An explanation of the use of Android Expandablelistview

Expandablelistview (extensible ListView)Expandablelistvivew is a sub-class of the ListView, which is extended on the basis of the normal ListView, which divides the list items in the application into groups, each of which can contain multiple list

iOS case: Read the list of files in the specified directory

////main.m//read the list of files in the specified directory////Created by Apple on 15/11/24.//copyright©2015 year Apple. All rights reserved.///** Read the list of files in the specified directory*/#importvoidMyquickmethod ();intMainintargcConst

Codeforces 602B approximating a Constant Range

B. Approximating a Constant RangeWhen Xellos is doing a practice course in university, he once had to measure the intensity of a effect that slowly appro ached equilibrium. A good the determine the equilibrium intensity would be choosing a

Xcode7 package upload to App Store

Article reference from:Http:// the Xcode7, the user is not directly debugging the real machine, you must have

The difference between the getactivity (), Getbroadcast (), GetService () Methods of Android Pendingintent

Pendingintent is a special kind of intent. The main difference is that the execution of the intent is immediate, and the execution of the pendingintent is not immediate. The action performed by Pendingintent is essentially the intent operation that

How does IOS APP fit the size of IPhone 5s/6/6plus three screens?

iphone for the first generationIn 2007, the first iphone was released and the screen was 480 pixels wide. The following are arranged in the order of width and height. This resolution has remained the same for the iphone 3GS.At that time, iOS apps

iOS parsing XML and JSON data

Basic concepts of parsing"Parsing": extracting data from pre-defined format stringsThe premise of the resolution: in advance to agree on a good format, data providers to provide data in a format, data acquisition by the format of data

[Transfer to]ios in-app payment (IAP) Development steps

from: article Links:(1)

The mobile report realizes the solution of the function of off-line reporting

1. Description There are some scenarios where there is no network, only the data can be staged locally, When there is a network, then submit the data to the storage, or sometimes need to temporarily save the data, after a period of time to

IOS 3D Touch Features

New Touch Experience--ios9 's 3D touchFirst, IntroductionAfter the advent of iphone6s, many of the fruit powders rushed to experience the extra dimension interaction that 3D touch brings to the user, a design called 3D touch, which, in principle,

iOS Certificate description and publishing

1. First through Keychain Access--Certificate assistant--Request certificate from Certificate Authority--Fill in Certificate information (mailbox, common name, storage to disk)-- Save As (custom name. Certsigningreuqest, referred to as the CSR file,

IOS error [UIWebView cut:]: Unrecognized selector sent to instance

So what is happening in that scenario?This error is caused if an INPUT element that contains text has the focus, and then the click of the button causes the input to lose focus, and then double-click on the input to regain focus and select Cut Copy

Android Development Notes (31) using Mediarecorder recording

When using an Android phone, sometimes we use the recording function, this article simply describes how to use the Mediarecorder phone to bring a microphone to record.First of all, since it is a recording, we need to record and write external memory

The three Models of ASP. NET MVC Apps

June by Dino Espositoby Dino EspositoWe ' ve inherited from the original MVC pattern a rather simplistic idea's what should is in the Model. In fact, in ASP. NET MVC, there is three distinct types of model:the domain model, view model and input

Ios:uicollectionview Pure custom layouts: stacked layouts, round layouts (typically used to create albums)

Automatic layout of the collection view: Uicollectionviewlayout is an abstract root class, you must use its subclasses to create an instance, the following is the overridden method, which evaluates the item's layout propertiesLayouts are prepared

Which network library should you use for Android combat?

ObjectiveCurrently, virtually every application uses the HTTP/HTTPS protocol to transmit data as the primary transport protocol. Even if you don't use the HTTP protocol directly, there will be stacks of SDKs that include these protocols, such as

Math Ares App (elementary school arithmetic app) development requirements and progress

Project name: "Mathematical god of War"Development environment: Android EclipseTeam Name: Ares AllianceTeam member: Chen Siming, Hujiahao, Wang Hongyu, Wu XutaoAdd more useful features to the previous arithmetic app and advertise on a variety of

Some tips on the app

meta-related1. Title after adding to the home screen (IOS)2. Enable WEBAPP Full screen mode (IOS)3. Baidu prohibits transcodingBaidu Mobile phone to open the page, Baidu may be on your page transcoding, to your page affixed to its ads, very

Android Support Library Introduction

V4 Support Library This library is designed for Android 1.6 (API version 4) and above, and contains APIs that are not available in most high-level versions, including application components, user interface features, accessibility, data

Android change ImageButton to Solid color method

My ImageButton background png image is gray, but I want him to show it is a white button, if you use PS to fill a bit less realistic, there is no way to change the background color through the attributes of the XML?At first, I used the online

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