ios-Network Practical Technology OC & web crawler-Crawl network data using the Java language

Web crawler-Crawl network data using the Java languagePrerequisites: Familiar with Java syntax (can read on the line) Prep phase: Get HTML code from a Web page Actual combat phase: the corresponding HTML code is parsed in the Java

iOS weather App Code Chinese introduction, iOS code

Weather application Explanation Request parametersQ: Indicates location (can give city name, or direct to city latitude and longitude) example: q=beijingExample q=48.834,2.394 num_of_days: Number of days to forecastExample: num_of_days=2 TP: Weather

Ios_ after importing the libxml2.2 framework, there is no workaround for <libxml/tree.h>

Due to the use of third-party HTML parsing class library Hpple,After importing the frame libxml2.2.dylib,Most of the things that Xcode still can't find ,The final resolution process is as follows:1. Build P hases in Project-targets,Find Link Binary

Android--jpinyin class

Search for Chinese characters-----need to return the letter of each person's name on the server sideThe method of extracting pinyin from Android Chinese characters J, IntroductionProject

Android on single object and some data issues are released

Formal contact with Android we have been developing for some time, and the first version of the project will end soon.When there is a test of its own. Have Android backstage. At the same time, several apps are opened and then cut back to your app.

Use of the Android Studio SVN

An SVN configurationThis article uses the Android Studio version for 1.4 RC3.I chose TortoiseSVN, version 1.8, do not choose version 1.9 (currently the latest version), because if you install the 1.9 version when you configure SVN in studio, you

How does IOS APP fit the size of IPhone 5s/6/6plus three screens?

Original: Http:// iphone for the first generationIn 2007, the first iphone was released and the screen was 480 pixels wide. The following are arranged in the order of width and

An explanation of the iOS certificate--then go

I. Introduction of Members1. Certification (certificate)Certificate is the qualification of computer development certification, each developer account has a set, divided into two kinds:1) Developer Certification (development certificate)Install on

Android Unique identification code

We will use the unique identification code of the device more or less in the course of the project, we hope to get a stable and reliable device unique identification code. Today we will cover several ways.1. device_id assumes that we do need to use

How to implement the IM function in the app five quick implementation picture receive and send--arrow buckle technology Arrownock

How to implement the IM function in the app five quick implementation picture receive and sendSocial app, user chat send or receive pictures, is a very common scene, here to introduce how to use Arrownock's Ansocial photo API and Anim combination,

Android integrated Facebook Sdk,key hashes build step

As shown, when you use the Facebook SDK for login and share, you need to create a new Android platform with key hashes, which can be generated in two ways:Method One:Keytool-exportcert-alias ' nom nom Eat '-keystore nomnom.jks |openssl sha1-binary |

android--Multi-Thread handler

Reproduced, thanks Android messaging mechanism is another form of "event handling," a mechanism designed to solve multi-threaded problems in Android applications, where

Android layout onclick Property notation rules

/** called when the user clicks the Send button */Publicvoid sendMessage(view view){Do something in response to button}In order for the system to match this method to the method name given android:onClick to, the signature must is exactly as shown.

An explanation of the use of Android Expandablelistview

Expandablelistview (extensible ListView)Expandablelistvivew is a sub-class of the ListView, which is extended on the basis of the normal ListView, which divides the list items in the application into groups, each of which can contain multiple list

"Share" Android Studio dedicated file Conversion tool: Save ANSI files in bulk as UTF-8 files without BOM

"Share" Android Studio dedicated file Conversion tool: Save ANSI files in bulk as UTF-8 files without BOMWhen compiling Java files under Andoird Studio, there are often errors like the following:Error: (29, 43) downloading message: Ke policy home

Summary of extensions added in IOS8 (ii)

Share extensions Note: This tutorial is from Http://'s iOS8 by tutorials1. PreparationThis example comes from a foreign image sharing site imgur.comFirst of all, now Imgur register your account, followed by the following

Tomcat started when stuck in "info:deploying Web application Directory"

Today, when Tomcat deploys a Web site on Linux, it prompts for success when it starts Tomcat, and can then access it successfully.However, the second boot, although no error, but unable to access Tomcat, view the Catalina.out log, found that Tomcat

iOS case: Read the list of files in the specified directory

////main.m//read the list of files in the specified directory////Created by Apple on 15/11/24.//copyright©2015 year Apple. All rights reserved.///** Read the list of files in the specified directory*/#importvoidMyquickmethod ();intMainintargcConst

iOS implementation OAuth2.0 Refresh access token and request data operation again

I. A brief overview  OAuth2.0 is the next version of the OAuth protocol and is often used for mobile client development, which is a more secure mechanism. In OAuth 2.0, server will issue a short-term access token and a long-life refresh token. This

cocos2d iOS Tour: How to write a gopher game (ii): HD support in Cocos2d

Panda Pig • Patty original or translated works. Welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate the source.If you feel that the writing is not good please tell me, if you feel good please support a lot of praise. Thank you! Hopy;) Disclaimer:

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