The difference between ios-nil,nil,null

I. Brief description1.nil is used to assign values to objects (any object in objective-c is of type ID)2.NULL assigns any pointer, null and nil are not interchangeable3.nil for Class pointer assignment (in OBJECTIVE-C the class is an object and is

[IOS] using regular expressions with system nsregularexpression

//Created by LDW on 16/1/22.//copyright©2016 year LDW. All rights reserved.// #import#import "ViewController.h" @interfaceViewcontroller ()@end @implementationViewcontroller- (void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; //Use regular expressions with

Android Uri, Urimatcher, Contenturis detailed

1.UriGeneric resource Identifier (Universal Resource Identifier, referred to as "URI").URIs represent the data to be manipulated, and each resource available on Android-images, video clips, and so on-can be represented by URIs.URIs are generally

iOS create local notifications and delete corresponding notifications, weekday notifications

The main code of this article is: Create a local notification, delete the corresponding local notification, create a weekday alarmDirectly on the code:////VIEWCONTROLLER.M//localnsnotification////Created by wusiping on 16/1/27.//copyright©2016 year

"Android" Sqlite3 not Found

Debug machine without sqlite3 command file importSqlite3 Http:// old version sqlite3 to import file to/system/lib)Import the downloaded sqlite3 file into the/system/xbin directory and modify the permissions

Bugtags: Preferred Bug management system in mobile era

The weight of the Bug management systemRecall that every time we start a new project, the first thing to do is to choose a Bug management system.There are many Bug management system available to choose from: Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla and so on.These

Mobile Phone number format check ('/register ',function (req,res,next) { var restresult = new Restresult (); var mobile =; if (!/1\d{10}/.test (mobile)) {//mobile number format check Restresult.errorcode =

CSDN front Page Headlines Wijmo 5 CTO: From Web to Mobile, my 25 years of programming career

Mr. Bernardo Castilho, 52, is the CTO of ComponentOne, a grapecity (Chinese name for grape), during a conversation with him. A sense of humor, rigor, and a profound history.When we, as young men, worshipped the goddess of entertainment, his idol was

Error log handling common in IOS development

OutlineHow to get crash logsHow to parse the crash logHow to analyze crash logs1. iOS policy-related2. Common error identification3. Code bugsfirst, how to get crash logWhen an iOS application crashes, the system creates a copy of the crash log on

iOS Archive solution

Using nskeyedarichiver for archiving,Nskeyedunarchiver , this way, the data is serialized and deserialized before the data is written and read.1. Archiving for single strings//Get root directoryNSString *homedictionary =nshomedirectory (); //Add a

iOS multi-thread GCD


iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD IntroductionFirst, Brief introduction1. What is GCD?Full name is Grand Central DispatchPure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages of 2.GCDGCD is Apple's solution for multi-core parallel

iOS multi-thread nsoperation

One, concurrent number(1) Concurrency: The number of tasks at the same time. For example, 3 threads are executing 3 tasks simultaneously, and the number of concurrency is 3 (2) Maximum concurrency: The maximum number of tasks that can be performed

Android Basics (vi) Network data parsing method

There are two most common ways to transfer data over a network: XML and JSON, which explain both types of data parsing.I. XML data parsingIn Android, the common XML parser is the SAX parser, the DOM parser, and the pull parser, respectively.(1) Sax

Android 3d Cloud Tag

watermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvbwluz3l1zv8xmti4/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/ Dissolve/70/gravity/center "> A, define your own viewpublic class Tagcloudview extends Relativelayout {relativelayout navigation_bar;

China's children's mobile game market interpretation potential is huge need to be developed

China's children's mobile game market has been two or three years of development, but at the moment the market is more famous than the development of the company only Rice.The development of the children's mobile game market is not smooth compared

[android] in Layman's Android app power consumption statistics

Reference to: Android Statistics app power consumption is more troublesome, until Android 4.4, it still does not disclose "battery statistics" API or document ... well, yes, It's not public, It's

Android leverages Okio simplifies processing I/O operations

The Okio library, developed by the Square company, complements and Java.nio to make it easier and faster to access, store, and process your Data. The base of Okhttp also uses this library as Support. In the development, the use of the

Android ruggedized series-5. learn to crack before strengthening, hook (hook) JNI layer System API

"all Rights reserved, Please specify the source of the reprint." Source: "Crackme Project JNI key code (project address at the bottom of the article), get the current Program's package name

"translate" android auditing and hacking tools

Original: best Android Tools for Security Audit and Hacking (unhappy , find something to do )Android Systems account for 80% of mobile market share and malware, which is a problem. Hacker will be malicious on the phone, not just send a charge sms.

Android Error Log analysis

Android Error Log analysis1. java.lang.nullpointerexceptionThis exception is often encountered, the exception of the explanation is "the program encountered a null pointer", simply called an uninitialized object or a non-existent object, This error

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