The difference between service and Thread in Android [go]

Many times, you may ask, why use the Service, instead of thread, because the thread is very convenient, than the Service is more convenient, I would like to explain in detail below.1). Thread:thread is the smallest unit of program execution, and it

iOS development loads a lot of network picture optimizations

1. OverviewReading a Web image through a URL under iOS is not as easy as other programming languages to place the picture path directly in the picture path, but requires us to load the network image through a similar stream, before the image can be

IOS Data Storage FMDB

Fmdb has three main classes1. FmdatabaseA Fmdatabase object represents a separate Sqllite databaseUsed to execute SQL statements2.FMResultSetResult collection after query execution using fmdatabase3.FMDatabaseQueueUsed to execute multiple queries or

About the most fun outdoor app collection (suitable for senior donkey friends, the Lion Design lions, installed Force siege Lion)

This article will continue to share analysis of the country's best 30 outdoor apps (downloads are at least 300,000 levels above), hoping to give outdoor enthusiasts, UI design lion, outdoor app development of the siege lion some enlightenment.

property setting and meaning summary for iOS variables

A recent opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the properties of iOS:IOS @property and @synthesize help us easily generate object getter and setter methods to accomplish the assignment and access of objects. But if we want to animate the

"Go" Android domestic integration using Google Maps

Due to the public to do well-known reasons in the domestic use of Google Maps is not very convenient, in the development if the direct use will have some problems. But the domestic such as Baidu Map, gold map, etc. can not provide detailed map data

[IOS] Some questions about video direction

Version: OS X 10.10.5 Xcode 6.4 (6e35b) IOS >= 7 I. Rotation metadata in mov/mp4 video filesThe Mov/mp4 video recorded on iOS built-in camera app may produce a rotation metadata that indicates how many angles the camera rotated to when the video was

Anti-compilation on Mac Android apk---apktool, dex2jar, Jd-jui installation use (with manual signature)

The previous article introduced in the Windows platform to use the powerful apk-multi-tool to decompile the APK, modify the Smali source code and then back to the process of compiling the APK, recently by the people's support, cracked an apk,

Android Studio Series 8-SDK version configuration under Windows environment

1. The origin of the problemIn a debugging issue, the following error message appears:09-07 09:15:08.000     1342-1342/? w/system.err: android.os.networkonmainthreadexception09-07 09:15:08.000     1342-1342/? w/system.err: at android.os.strictmode$

iOS essay-xcode use-document translation

This article is a personal translation record ~ is not a technical sharing ~ Want to read Chinese documents, you can view the ~About debugging with XcodeAbout Xcode RegulatorsFinding and eliminating problems in your code is a key part of the

The Android--button control uses

A001.xml1 XML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>2 LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://"3 Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"4 Android:layout_height= "Match_parent"5 android:orientation= "vertical" >6 7 Button8

Lan Yi iOS Training log 1 new start Liu Guobin teacher

mid-August began classes, a few days down feeling a lot, want to leave a memory for the future, at the same time and we make a friend exchange, not regularly updated. My training road is really, bumpy. After several setbacks to settle down. But it

Android Async-http upload Multiple files

Requestparams params =Newrequestparams ();Try { for(inti = 0; i ) {Params.put ("images[" +i+ "]", Images[i], "Image/jpeg"); } } Catch(Exception e) {} asynchttpclient client=Newasynchttpclient (); (API. Upload_image,

I have DIY one Android remote-all open source


I have DIY one Android remote - all open source1. TrialRemember Song Baohua in the "device-driven development specific explanation" put forward a theory "software and hardware infiltrate each other's territory", this proves to be true, the use of

eaintroview– highly customizable iOS app welcome page Universal Solution

Brief introductionHighly customizable Application Welcome page universal Solution, highly customizable, not limited to the existing demo. Project home: Eaintroview Latest example: Click to download EntryInstallationAfter

Java uses user-agent to determine if it is a mobile browser

Constant-Constant class Public classConstant {//Browser Type Public Static FinalString[] mobileagents = {"iphone", "Android", "Phone", "mobile", "WAP", "NetFront", "Java", "Opera Mobi", "Opera Mini", "UCWeb", "Windows CE", "Symbian", "

Android screen adaptation

Official address: Recommendations on layout adaptation1, do not use absolute Layout 2, try to use match_parent instead of fill_parent. 3, can use the weight of the place as far as

eaintroview– highly customizable iOS app welcome page Universal Solution

Brief introductionHighly customizable Application Welcome page universal Solution, highly customizable, not limited to the existing demo. Project home: Eaintroview Latest example: Click to download Getting Started InstallationAfter

The Android programming specification is not a complete guide

Naming rules1). class name, Interface name:Starting with uppercase, if the class name of a class consists of multiple words, the first letter of all the words must be capitalized, the word should be written as full as possible, not abbreviated,

Uiviewcontroller life cycle and iOS program execution sequence

When a view controller is created and displayed on the screen. Order of execution of code1, Alloc create objects, allocate space2. Init (Initwithnibname) initializes the object, initializes the data3, Loadview from the nib load view, usually this

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