Android Chinese api-<merge/> tags

Use tag This tag helps us eliminate redundant view Groups when including a layout, for example, your main layout file is a vertical linearlayout. xmlns:android =

iOS Development Network chapter-Send get and POST requests (using Nsurlsession)

Description: 1. This article mainly describes how to use Nsurlsession to send get requests and post requests 2. This article will no longer explain the use of nsurlconnection, if you need to know nsurlconnection how to send a request.

How to configure multi-site access using Appserv

In the previous Appserv tutorial, I introduced the Appserv configuration and installation using the tutorial, Appserv as a PHP integrated environment installation package, can achieve a variety of functions, configuration Appserv implementation of

Android platform Architecture and features

The Android platform incorporates integrated strategy ideas, including the underlying Linux operating system, middleware in the middle tier, and upper-level Java applications. Let me summarize the features and architecture architecture of

Android view, controls, component concepts

1. The view is actually the Views view group consists of multiple views2. Control common controls include Button,textview,editview,listview, etc., so the controls are inherited from view, which are the subclasses of view3. Component components are

iOS Map Integration example: Baidu Map poi Search

First, integrated Baidu map (fool tutorial, to the site description document, here are listed a few major steps)1, Login Baidu Map developer platform, access to the SDK and integration documentation.2, Baidu Map can provide

Ubuntu Configuration Android Compilation environment

1.Ubuntu InstallationAfter VMware installs Ubuntu, install VMware Tools:1. After installing Ubuntu, VMware Workstation menu: Virtual machine--> install VMware Tools (T) ... (If the menu is not grayed out, the virtual machine---and settings are

IOS Search Room

2015July:7.30 Packaging static libraries, engineering dependencies (dependent on static engineering)7.31 1>. Uiscrollview in Xib, content is outside the layout of the screen section 2>. OpenGL ES (OpenGL for Embedded Systems) preliminary know

iOS UIWebView loading files in development

UIWebView There are two cases when loading a file in a real-world application,1. Online preview is implemented,2. Download to local, then viewIf this is the first case:1 nsurl *url = [Nsurl Urlwithstring:_url]; 2 Nsurlrequest *request =

App listing process (2016 latest)

Before you write:Prepare a project in advance and set up the start Picture and application icon. This example prepares an empty project named Test888.One, create a certificate request file (signing certificate) on the computerFirst, we need a Mac

iOS classic face question (i)

Objective-c Classic Face question1, Objective-c class can inherit multiple? Can I use multiple protocols? What are the basic features of OC language?It is not possible to multiply inheritance, you can use multiple protocols. The basic features of OC

Android App Performance Optimization summary (Google's official Android performance optimization Model-1th quarter)

The most important root cause of performance problems that most users perceive as lag is because of rendering performance. From the designer's point of view, they want the app to have more animation, pictures and other fashion elements to achieve a

Android API Guides---administration

If you are an administrator, you can leverage the API and system capabilities to manage Android devices and control access.In the ICS Unified key store AccessPowered by Android 4.0 (ICS) comes with some improvements that make it easier for people to

Learning---shortcut keys for Android Studio

Shortcut key Learning TIPS:1. Exception code block or custom code block structure ctrl+alt+t or File | Settings | File and Code TemplatesWhen you want to catch exceptions thrown by some code fragment, select it in the editor, press Ctrl+alt+t (code |

iOS Learning UI Custom cell

One, custom cell Why you need a custom cell: The system-provided cell does not meet complex styles, so: custom cells and custom views create a cell that fits our needs and uses this cell. As shown in these cells are implemented by custom

My opinion on iOS Apple account/certificate/Push Certificate

One, Apple account1, the company team account (Company/organization):Cost $99 a year, the account in the App Store seller can display similar studios, or a custom team name, such as Mamshare INC, the company account can allow multiple developers to

Linux view CPU performance and operating status instructions Mpstat,vmstat,iostat,sar,top

Metrics to measure CPU performance:1, the user uses the CPU situation;CPU runs regular user processesCPU Running niced ProcessCPU running real-time process2, the system uses CPU condition;For I/O Management: interrupts and drivesFor memory

[ios/translation] Cocoa Touch Layer

This article is my own hard translation, please reprint the friend annotated, translated in Z.mjun csdn blog, thanks! Translated on October 6, 2015Cocoa Touch LayerThe Cocoa touch layer contains key libraries to build

Android threadlocal and Inheritablethreadlocal analysis

Because it is often used in Android to handler handle asynchronous tasks, usually to receive messages, to manipulate Uithread, which refers to the looper object is stored in Threadlocal the, so the study Threadlocal of the source code.The analysis

ios-Amount lowercase to uppercase

I. Purpose1. The amount lowercase is converted to uppercase. such as 123456.65---one pick-up of the Wan Lu Yuanlu Point Wu2. Only 13-digit amounts can be processed, and only two digits after the decimal point can be processed.Two. Code#import

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