2016-1-1 the latest version of the Linphone-android on the Mac successfully, while establishing the idea project

Although reference to this article "MAC OS compiled Android version Linphone SDK and app", https://www.lidaren.com/archives/1592, but in the actual compilation process still encountered a problem, my machine is MAC OSX 10.11.2. The key issue

iOS development-nsoperation and GCD differences


Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS4.0 later introduced a schema that would make all threads run more efficiently and make parallel processing applications easier to develop, GCD (Grand Central Dispatch), along with run loops, threads ( including cocoa and POSIX)

Android Notes (73) Android permissions issue collation very comprehensive

Android privilege system is very large, we do anything in the Android system will need to get the Android system permissions, this article records all the Android permissions issues, tidy up share to everyone.Access Registration

The use of Android alarm Alarmmanager

Alarmmanager Introduction  Alarmmanager This class provides access to the system alarm service.You can set a feature to wake up at some time in the future for your app.When the alarm goes off, the system actually sends out a broadcast that is

IOS device size and icon size

The IPhone 4 and ipod Touch 4 have a new feature: With the same screen size, the resolution is increased by a factor of one (480 x + 640 x 960). Apple named this feature retina.In Apple's words: the ultra-high pixel density of the retina

iOS screen adaptation

Original http://www.marklol.com/post/8140Although from the screen aspect ratio, 16:9 can be said that the mobile phone industry consensus, do not be happy too early, there is a bigger pit waiting for us. The advent of the iphone 6 (plus) has forced

React Native is a set of programming frameworks that use React to build Native apps

React Native is a set of programming frameworks that use React to build Native appsReact Native at first sightwhat is React Native?According to the official description, React Native is a set of programming frameworks that use React to build Native

Technology architecture choice for medium and large mobile internet companies

 Overall thinkingSumming up these years of experience, the direction of the evolution of the framework to choose, roughly to achieve the following objectives: Rapid development deployment (five minutes write out a tested Hello World

Requestfeature () must be called before adding content exception encountered in Android development

OriginThe previous blog post described several ways to implement full-screen display of activity content. However, some problems have been found in the implementation, which is summarized in this blog post. Start by explaining the development

Apple mobile device share top ten in November: IPhone 6s sixth up 3%

IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) December 28: According to the latest data released by the Baidu Mobile statistics show that in November domestic Apple mobile device share in the ten World War, the IPhone 6 ranked 1th, a share of 23.53%, down 0.95%

How iOS creates a video thumbnail image

How iOS creates a video thumbnail image//writes the complete picture and the thumbnail image to the Temp folder      nsdata *pngimage =  uiimagepngrepresentation (thumbnail) ;      if  ([pngimage writetofile:[nsstring stringwithformat:@

Overview of the Android image compression method

This article summarizes three kinds of common image compression methods in Android application development, namely: mass compression method, proportional compression method (obtain picture according to path and compress) and proportional compression

Use of iOS semaphores

There are several ways to implement thread synchronization under GCD Multithreading:1. Serial Queue 2. Parallel Queue 3. Grouping 4. SemaphoreExample: Go online to get a picture and show it on the view. To achieve this requirement, you can split

Frequently used syntax in ANDROID.MK

Android.mk compiled files are used to describe your c,c++ source files to the Android NDK, and today we look at some of the commonly used grammars.An overview: A android.mk file is used to describe your source code to the compilation system.In

[Share] How to become a Lazy but productive Android Developer

How to become a Lazy but productive Android developerhow can we optimize throughput time for writing the business logic fo R the app and avoid lazy code to write? ByParesh Mayani·Dec. 16, 13 · Mobile Zonelike (1) Comment (3)SaveTweet21.63k viewsI am

"iOS Development" multi-screen ruler automatic adaptation AutoLayout (pure code mode)

About AutoLayout, it was first introduced from IOS6.The main function is to use constraints, the view relative layout, to adapt to different screen ruler of the transformation. A lot of information on the Internet is introduced Xib and storyboard,

TouchEvent Touch event mechanism in Android

Touch event TouchEvent is triggered when our fingers are clicked or slid on the Android screen. In the app, ViewGroup and view exist in multiple levels of nesting, in the outermost is activity, the most inner view, between activity and view is some

A COM object of type ' Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass cannot be cast to an interface type ' Microsoft.office.interop.word._ Application ".

Operating system WINDOWS7Previously loaded 2003, loaded 2007, loaded 2010, installed WPS.Convert Word to PDF, can not be converted, there is no special hint, the internet looked under, some people say it is not installed this

Why is Android activity thinning out oncreate, OnStart, Onresume, OnPause, OnStop, Ondesdroy so many ways to get apps to reload? Go

Recently in the study activity of the START process, Lao Luo's blog In the Look, also found other information study, also with Android4.3 source code,In the process of code, I suddenly thought of the following question:Why is Android activity

How to hack the graphics lock on your Android phone (ix Gongge)

http://mobile.51cto.com/iphone-441496.htmThe Android Phone's graphics lock (nine Gongge) is a 3x3 lattice that connects several points sequentially to Lock/unlock Functionality. A minimum of 4 points is required to connect up to 9 Points. The

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