Android Development: Use Windows CMD window to crawl Android phone log

Written in front of the crapGeneral Android developers will use Eclipse,android Studio to observe the log output, in fact, the background is to use ADB to print the log, here is how to let the log output to the cmd window, not eclipse,android studio,

Talking about the SVM of Solaris with a nagios alarm

Today's OPS, most of the Linux LVM, estimated that few people understand the Solaris SVM. N years ago, in the Linux x86 has not been male, in fact, Aix/hp/sun three mainframe giants have their own set of storage management mechanisms and software,

Android Storage Learning Save system SMS to SD card

This section learns to save the system SMS to the SD card. Since is to save the system SMS to the SD card, the premise is to get the system of SMS, about how to read the system text messages, please see my about ContentProvider article:Android Four

Android Apple gets timestamp converted to local time

for (var i=0; i) { var f_time = Getlocaletimebyunixtime ( Ret.result[i].receivedtime); var f_time_start = F_time.indexof (': ')-2; var f_time_end = F_time.indexof (': ') +3; var

Android Paint paint and canvas

In Android, you need to display 2D graphics through the graphics class.The graphics include commonly used classes such as canvas, paint (brush), color (colors), Bitmap (image), and so on. Graphics have features such as drawing points, lines, colors,

Memory leaks due to Android development coding specifications

In a long long time ago, read an article about memory leaks, which listed the comparison of the whole should pay attention to the problem, and later found not the original address, today turned the micro-bo, found the article, in order to facilitate

Android phone appears sqlite3 not found workaround

Here's how to fix it:1, if the/system directory is not read and write, you need to mount for read and write:C:\USERS\EASTEQ>ADB Shell[email protected]:/# Mount-o Remount,rw-t Yaffs2/dev/block/mtdblock3/system2, the Sqlite3 file push to the device,

Stanford IOS Learn Notes-2

The previous article concludes that the first six sections of the Stanford video need to be summarized in three main parts: Summarize the professor's introduction to iOS Summarize the grammar that the Professor speaks in these six

Linux installs MySQL, Tomcat and jdk1.7, Android Studio

Linux installs MySQL, Tomcat, and JDK.First, install MySQL$ sudo apt-get install Mysql-serverInstall MySQLii. installation of JDKDownload JDKArrival/usr/local$ sudo mkdir java to create a Java folder (note: Sudo requests root privileges)$ sudo mv

Android Eventbus Simple use of basic steps is the following 4 steps, click on this link to see examples and introduction. Define event Type: ' public class MyEvent {} ' defines event handling method: ' Public

The basic use step is the following 4 steps, click this link to see examples and introduction. Define the event type:' public class MyEvent {} ' Define Event handling methods:' public void Oneventmainthread ' Registered Subscribers:'

Properties of shape in XML in Android

Some of the properties of shape are always forgotten, every time to find, in order to facilitate my own record, convenient later forget to look at these properties.There are several properties in shape rectangle, oval, line, ring1. Annular ringSet

The Windowsoftinputmode property in Android is detailed

This article mainly introduces the Windowsoftinputmode property of Android in detail, this article on the Windowsoftinputmode 9 properties to do a detailed summary, the need for friends can refer to the followingIn a previous article, the simple

"Android Local Development technology: compiling Scripts"

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: role and characteristics of a fileFunction: Describes the modules (static or dynamic) that

The simplest mobile-based FFmpeg example: Windows Phone HelloWorld

=====================================================The simplest ffmpeg-based mobile case series List of articles:The simplest mobile-based FFmpeg example: Android HelloWorldThe simplest mobile-based FFmpeg example: Android Video DecoderThe

Get the current iOS device CPU model, CPU cores, GPU,GPU, screen resolution, screen size, PPI and more

Share with you today how to get the current iOS device CPU model ,CPU cores ,GPU,GPU cores , screen resolution , screen size , PPI and other information. I'm sure you'll find that the API, which is officially open through Apple, wants to get some

Keyboard shortcuts for adding explanatory notes and arguments to the function header of Android Studio

1. You enter/** before the method and a carriage return, automatically helping you generate comments for methods and parameters. 2. Or when you create a method, tick the option to generate comments, which can also help you build. 3. To put the mouse

Android Check network connection status implementation steps

Obtaining network information requires that the appropriate permissions be added to the Androidmanifest.xml file.1) Determine if there is an Internet connectionCopy CodeThe code is as follows:public Boolean isnetworkconnected (context context) {if

iOS time format conversion

When developing iOS programs, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the time format to the format you want, which we can do with the NSDateFormatter class.For example: How to convert the time format "12-may-14 PM" to "2014/05/12 5:08:02

[Android] Monkey Tool test method

I. Definition of MonkeyDiscover what software testing tools are, This article mainly introduces Monkey Tools. Monkey testing is an automated test of the Android platform, through the monkey program to simulate the user touch screen, swipe, button

Deep source parsing Handler,message,messagequeue,looper in Android

This article is mainly to handler and message loop implementation principle of source analysis, if not familiar with handler can see the blog "android handler use", which is why Android introduced handler mechanism and how to use handler to

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