"Go" Connection MySQL database (android,php,mysql)

The simplest and most convenient way to manage a MySQL database is the php script.Run the PHP script using the HTTP protocol and the Android system connection.We encode the data in JSON format because both Android and PHP have ready-made JSON

Get the NIC MAC address, hard drive serial number, motherboard serial number, CPU ID, BIOS serial number via WMI

Recently, due to the needs of the project, the need to get the machine's hard drive serial number and MAC address information, under C #, it is easy to obtain this information, but in the C + + program feel more trouble. After Baidu, found that a

AppStore Application Release Process

The original text turns from:Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_68661bd801019uzd.htmlfirst determine whether the account can be published,Https://developer.apple.com/account,If you openProvisioning Portal, and then click Distribution to see the same,

2015 newest Android open source player ranked Cloud view chain in the list

2015 newest Android open source player ranked Cloud view chain in the listMany students asked me which open-source players on Android is better, here I will be the unified line.The 1.Dolphin player (Dolphin player) is an open source audio and video

Android Development Technology Weekly ISSUE#64

Tutorial Androidflux-Asynchronous requests and networksIn mobile development, asynchronous network operations are essential, and this article focuses on how to handle asynchronous operations in the flux pattern and drill down into details such

Apple device Click to download install IPA file a series of things that happen

Because the latest production to support iOS devices, but found that the click. plist file could not be downloaded, prompted to connect to www.xxx.com.The internet has looked up a lot of information that may be the issue of

iOS local push

Push everyone, you know? Do not repeat. This is the local push for iOS. The ash is often simple. Simple to heinous. Of course, it's not all women, and it's hard. is to use the remote server, this will be used APNs, or domestic third-party push the

A detailed description of bind, call, and apply functions in JavaScript

In the other program for our project to introduce JS, I prepared a lot of content, but it does not seem to be very effective, really light or not, it must be hands-on. A few days ago someone asked me about the use of the call () function in the code,

The loading mode of Android activity

---restore content starts---This article from http://www.cnblogs.com/lwbqqyumidi/p/3771542.htmlLaunchmode plays an important role in the process of multiple activity jumps, it can decide whether to generate new activity instances, whether to reuse

iOS Test Basics VII: Common software

iOS test common software listCharleshttp://www.charlesproxy.com website download;Common under MacInterception of network packets, when doing iOS development, in order to debug and server-side network communication protocols, often need to intercept

Ubuntu 12.04 builds a MTK Android development environment

mtk+android Development ($)Ubuntu 12.04 builds MTK 6577 Android development environment1. Download and install the VMware virtual machine;2. Download and install the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO installation package on the virtual machine::

24.Android Paint and canvas simple application learning

In Android, you need to display 2D graphics through the graphics class, which includes common classes such as canvas, paint (brush), color (colors), Bitmap (image), and so on. Graphics have features such as drawing points, lines, colors, 2D

2016-1-1 the latest version of the Linphone-android on the Mac successfully, while establishing the idea project

Although reference to this article "MAC OS compiled Android version Linphone SDK and app", https://www.lidaren.com/archives/1592, but in the actual compilation process still encountered a problem, my machine is MAC OSX 10.11.2. The key issue

Essay: Android handler transfer value change UI

Handler+looper Change the UI of the activityBlog for a period of time, has been trying to write some of their own learning experience and understanding, waiting for a long time no longer need to use the time to come directly to get started. Think

Get Android screen size, control size, status bar/notification bar height, navigation bar height

1. Get the Android screen sizeWe can get the size of the screen through the GetSize () methodnew Point();display.getSize(size);int width = size.x;int height = size.y; 1 2 3 4 5 If not in activity, you cannot use

Use HttpURLConnection in Android to implement get POST JSON data and download pictures

Use HttpURLConnection in Android to implement get POST JSON data and download picturesAndroid6.0 all packages and classes of Apache HTTP client are marked as deprecated no longer recommendedAll http-related data request and commit operations are

Android about urls, phone numbers, regular expressions for mailboxes-most authoritative

Requirements: determine if the URL is legitimateToday when writing a project, you need to be able to identify the function of the url, the first thought is the regular expressionBut the types of Web sites are diverse, the network of various

[android] in Layman's Android app power consumption statistics

Reference to:http://www.cnblogs.com/hyddd/p/4402621.htmlObjectiveIn Android Statistics app power consumption is more troublesome, until Android 4.4, it still does not disclose "battery statistics" API or document ... well, yes, It's not public, It's

The use of design patterns in ANDROID-create-mode

A pattern is a fixed way of solving a problem in a Situation.All of the created patterns are used as a workaround for object creation or Instantiation. 1 simple Factory mode The simplest way to create an object is to use new to create an

Android leverages Okio simplifies processing I/O operations

The Okio library, developed by the Square company, complements Java.io and Java.nio to make it easier and faster to access, store, and process your Data. The base of Okhttp also uses this library as Support. In the development, the use of the

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