is not valid after iOS registers a remote push message certificate

Panda Pig • Patty original or translated works. Welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate the source.If you feel that the writing is not good please more advice, if you feel good please support a lot of praise. Thank you! Hopy;) We need to

Understanding the working process of four components from source point of view--android developing art exploration notes

Original link components of the work process/reprint annotated sourceThe system of the four components of the process of a large degree of encapsulation, daily development does not need to understand the

Android Audio Development (2): How to capture a frame of audio

This article focuses on how to capture a single frame of audio data on the Android platform. Before reading this article, it is recommended to read my previous article, "Android Audio Development (1): Fundamentals", because in the audio development

Android Audio Development (3): How to play a frame of audio

This article focuses on how to play a frame of audio data on the Android platform. Before reading this article, it is recommended to read "Android Audio Development (1): Fundamentals", because in the audio development process, often involves these

Android Development environment configuration (take windows as an example)

Android Development Environment Configuration ToolIf you are planning on developing Android, then whether you choose to develop under eclipse or choose to develop under Androidstudio, you can configure the Android development environment by

The use of Android alarm Alarmmanager

Alarmmanager Introduction  Alarmmanager This class provides access to the system alarm service.You can set a feature to wake up at some time in the future for your app.When the alarm goes off, the system actually sends out a broadcast that is

How does Android Studio use SVN for version control?

This two-day study of Android studio finally straightened out the basics of Android studio and associated operations with SVN (so that it can be used in the company's development work); Google will stop updating and supporting ADT plugins at the end

Apple-touch-icon,shortcut the difference between icon and icon (mobile phone station sent to phone desktop icon customization)

Apple-touch-icon can see that this is an icon file similar to the website Favicon, used to create shortcuts on iphone and ipod.This file should be in PNG format, 57x57 pixel size, placed under the site root directory.If the prepared file is not 57x57

Android Threading message passing mechanism--looper,handler,message

Android Threading message passing mechanism--looper,handler,messageBefore introducing these concepts, let's look at the context in which these mechanisms are introduced.For performance optimizations, Android UI operations are not thread-safe (if you

ios-binary, decimal, hexadecimal reciprocal conversions

Binary into decimal 1001 1010 = 1*2^7+0*2^6+0*2^5+1*2^4+1*2^3+0*2^2+1*2^1+0*2^0Binary hexadecimal 0011 1101 1011 = 3dbBinary into octal 1010 1100 = 010 101 100 = 254Decimal into binary2^0 = 1,2^1 = 2, 2^2 = 4,2^3 = 8,2^4 = 16,2^5 = 32,2^6 = 64, 2^7 =

Ways to get directory paths for various files in iOS

The iphone sandbox model has four folders, what is the location of the permanent data store, and what is the simple way to get the path to the emulator.Documents,tmp,app,library.(Nshomedirectory ()),The manually saved files are in the documents file.

Methods and comparisons of traversing arrays in IOS development

Array, as a kind of commonly used data type, frequently appear in the code, which certainly does not have an array of traversal, this blog log group traversal, do their own induction, if it is Daniel, a smile and pass on the good, learn from each

IOS Core Animation Advanced techniques-Transform

On four chapters: Layer Tree Layer's Homestay Map Layer geometry Layer Visual effects This essay mainly describes the layer transformations. Transform: A cgaffinetransform that rotates, places, or

Android Studio Config SVN server

Original address: Install TORTOISESVN, recommend more than 1.8 version, the existing development environment we install TORTOISESVN client is the default installation, missing command

Bug with project adaptation to IOS9

Network request error. Upgrading Xcode 7.0 found network access failed.Output error message#warning: 获取app配置信息失败: The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection.Reason: IOS9

Appcan CTO Zhaoqinghua: Mobile development and monetization in the context of dual creation

In the big explosion of mobile internet, mobile dual-create, technology monetization more and more opportunities, landing is more Convenient. Mobile developers quickly perceive users through code and creativity to create new Value. In the domestic

iOS network development toolset----string operations and time operations

first, How to manipulate the string#pragmaMark-create string-(void) creatstring{// Create character creationNSString *strs =@"This is a string!"; // Create an empty string, give the assignmentNSString *STRK =[[nsstring alloc] init]; STRK=@"This is a

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