Android Typical interface design (5)--use Slidingmenu and drawerlayout to achieve left and right sidebar respectively

First, the problem description The sidebar is a very common interface effect in Android applications, which can be linked to the left or right side of the main screen, and is one of the typical interface designs that are especially

On the--jni of Android

Reprint Please specify source:, I will use a small example of the form to help you explore the use of JNI, first of all, we must first build the NDK environment, please read the "Android--

First entry Android drive character device (iii)

Back when I was in college playing 51 single-chip computer, the first task of the teacher in the laboratory, is to design a 51 single-chip LED water lamp design, and realize several styles. The second task is to design a 51 microcontroller-based key

App Portal "Ios-android Development vs."

App Portal "Ios-android Development vs."[Picture Android vs IOS]Outline Compare and analyze the entrance of Ios,android, Ios,android Interface Unit Why do we have that life cycle? How inheritance and abstract classes are written,

About the correct interpretation of the coordinate parameters in the Android Canvas.drawtext method

Canvas.drawtext ("", X, y, paint); is the x and Y parameters the coordinates of the center of the specified string? or the coordinates in the upper-left corner? The visual impression of this question should be the coordinates of

iOS eighth day (5:uitableviewcontroller Sina Weibo, calculate row height)

On the basis of 4, override the following method control#pragmaMark-Proxy method/** Calculate cell Row Height*/-(CGFloat) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Heightforrowatindexpath: (Nsindexpath *) indexpath{/** The method of calculating the row

Android--Clean up your phone's SD card cache

Reprint Please specify source: present, many Android phone software in the market has the function of clearing SD card cache, such as 360, Jinshan and so on. So how does the software

Android code optimization: Turn off output log

Android Close LogWhen we develop, we often output various logs to debug the code. But wait until the app release apk runs without expecting it to output the log.Turn off output log log.v (), LOG.I (), LOG.W (), LOG.V (), LOG.E (), etc.Principle:Then

STM32F4 Alternate Function Mapping

#defineGpio_af0_mco//MCO (MCO1 and MCO2) Alternate Function mapping#definegpio_af0_rtc_50hz//rtc_50hz Alternate Function mapping#defineGpio_af0_swj//SWJ (SWD and JTAG) Alternate Function mapping#defineGpio_af0_tamper//TAMPER (tamper_1 and tamper_2)

"Android Advanced" Why do we create activity base class activity what is the general base class method

Today, it can be regarded as just the basic completion of its first commercial project, in the development process, style, however with the accumulation of work experience. Finally beginning to understand the importance of abstract thought in object-

Cross-border mobile internet charm deduction, hao123 regardless of the achievement of the next entry?

Using "hot" in order to describe the situation in the current mobile internet is not exaggerated, in the background, more and more enterprises are trying to meddle in this emerging field. Just, Buffett has a famous saying------"Only has the ebb tide,

Android Learning-----How to use SQLite for background data exchange, SQLite get started with routines

 SQLite This is a very popular embedded database. It supports SQL queries, and only uses very little memory. Android is implemented in integration with SQLite, so each Android application is able to use the SQLite database. When you are familiar

Custom app icons and real-computer tests for IOS 9 app development Tutorials

Custom app icons and real-computer tests for IOS 9 app development TutorialsCustomizing the iOS9 application iconin the figure 1.12 The icon in the application can be seen as a mesh white image, which is IOS The default icon for the application on

IOS ui05_ gesture Recognizer

Gestures: Click, long Press, rotate, pinch, drag, sweep, sweep direction////MAINVIEWCONTROLLER.M//ui05_ gesture recognizer////Created by Dllo on 15/8/4.//Copyright (c) 2015 Zhozhicheng. All rights reserved.//#import "MainViewController.h"

Le Vision mobile phone forced the transformation of traditional manufacturers to lead the industry into the ecological era

Domestic smart phone market pattern is still not settled, July 29, the domestic well-known research institutions Sino Market study published the June China Mobile Market EBP Monthly analysis Report, the report shows that in all mobile phone brands,

android--Multi-Thread handler

ObjectiveThe Android messaging mechanism is another form of "event handling," a mechanism designed to solve multi-threaded problems in Android applications, where activity-initiated threads are not allowed to access the UI components in the activity.

IOS 9 Split-screen multitasking (multitasking)

Gold field (GitHub sample source code)Multitasking (multitasking) is one of the most impressive core features of IOS9, before the jailbreak version of the user has used a similar plug-in, Microsoft's Sophie (Windows Surface) series also has

The mix of Arc and non-arc in iOS engineering

Arc and non-arc are used simultaneously in a project,1, select the targets in the project, select the target you want to manipulate,2, choose Build phases, in which Complie sources select the file that needs arc double-click, and enter in the input

Android Compatibility test Framework (CTS) Manual

to understand the old yards of personal privacy, please see here: This document is translated from Android's official CTS manual Android-cts-manual-r4.pdf Android Compatibility test Framework manual 1.Why

IOS 9 App Development tutorial Display edit text label text box

IOS 9 App Development tutorial Display edit text label text box iOS9 display, Edit TextOn ios, you will often see some text displayed. Words are the mouths of these dumb devices. With these words, you can clearly specify the information that these

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