The Call/apply/bind in JS

1.test (3);Results: "3", "2";Explanation: Argument 3 is passed to parameter a, and parameter a inside the function overrides global variable A, so the first is 3, and this in the function is the window object, so THIS.A is

The Android-socket function is implemented in the Service "This is the actual use of the situation"

A few days ago learned Android under Socket programming, as individuals are just beginning to learn the appropriate knowledge of Android. So deliberately to learn the code and process, written as a BLOG, such as:

Pass parameters to the target app via the registered URL scheme

Pass parameters to the target app via the registered URL schemeLaunching the app via URL scheme is simple enough, but sometimes we want to pass some parameters when we launch the app, so we can pass the parameters by URL scheme custom URL.Yesterday

iOS development Save photos to System album (Photo Album)

iOS development Save photos to System album (Photo Album)Save photos to System albums This feature is available in many social apps, so let's talk about how to save images to the system album (Photo Album) today.Create UiimageviewCreated to

IF Application data needs to is sent to the IP address xx.xx.xx.xx, how does does it work in underneath network?

This was to illustrate the communication between and the separate machines which don ' t have a direct physical connection.Application data is generated and passed to Layer 3 (network layer) which wrapps up the data with the destination IP Addre Ss.

Opencv4android:non-system libraries in linker flags:-lopencv_java Error resolution

Recently engaged in an old code, found OpenCV to 2.4. After 11, the previous MK file was not used and reported a pile of errors.First, as mentioned above, local_ldlibs + =-lm-llog this sentence + = must not be wrongly written: =. In addition, a bug

Android_mars Study Notes _s02_004_expandablelistactivity

1.main.xml12Xmlns:tools= "Http://"3Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"4android:layout_height= "Match_parent"5android:paddingbottom= "@dimen/activity_vertical_margin"6android:paddingleft=

Advanced Android player, self-defined circular progress bar

Background IntroductionIn Android development, we often encounter a variety of gorgeous controls, so, relying on our Android itself with the control is not enough, many times we need to customize the control, in the process of development. Our

Android Mobile Chess game development

In the eyes of most laymen, it is difficult to develop a mobile game, in fact, the real situation is to develop the game is actually more simple than the development of some applications. Because the game itself is based on the program logic to

android--Multi-Thread handler preface

ObjectiveThe Android messaging mechanism is another form of "event handling," a mechanism designed to solve multi-threaded problems in Android applications, where activity-initiated threads are not allowed to access the UI components in the activity.

The Android client uses the HTTP protocol post to request data interaction with the server

This example demonstrates the communication between Android and the servlet, using the servlet as an example .As we all know, the communication between Android and server usually uses HTTP communication mode and socket Communication mode, and HTTP

Writing test cases for Android

Testing is a very important part of software engineering, and test cases can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing.  The app test case is an ordinary program code, usually with the desired results, and the tester can determine

"Go" iOS development 24: Use SQLite3 to store and read data

Transferred from: is a relational database embedded in iOS and is useful for storing large-scale data. SQLite3 makes it unnecessary to add each object to memory.Basic operation:(1) Open or create a

Android (Xamarin) Tour (four)

Original: Android (Xamarin) Tour (four)So late, probably because of a little thing, said open the blog Park to see, the results This article instantly attracted me. Secretly recall, ten years later,

1. OMD installation (check mk+nagios+ ...), version: RHEL7+OMD1.2.4P5

OMD Overview (Monitoring software)Overview: This is a lightweight monitoring, integrated with Nagios,check MK and other software, can easily switch interface, its deployment, management is relatively simple. Download RPM package installed, after

Android calls system email to send messages with multiple attachments

Transferred from: we all know, calling other programs in Android for related processing is the intent used. Of course, email is no exception.In Android, there are three types of intent

Android uses dynamic onboarding framework DL for plug-in development

If reproduced, please declare the source: time of the sand: (from The sands of the CSDN Blog)Overview:As the application continues to Iterate. The size of the application is increasing, the project becomes more and more

These years are android-in a faraway land

"never dared to think about it, and to do what I thought, it turned out that I was not as fragile as they thought." I just need a light, a piano, a microphone. Once imagined to be a doctor to heal the sick, also thought to be a lawyer, reporter,

iOS Development Network programming--2, nsurlsessiondownloadtask file download

This article outlines:1, Review Nsurlsessiontask2, nsurlsessiondownloadtask large File block download3, nsurlsessiondownloadtask Large File Agent method download4, nsurlsessiondownloadtask Large file proxy method to achieve the breakpoint continued

Android Best performance Practice (i)--manage memory properly

Reprint Please specify source: (ram) is a very valuable resource for any software development environment, and for mobile operating systems, it will be more valuable, because the

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