MTK Android Keyboard output add key code

Android Keyboard output add key codeNo need to increase or decrease the key code value during the development process, in the android2.3 System Event Processing Section,Mainly to the upper level to provide a unified key code (KEYCODE), this key code

Teach you to remove the boot root word (cool big God F2, cool pass platform mobile phone)

It is necessary to emphasize again: The brush machine has the risk, need to be cautious!First of all, let's talk about how the cool Qualcomm platform removes the root word:will the friend who brushes the cool mobile phone have this problem--cool

Android Custom Combo Control Simple navigation bar

recently in the process of doing the project, found that many of the interface of the project navigation bar is very similar or the same, but each time to repeat the same code, feel very uncomfortable, so simply customize the navigation bar control.

IOS 8 AutoLayout with size class self-awareness (reprint)

IOS 8 AutoLayout with size class self-awarenessSize Classios 8 AutoLayoutObjectiveIOS8 and IPhone6 release has been quite a long time, the vast number of fruit powder finally ushered in the big screen iphone, no longer tangled for the big screen to

IOS Send Email

Step one: Add the Messageui.framework framework to your programStep two: Introduce #import header filesStep Three: Code implementation3.1 To determine if a message can be sent3.1.1 Creating a View Controller3.1.2 Setting Themes3.1.3 Setting the

Deploying Java Web Apps in Azure Cloud Service (2)

Connect to the above.9. Before publishing, we need to make some settings for our subscriptions, because by default Azure's service end points to the Azure Global site, and if we want to publish the service in the Azure China site, we need to make a

Moving End multiplicity Series 5--cut-out animation

Mobile End Multiplicity Structure series-mobileThis series of articles, if not specifically stated, is compatible with the Android 4.0.4+Because the next few articles all need to use to cut out the animation what, so first put this to say. For the

Nagios Installation Guide

IntroductionThis are intended to provide if you have a simple instructions on how to install Nagios from source (code) on Fedora and H Ave It monitoring your local machine inside of minutes. No Advanced installation Options is discussed here-just

Android. 9 Figure explanation

Part I: Let's take a look at the experience of Androchetu predecessors: 1. Consider adapting Android to a variety of complex resolutions, such as the mainstream 1280x720, 800X480, 640x480,480x320, and various non-mainstream resolutions.2,. 9

B17-ios9 related to adaptation

1. Warning directory not found for option problemLd:warning:directory not found for option '-f/applications/ Iphonesimulator.platform/developer/sdks/iphonesimulator9.0.sdk/developer/library/frameworks 'The

How apps on iOS are compatible with 32-bit systems and 64-bit systems

When Apple launched the IPhone5S, 64-bit apps came to the front. At that time, I saw Apple's official profile announcing that Ios7.x's SDK supports 64-bit applications, and that the built-in apps are already 64-bit.I remember I had a 16-bit system

Overview of the Android image compression method

This article summarizes three kinds of common image compression methods in Android application development, namely: mass compression method, proportional compression method (obtain picture according to path and compress) and proportional compression

Android Note: OnDestroy () bug cannot be executed immediately after the call to finish ()

The project uses the microblog SDK to return when the current activity calls the finish () but cannot immediately execute the OnDestroy (), troubleshooting the source of the problem for a long time still found. Baidu is still really able to solve

iOS Code Practice Summary

Reprint Address: the last one months in addition to dedicated time and energy refactoring, there is a need to add functionality of the module, because of the code in the project more historical factors, the

iOS Development journal 23-xcode build API documentation (HEADERDOC)

Today Bo Master has a Xcode to generate API documentation requirements, encountered some difficulties, here and we share, hope to progress together.Today the company and the customer handover source code, but the customer proposed not only the

Issues caused by upgrading iOS 9 and XCode 7

Issue One: Upgrade the minimum system configuration requirements for Xcode 7After upgrading the iOS9, using Xcode 6.1 is no longer available, you must upgrade Xcode 7, the original system is OSX 10.10.1 version. The minimum system requirements for

Go Android Custom Control series Five: custom fancy water ripple effect

Source: we are using Android custom controls to achieve a more interesting effect: sliding water ripples. Let's take a look at the Final:Figure AThe effect is still very dazzling, the meal to a mouthful,

Ios-program release-compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems

When Apple launched the iphone5s, 64-bit apps came to the Front. At that time, I saw Apple's official profile announcing that Ios7.x's SDK supports 64-bit applications, and that the built-in apps are already 64-bit.I remember I had a 16-bit system

HTML, CSS, JS after class Exercises--gout diagnostic app source code

I myself also feel that these code is very immature, there must be a lot of places to optimize, as a negative, for everyone to analyze, Criticize.Index.html code: Gout Diagnostic Score 2015 Year acr/eular Gout diagnostic score Page1.html code:

Eclipse, It's time to say Goodbye.--android studio most fully resolved

Transferred from: year's Google conference, Google brought us a small toy--android Studio, said it is a toy, because it does compare dishes, the interface is outdated, the operation is not smooth, not high

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